Northern Dutchess Hospital Offers Same Day Surgery for Shoulder Pain

July 15, 2011


Rhinebeck, NY…Northern Dutchess Hospital continues to bring innovative surgical technologies to the community, as evidenced by the latest offering in shoulder surgery.   Stephen Maurer, MD , board certified in orthopedic surgery and sports medicine, and specializing in shoulder and elbow surgery through Northern Dutchess Hospital’s Bone and Joint Center and the Rhinebeck office of Orthopedic Associates of Dutchess County, has been performing a procedure specifically designed for “Baby Boomers” called Arthrosurface HemiCAP® at NDH for the past two years. The surgery is for those who have early shoulder pain and arthritis and who want to avoid a total shoulder replacement.  The procedure resurfaces only the part of the shoulder damaged from wear and tear or a traumatic event.

Many patients suffer from arthritis and the associated problems of pain and loss of function.  Many of these patients are the “Baby Boomers” (40 – 65 years old), who are not ideal candidates for conservative treatments yet considered too young for an aggressive operation such as a total joint replacement. Typically, total joint replacements are indicated for more sedentary patients over the age of 65. Now there might be an alternative for these patients who want relief from pain and want to regain the shoulder function and motion.

The Arthrosurface shoulder resurfacing is a simple procedure which can be done as an outpatient surgery. “Think of it like a filling for your tooth. The same way a dentist puts a filling in your tooth to fix a cavity, Arthrosurface puts an implant into your damaged joint surface to resurface the cartilage cavity in your joint”, said Dr. Maurer.

The system uses a 3-D mapping technology that allows the surgeon to figure out how large the defect is and what curvature the patient’s joint surface has. Because each Arthrosurface joint system has a family of implant curvatures and sizes, it allows the surgeon to essentially implant a custom device into the patient’s shoulder.

Northern Dutchess Hospital’s comprehensive, orthopedic program incorporates a wide array of services on one campus. A multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, therapists and technologists offer patients a nationally recognized and easily accessible course for treatment. The NDH Orthopedics Service line is five-star rated by Health Grades for Total Knee, Total Hip and Total Joint Replacement Surgery and has ranked #2 in New York State (*as defined by For more information about any of the services at the Bone and Joint Center, visit or call 845-871-3838.

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