Arthrosurface Solutions

Restoring a joint with a HemiCAP® shoulder implant is considered the active alternative to a total shoulder replacement. The idea behind the HemiCAP® system is to prevent further damage to the joint while maintaining the patient’s native anatomy and motion. The HemiCAP® simply places a smooth surface in the place where the cartilage has worn away — imagine a filling for a tooth cavity. It is a contoured surface that goes over the area of damaged cartilage and is designed to protect the remaining (healthy) cartilage in the joint. The HemiCAP® implant is two separate components, consisting of a cap and screw that mate together via taper lock with minimal bone removal. The Arthrosurface® screw system has been a stable construct with no reported loosening.

NanoFxFor patients who have the beginning stages of arthritis or cartilage damage, Arthrosurface® has launched a biological solution for marrow stimulation named NanoFx (Nanofracture) that provides a better solution than a standard microfracture technique. NanoFx is a preliminary shoulder pain treatment and is generally indicated for patients under 35 years old.

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