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Arthrosurface® Revolutionizes Total Shoulder Arthroplasty

In 2001, Steve Ek, the current CEO of Arthrosurface®, began experimenting with the idea that (more…)

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  1. I am a pharma medical rep
    I also need two knee replacements and possibly a shoulder replacement

    But U am very active professionally and also in my personal lifestyle

    Ist do you have reps in Canada
    Second are there any restrictions on who can have this product

  2. I would also like to obtain a list of of surgeons that have the most experience with the hemicap and Ovo procedures… thanks

  3. I received a hemi cap shoulder 10 years ago and now having pain and limited motion. Saw a dr today at UofM who said I now have a “goats beard” bone growth from the metal on bone from the implant. I was told the only option was to wait as long as possible (I’m 57) and convert to a traditional shoulder with major lifestyle impacts. They did not mention the ovomotion as an option but did say they do not use the arthro surface device as they see the issue i have often. I’m not sure what to do..

  4. Hi Michael, We sent you an email. Our OVOMotion system includes a reamer that should remove the goats beard aka osteophyte for you.

  5. Are there any surgeons in Birmingham AL that use the OVO system? I am particularly interested in the Inlay glenoid component as I have come across only two INLAY options for the glenoid, which is surprising given that it is more often the weak point of failure.

    I’m scheduled to have a TSA next week

  6. My wife is a paraplegic and her shoulders are giving here constant pain. we have tried Cortisone and rehab but nothing works to alive it. She is 63 and we have appointment tomorrow with her ortho surgeon. She is afaid of a full shoulder replacement and the rehab scares me also as I am her caregiver. This procedure looks promising to me. We are located in Minnesota close to the Twin Cities.

  7. I am 69 and need TSR in right. I am extremely active and very interested in your system. Are there disqualifiers that would eliminate one from using this method? Such as low grade osteopenia, for example. Have been prescribed prednisone, short courses, throughout different ailments resulting in osteopenia diagnosis. Doing everything I can to reverse.
    Would I be eligible?

  8. Ive been told I need a total shoulder replacement and I’m only 30! Apparently there is some wear to the posterior region of my glenoid capsule. Does this disqualify me from the surgery?

  9. I am a 56 year old active male. My doctor is discussing shoulder replacement due to arthritis due to an old injury. I want to eliminate pain and improve range of motion but I am concerned about limitations
    My doctor said my shoulder is beyond hemicap

  10. Hello! I would also like to obtain a list of of surgeons that have the most experience with the Ovo procedures. I live in northern Indiana.
    Thanks and May God Bless!

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