Shoulder Solutions

Upper Extremity Solutions

Arthrosurface offers multiple stages of joint restoration treatments for shoulder pain, damage & injuries as well as for wrist pain and damage:

NanoFx® Microfracture

The NanoFx® (Nanofracture) procedure for marrow stimulation provides a better solution for shoulder joint pain than standard microfracture techniques. This procedure enables new cartilage to develop, which will grow and fill the lesion to create a new surface. This response is similar to the healing process of a “scar” or the way a scab grows over a cut. Continue Reading

Shoulder Implants

The Shoulder HemiCAP® and the OVO® / OVOMotion® with Inlay Glenoid Arthroplasty Systems are an ideal alternative to traditional total shoulder replacements or reverse shoulder replacement. The Arthrosurface Shoulder Systems are designed to match the shape and contour of individual patients’ cartilage and joint surface while recreating a smooth surface where the cartilage has worn away — similar to a filling for a tooth cavity, allowing patients to live a healthy lifestyle and remain active after recovery with no activity restrictions. The system consists of a cap and screw that mate together via taper lock with minimal bone removal compared to a total shoulder replacement surgery. Continue Reading

shoulder implants

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Wrist Implants

The WristMotion® Hemiarthroplasty Implant System restores mobility and maintains native anatomy using a dual curved WristMotion® implant that locks into a taper post for strong fixation. The WristMotion® system provides pain relief and restores the curvature of the joint surface. Continue Reading