When a wound presents itself, either internally or externally, they are often the result in a void or loss of tissue. In medicine, wounds are also referred to as lesions, defects, scars or tears. As part of the body’s normal healing mechanisms, a biological process begins to repair the damage. In order to strengthen the body’s own healing mechanisms, allograft tissue or some type of biological therapy, such as NanoFx (Nanofracture) is used fill the tissue void and/or accelerate the healing process.

Quick Facts

    • Knee Arthritis is commonly treated with Microfracture (NanoFx®)
    • Joint injections have been used for many years (i.e. Cortisone shot)
    • Many notable professional athletes have undergone a type of micro fracture procedure
    • Long recovery period for optimal results
    • Highly successful and a great alternative therapy to a Cortisone shot
    • Non-operative joint pain therapy