Arthrosurface featured on CNN


Arthrosurface® was recently featured on CNN during primetime as a new device technology for people suffering from post-traumatic degenerative joint disease and avascular necrosis. These conditions may lead to early joint replacement. Joint replacement devices were conceived and usually indicated for patients over 65 years old. The Arthrosurface® HemiCAP® system is discussed as another possible solution for the younger and middle aged patient population. It is a surgical treatment that places a “CAP” device into the joint surface thereby replacing the damaged cartilage and bone. It is sometimes described as a “patch” similar to the way a pothole may be repaired in the road. The HemiCAP® implant recreates a new smooth, slippery and congruent joint surface.

Discovery Health channel is running the news segment as part of the new Healthcare coverage.

CNN feature


Discovery Health


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