Foot & Ankle Overview


Arthrosurface® offers multiple restoration systems to treat toe pain in the 1st & lesser metatarsals as well as a fusion plate for patients who have more extensive damage to their joint. The HemiCAP® Toe Classic is indicated for the lesser metatarsals and is used to treat diseases such as Freiberg’s. The HemiCAP DF® is indicated for the 1st MTP joint, commonly used to treat stage II & III Hallux Ridgidus while the new ToeMotion® Total Toe is indicated for Stage IV Hallux Ridgidus. These toe restorations systems can be performed as hemi or total joint arthroplasties and the inlay technology preserves cartilage and bone so future options are maintained while providing motion and pain relief for the patient.

For patients whose injuries are too severe for a HemiCAP® implant, Arthrosurface® has designed the CheckMATE® Arthrodesis Fusion Plate. This system features a low profile, anatomically pre-contoured, super strong anodized plate that combines locking and non-locking screws with an interfragmentary guidance system to give you maximum stability and a rapid installation.

For the correction of hammertoe deformities, Arthrosurface® developed the ToeMATE® System in 2014. It is a strong, easy to install intramedullary bone screw implant with proven taper lock fixation. It includes a taper lock pin which provides a press fit connection between the two screws with light contact pressure. All implants and instruments provided in a complete, sterile disposable kit.

The KISSloc® Suture System consists of two low profile titanium plates and a self-cinching suture construct that corrects Hallux Valgus by reducing the intramedullary angle between the 1st and 2nd metatarsal.

The Arthrosurface Talus HemiCAP® system is approved for use in most international markets for the treatment of articular cartilage and surface defects in the ankle. The system is available in a variety of different convexities designed to fit the implant to your patient’s native anatomy. The instruments and techniques are identical for each joint so the procedure can be performed by the same surgeon on multiple joints with a minimal learning curve.

If you are a US surgeon who has a patient that might be an appropriate candidate for the Talus HemiCAP®, please visit the Medical Tourism section on the Ankle page.

**The Talar Dome system is available in most international markets via CE mark.