Foot/Ankle Solutions

Arthrosurface has a full portfolio of solutions for all your foot, ankle, and toe pain needs.

HemiCAP® Toe, HemiCAP DF and ToeMotion Total Toe Implants

Restoring a joint with an Arthrosurface HemiCAP® Toe, HemiCAP DF or the ToeMotion® System is a much less destructive procedure than other types of toe surgery. The HemiCAP® consists of a small cap and screw that allows the surgeon to restore only the damaged area of the joint — imagine a filling for a tooth cavity. The natural anatomy is preserved and the patient can resume an active lifestyle without pain. Learn More

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Hammertoe Solutions

A Hammertoe is essentially a contracted toe that develops from having the toes bent abnormally for extended periods of time and can occur in any one of the toes. It usually forms in conjunction with bunions and affects multiple toes at once.  Continue Reading

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Fusion & Bunion Solutions

A fusion is a procedure where the phalangeal bone and the metatarsal bones are cut, shaped to fit together, realigned and then permanently fixed at a predetermined angle, with a metal plate. The toe will no longer be able to bend. Learn more

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Ankle Implants*

The Talus (Ankle) HemiCAP® is approved for patients via CE Mark in countries outside of the United States. Talus HemiCAP® patients have reported outstanding joint pain relief, foot pain relief, rapid recovery times, and significant range of motion improvements in multi-center studies. The HemiCAP® procedure may also be performed on an outpatient basis. Learn More

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