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“My Patient has done well, the pain is gone and motion is the best I’ve ever seen for shoulder arthroplasty”
– Dr. Forthman, Maryland

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The growing evidence surrounding the Arthrosurface® Technology has been documented in over 200 peer review articles and book chapters. Authors from 20 countries support the patient centered innovation provided by the HemiCAP® Platform and new advances in biological interventions.

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Find and contact your local Arthrosurface® Regional Manager / Sales Specialist if you are in the US, or one of our many International Distributors.
Please Note: Arthrosurface® products are specifically designed to help patients return to work and activities that are important to their quality of life. Arthrosurface® products are changing the lives of patients at twenty of the top fifty best orthopedic hospitals in the United States (as currently ranked by US News and World Report) and at over 2,000 other US facilities. For assistance, email

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