ToeMotion Modular Toe is Now Available!

More than 1 million people over the age of 50 are affected by arthritis in the big toe joint (aka the metatarsal phalangeal “MTP” joint). Hallux rigidus is a progressive disease and one of the most toe fusioncommon forms of arthritis in the big toe. This disease often results in pain, stiffness and enlargement of the joint. Several surgical procedures, such as cheilectomies and osteotomies, are used to address the pain and stiffness in the early stages of this disease. However, once the arthritis reaches the late stages, the most common option has been a toe fusion.

While a toe fusion can be effective at alleviating pain, it also eliminates any movement in the toe so it can no longer bend. This lack of movement can create limitations on daily activities and types of shoes patients are able to wear. Permanent activity modifications and complications from incorrect rotation, positioning or even nonunion (a gap in the fused joint) have made this procedure less attractive to the younger, active patient.

toe fusion alternativesWith the growing oppostion for fusions, the Arthrosurface team is excited to announce the launch of its new modular toe restoration system, ToeMotion™. This system consists of the metatarsal based HemiCAP® implant and a metal baseplate with plastic insert for the opposing side of the joint. The difference between the Arthrosurface® total toe and other existing replacements is that it is implanted into the bone rather than on top, leaving natural bone to support the implant around its edges. This type of implant placement does not disturb any of the surrounding tissue attachments which are needed to maintain stability and lift-off for walking. The Arthrosurface ToeMotion™ is also the only toe replacement that is implanted with screws on both sides of the joint to provide rock solid fixation.

For patients looking to maintain an active lifestyle, receiving a fusion and never being able to move their toe again is not a viable or appealing option. With the Arthrosurface ToeMotion™, there is now a system that is minimally invasive, completely stable and motion preserving.

Last week, Arthrosurface performed its first ToeMotion™ surgeries with Dr. Carl Hasselman at UPMC in Pittsburgh, PA. Dr. Hasselman, who has been using the HemiCAP® system for almost a decade now and is the co-designer of the new ToeMotion™ system, combined the new phalangeal implants with the existing HemiCAP® metatarsal implants to create a toe joint restoration.

“I have known for quite some time that the screw based fixation of the HemiCAP® system is superior to any of the other press-fit solutions currently on the market. The instant fixation, immediate weight-bearing and early motion is critical to the excellent outcomes my patients have experienced with the Arthrosurface system over the past decade” said Dr. Hasselman.

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  1. I am 44 years old. I was having some pain in both of my big toes for a few years. It finally got to the point I could not take it any more. I was sent for Xrays and was told I have arthritis i both big toes. That was about 3 years ago when they told me that. Fusion was what they brought up. I really did not like the sound of that. I have not been able to bend them for about 7 or 8 years now. I take pain meds daily because that is not the only place I have arthritis, But when you have to be on your feet all day to work ….
    I am am really interested in more information on this

  2. Hi Theresa,

    I know a friend of mine has hemicap implants (just the head side) in both feet and is almost three years out and back to playing golf, working out and has dropped about 25-30lbs. He used to walk on the outside of his feet and couldn’t even push off his back foot to swing a golf club properly. It’s impressive.

    Best of luck.

  3. Pain at or near the area of the sesamoid bone 5 months after metatarsal component was implanted (1 October 2015). Surgeon did not install the phalangeal component.

  4. If I’ve already had one toe fused (Hallux rigidus), could I get the total toe replacement for the other toe or am I stuck with fusion for both toes. What are the characteristics that make one a candidate for the total toe replacement? Is there any way to reverse the toe fusion that was done on my first toe and implant the total toe replacement system or am I stuck with the toe fusion forever. I am 38 years old and was told toe fusion was pretty much the best/only alternative I had so I went ahead with the procedure (Aug 2015). My other toe joint is completely degraded and am slated for another toe fusion but then I found this website. Please advise!!!

  5. I live in Massachusetts and want to know if there are any surgeons in my state doing the arthrosurface toe motion joint replacement. I have just consulted an orthopedist outside of Boston who showed me on my x-rays that osteophytes are present in the area where the cheilectomy was done 2yrs ago. I am getting pain and swelling in this area

  6. I have been advised today that I need a fusion on my left big toe. I can send a picture of the X-ray. Is there anyone experienced in the Ft Smith Ar area or 250 miles out with you products?

  7. Hi. Im 48 have pain in both big toes. Right is the worst and it started in my late 30s. Told I have arthritis in big toe and surgery is not an option as it doesn’t work as fusing I’d the only option (last resort). The orthopaedic surgeon said he can give a steroid injection into my tendon underneath foot and in the joint. No mention on the success rate, and I assume I am not going to be able to drive myself home afterwards. Also told to manage with painkillers. Painkillers do nothing for the pain, tried insoles, I’m a nurse on my feet all day sometimes it’s so painful it burns up my leg. I’m not even 50 can’t retire til I’m 67. It cripples me now and I walk on the outside of my foot which caused pain in my knee and hip. Is this really the only option I have. I didn’t want to wait until it was too late to operate. The pain makes me want to cry now. Please tell me you do these operations in the UK and how to access it??

  8. I have OA in both joints of the Right big toe, does your solution work if installed in both joint of one toe at once
    Thank you.

  9. I have the same question as Kate. Had one fused and other needs done as well – is fusion reversible and can the other toe be fixed with this alternative?

  10. I have Hallux Rigidus of the Big Toe. Is their a Doctor in the Northwest that does the
    Arthrosurface Toe Motion as I live in Oregon?

  11. I am six months post fusion of the big toe – still in pain, not walking properly. I have read about reversal of big toe fusion [unfusion] and replacement with Arthrosurface. Can you provide names of surgeons on the West Coast [California, Oregon, Washington] who are currently performing big toe unfusion procedures? thank you

  12. I am 40 (men), profesional diver an very active in sport. I have Hallux Rigidus of the Big Toe. 5 months ago I had surgery (cheilectomy) and still cant move Big toe and still feel the pain. Can you make Arthrosurface after there is already made cheilectomy. I read that Cartiva Toe Implant for Arthritis is not posible after cheilectomy. Is it corect? Please can you give me your opinion an what I can do about it?

  13. I’m a runner that up until recently , would run up 100 km per week, even with only about 10 degrees dorsiflexion with tolerable discomfort. However, Hallux Rigidus has progressed such that running is no longer possible, with visible osteophyt growth and increased pain. I was advised that fusion would be the most reliable option, and return to running possible with a “rocker sole” shoe ang a slight up lift in the fused toe. Is it possible to return to running with hemicap resurfacing of big toe?

  14. I have the same problem as Kate. I had fusion in both toes and I’m worse off thank beofre the surgeries. My feet are always in pain.
    Please advise. Thank you so much.

  15. I have had cheilectomy surgery in both big toes and the outcome has been totally negative. I still have pain and, in fact, have additional pain caused by nerve damage. The range of motion was not improved and is decreasing. Because my gait has changed significantly I am suffering just about about everywhere! I have had arthroscopic surgery on both knees and now, because of my feet and my knees, I am suffering with hip pain AND back pain. It’s a vicious cycle that seems to have no good end. I have been dealing with these problems for the past 15 years. I’ve gained significantly from being inactive, whereas before this problem reared its ugly head, I ran, biked, and then reduced to walking, I “fitness” walked energetically every night of the week, and felt great! I’m 65, can’t play with my grandsons because of the discomfort, and honestly do not look forward to the rest of life such as it is. At the time of the cheilectomy surgeries, I was encouraged to have fusion performed. It was rather offensive to have a young doctor tell me, at the age of 50, to have fusion performed and that I could wear rocker shoes from then on. I was an active 50 year old! I was also told that joint replacement in the big toe is seldom successful and doesn’t last long, necessitating further surgeries. So, please tell me who in the Indianapolis, IN or Illinois or Ohio areas performs this type of surgery and what the success statistics are like. Thanks. Judy

  16. Hello, I am 51 and very active. I was just told that I am a candidate for replacement, what is the average recovery to be back in shoes? I know it’s vane but I don’t want to be wearing orthopedics at my son’s wedding

  17. hi I would like to know if they except all type of insurance for the toe motion modular and anywhere in new York. I have a friend that’s going for a plastic fusion.

  18. Hi Suzanne, We think its a very reasonable request to want to wear regular shoes at your son’s wedding! We just sent you an email with additional information.

  19. Hi Rob, yes there are surgeons who use our products and operate at Boston Medical. We sent you an email with additional information

  20. I had a chillectomy on my right foot for severe arthritis several years ago. The pain is back and more severe. Cannot be in my feet for very long and the toe is in constant pain. Is the total toe replacement an option for someone with severe arthritis or would the bone be too damaged for implants?

  21. I was told by a podiatrist that I need either a fusion or a joint replacement in my big toe. He said that he could *try* to “clean up” the joint and remove all the bone spurs, but he won’t know the extent of the joint damage until he gets in there, and he would have a joint replacement at the ready, making the decision while operating. Is this a standard procedure for a podiatrist to work this way? He didn’t specify which type or brand of artificial joint he would be using either. When I asked his office staff for a rough estimate on cost for this surgery, their response was something to the effect of “We won’t know until after the surgery, and we bill insurance, and then you. We also can’t say what the surgery center and anesthesiologist fees will be.” That seems ridiculous to say that they don’t know what the cost will be. Can you recommend a surgeon in the St. Louis, MO area who uses this type of replacement?

  22. Hi, lm a 46yo active male, l work long shifts on my feet and experience great pain in my big toe. l find that lm walking on the side of my foot which in turn gives me back and hip pain. l have been told its Hallux Rigidus and l have tried cortison and have been having shock wave treatmeant on my heel as its caused me to have plantar fasciitis. Nothing is working for me and the pain is quiet bad always now making it hard painful to even walk. l live in Australia, is there somewhere that you would recommend or would l be able to even have Arthrosurface surgery in the US.
    Please help! Thank you

  23. Hi my name is Valentina I’m 18 years old. I come from Europe. Because chemotherapy destroyed my bones I have had an ankle fusion, a knee surgery and I also got a hip replacement. Now my doctor said that I need either a big toe fusion or a bigtoe jointrepkacement. Can you send me some information please? I want to know if a replacement is also pissible if you have osteonecroses. And if yes how efficient would it be because mei orthopedist said that the only successfull method eould be the fusion.

  24. My 36 year old active daughter, with 2 small kids has had AR since she was 13. Her Rheumatologist told her recently the toes will need to have rods put in soon and she won’t be able to bend her toes (perhaps all 10 ) one day. Is your product something she could use?

  25. hi

    Could i also please have that Australian distributors contact information,

    I Would appreciate it very much

  26. I had the hemi implant done in both big toes because of severe hallux rigidus 10 months ago. My toes do not bend (yes I did the bending exercises per my dr), and there is a good amount of pain in the upper part of both big toes when I walk. My dr has recommended I now do the total toe joint. I really don’t want to do anymore surgery and will this even solve the problem? I am so discouraged! How does this compare to the Cartiva? I just don’t know what to do. Please advise.

  27. I live in Beaverton Oregon. Are there any podiatrist who are using your technique? I’m scheduled for an implant in July and would like this instead.

  28. My joint was removed and left to heal on its own. Very painful and lack of motion or the ability to wear a closed shoe is not acceptable to me. I live in southern california. I have been looking into the Cartiva implants, is this the same thing?

  29. Hi, this is very interesting. I have had a First MTP Joint Fusion done on my right toe 7 months ago which was still painful and could not walk of off it, so I had an Osteotomy done 2 weeks ago to raise the toe up. It is till to early to know if it has made a difference as I am still on crutches and am not allowed to overload the fore foot. Is it possible you could send me some information about the ToeMotion please and if there is anyone who does it in New Zealand?

    Thank you

  30. Hello, I had a right great toe implant about four years ago. I researched available products and found the ArthroSurface to be superior to any available at that time. Even though it was a HemiCap I’m pretty sure it was two sided just as the ToeMotion is now but it was not called that. Everything has been fine up to about 6months ago and now my great toe is beginning to cross over to on top of my second toe! I’ve just discovered that my wonderful surgeon has moved out-of-state! At the time, he was the only surgeon in the area who did great toe joint replacement. I am seeing an orthopedic surgeon in a couple days and hopefully he can figure out what is going on. Up to this point I have had absolutely no problems and have loved my result! Question . . . if there is something going on with the implant, can it be revised or replaced? I do not want a fusion! Too active for that! Also, I would like to give the ortho as much info on the implant as I possibly can. What product would have been used 4 years ago? Thanks for your input!

  31. I would like to know whether there is any orthopaedic surgeon in Australia who uses HemiCap.

    I am particularly interested in the HemiCap Arthrosurfacing procedure for the 1st MTP joint. Thank you.

  32. I am interested in the HemiCap Arthrosurface procedure to address hallux rigidus and pain in my big toe (1st MTP).

    Could you please advise me whether there are any surgeons in Australia who currently use this procedure, and, if so, please provide their contact details so that I can follow up locally. Thank you.

  33. Hi
    I’m in need of a great toe fix. I had the other one fused 17 years ago and it has been fantastic pain free. Now though I don’t want to have the long wait time to heel a fusion. I like the idea of the arthrosurface. How many days until I can walk on it after surgery

  34. Hello, I have the same questions that Kate has. Please send me any information as I would like to have my big toe fusion reversed as well. Thank you kindly!

  35. My husband is scheduled to have an arthrosurface total first MPJ. I was hoping to do a little research and review comments but it seems arthosurface only responds to individuals by email and not in posts available to the public. Is there a way that I can obtain answers to the posted questions?

    Thank you,

  36. I have had my big toe fused 51/2yr ago after breaking my ankle and leg.
    I complained that I couldn’t feel my toe and was advised to have a toe fusion.
    I feel angry as no other option was given.
    And would like any information on if I could could have something where I could bend my toe thanks Karen Crowe

  37. I would like to understand the difference and have a comparison between Arthrosurface ToeMotion and Cartiva implant as I have arthritis in my big toes and the one toe is starting to hurt.

  38. Me having same problem.
    As I am volleyball player it hurted a lot and had infection inside
    Healed infection
    Now hurts only on walking 🙁
    But still searching for solution.
    As I am from Europe, Latvia its kinda difficult.
    Here PRO doctor says that is better to lock the joint together with screws.
    Sure i am not happy with that becouse locking gona disable me from volleyball at all 🙁

  39. Hi, very interested in this procedure. I had an interpositional resection arthroplasty on great L toe Dec 2016 and have as much or more pain as before. Dr wants to fuse it–I say no. I had same procedure on R great toe eight years earlier with a good result. I have always been active but have many limitations now as far as activity and shoe choice. I wonder if I am a candidate? Please tell me I am. I need some hope to believe I can return to my active lifestyle.

  40. Hi Corrinne, We sent you an email a few weeks ago with additional information. Please let us know if you did not receive it.

  41. I had a fusion over a year ago and I’m still experiencing pain and constant swelling. Is this another option for me???

  42. Hi Rosa, We sent an email a few weeks ago with additional information. Please let me know if you did not receive it. Thanks!

  43. Hi! I’m an active 50 year old male who underwent a cheilectomy and Cartiva implant in my left big toe in September, 2017 after a friend did extensive research for the same procedure. While she was out of pain in short order, four months later I’m still in a great deal of pain, and when the toe does bend the implant “catches” on the opposing bone until the force releases the friction in a very uncomfortable way. The surgeon says this is how it is SUPPOSED to work, he informs me that the x-rays look perfect. He then keeps offering a joint fusion as a next step. Completely unacceptable.

    Is the ToeMotion Arthrosurface an option for me, or have I already foreclosed that option by doing the Cartiva implant? I waited six years for an implant that would work, and I fear I’ve chosen one that failed me. The Arthrosurface looks much more thorough, and I believe I would no longer have the “catching” of the implant on the opposing bone since both surfaces are replaced. Thanks in advance for your time!

  44. Hi Mark, I just sent you an email with additional information. But in short, yes, Cartiva Implants are successfully being revised to a Toe HemiCAP or ToeMotion implant.

  45. Hi. I am having the same issue as Mark and a few of the others. I had Cartiva Implant and cheilectomy on right great toe in August. Still having pain, in fact more pain that before the surgery, with decreased ROM. I cannot wear a closed to shoe, I am (or was at this point) a RN on a busy Med/Surg floor; so, open toed shoes are not an option. Yes, the surgeon is also informing me that fusion is the only option for pain relief, I do not think so! I am an the the Sugar Land/Houston, TX area. Please send information regarding this procedure along with any physicians remotely close to this area. Thanks!

  46. Hello. I have a fusion of the great MPJ that has given me a great deal of issues. I now have significant problems in my IP joint. And the fusion is extraordinarily limiting to a once active 35 year old. Is it possible to do an unfusion with this device? If so are there surgeons in the Atlanta, GA area?

  47. Hi Sissy, We sent you an email last week with additional information. Please let us know if you did not receive it

  48. Hi, I had two surgeries in 2016 on both feet. On September 23, 2016 I had a bunionectomy and three hammer toes removed and fused together on my second, fourth and fifth toe on my left foot. On December 29, 2016 I had a bunionectomy and three hammer toes removed and fused together on my second, fourth and fifth toe on my right foot. I initially when in for a bunionetomy, the podiatrist I went to told me that I would eventually need my hammer toes done and she suggested that I have it done all at one time. She never explained to me that I would never be able to been my toes again. Now exactly one year later my feet are num and stiff all the time. I can’t wear regular shoes. I feel as if I am off balance alot of the time. Is there any help for my feet?

  49. I’m 54 years old and very active. I have arthritis in both my big toes, constant pain most days. My podiatrist said I’m to young for a toe replacement and I should get my toes fused. After reading through these comments I’m now very skeptical about getting a joint fusion. Please send more information on arthrosurface and if there are any Physicians in Wisconsin that perform this surgery,



  50. Hi, I had a fusion on my big toe 8 months ago and I’m finding it very hard now to continue running. Could you send me some details please on reversing the fusion. At the time i was told this was my only option and for someone who is active this is now a big shock. Thanks

  51. I had a consultation with an orthopedic doctor this week who said I had no cartilage in my big toe joint and he said fusion was his suggestion. I have not liked the idea of losing movement of that joint and have read about many negative outcomes from fusion surgery. I had arthroplasty surgery on my right thumb a few years ago and so far, so good. I have bone spurs and pain in both toes. I am interested in a procedure like the thumb arthroplasty. I live in Flower Mound, a town north of Dallas, Texas.

  52. Hi Annette, I’ve just had my big toe fixed last week on the NHS. My surgeon used this product and I’m delighted to say I can wiggle my big toe already without much pain ( that’s just post op pain I believe) when you see your consultant ask him what implants he uses? I wouldn’t let it get too bad either… best get it done asap. Good luck!

  53. I have had 2 failed plates post arthrodeisis. I am left with a non union and a broken plate in situ as I am unwilling to undergo another attempt at fusion …the only alternative offered by surgeon. The lateral pain post fusion due to altered gait was worse than the bone on bone pain I have now. I am considering cartiva but came across this alternative hemi- cap.
    Could you please advise me whether there are any surgeons in Australia who currently use this procedure, and, if so, please provide their contact details so that I can follow up locally. Thank you.

  54. I am 40, and was in the Army for 10 years, abusing my feet. I had to have a fusion in my big toe 3 yrs ago and I love it! I can still run and do everything except lunges and push ups. Im okay with that. I just do more squats and accept my big butt.

  55. I had a sesamoid bone shattered 3 1/ 2 years ago, my 1st surgery the doc removed both sesamoid, after some healing time the pain continued and got worse when I attempted to walk, 6 months later – 2nd surgery was a fusion with screws of the 1st MTP joint, which again did not work my foot rejected the screws and the pain was awful, so then 6 months later after 2nd surgery onto the 3rd surgery where he put in a Flexspan flexible hinge toe with grommets into both the metatarsal and proximal phalanx @ the 1st MTP joint!! This last surgery was performed in 6/10/16 , I am still in a walking boot, can’t wear a shoe, and Have severe pain constantly everyday!! I have also now devolved severs osteopenia/osteoperitic bones from disuse! In order to work I still have to use a knee scooter because my job requires me to be on my feet all day!! Advise?????

  56. I had a cheilectomy carried out in 2013 and at the time was told there was no cartilage left and expect to have a fusion in the future. Can I still have a HemiCap as an alternative to fusion?

  57. Hi, My name is Trish and I have been hanging off having my big toe operated on after the specialist advised towards a fusion. Cartivia also advised that they are not in Australia. I follow a Facebook group regarding cartivia and have now since learnt about the hemicap in the last couple of days which has me searching regarding this being done in Melbourne Australia.
    Would there be any surgeons well trained in this here already? Please advise I am interested to learn more. Thanks Trish

  58. Hi Trish, there are Arthrosurface experienced surgeons in Australia. We sent you an email with more information. Please let us know if you did not receive it!

  59. I’ve had a Chielectomy over a year ago. Traded in one set of pains for new nightmare nerve damage at the site and ball area of big toe. My leg has shrunk a bit due to an off gait. I have pain in the back of my knee, doctor says not related, I’m calling bullshit! Also shooting pains up the same leg, especially when sleeping. Will the Arthosurface procedure work after a failed Chielectomy and can I still surf, snow ski and take my two hour walks pain free? Or am I just screwed? Also, is this a difficult operation to perform for a doctor who just found out about this? I’ve been putting the insert operation off for 6 months now, hoping for something better and doing research whilst still in pain. Will this work for me? I have just turned 56.

  60. I just had a Cartiva implant recess into the bone so I am back to bone on bone contact. Can Arthrosurface be installed if the Cartiva implant is removed? How long has this procedure been available? How many have been performed? Do you have test results that you can share?

  61. Hi Jeffrey, we’re sorry to hear about your continued pain. We just sent you an email, please let us know if you did not receive it.

  62. Do you have a list of surgeons in the US that perform this procedure.
    Sent an email earlier this week.
    Please respond.

  63. I had a joint fusion over 5 years ago and I’m only 33. I am not happy with the results. I still have pain and cannot be as active as I would like. Is this an option for me.

  64. Hi Pamela! Our Find a Doctor tool is a great resource to find Arthrosurface trained surgeons in your area. Please use this link to do so. After filling out the form it will take you to a map showing all of the surgeons in your area that use our products. Please let us know if you need any further assistance!

  65. Hi Brendan, unfortunately we do not have an implant for the 5th metatarsal. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with!

  66. Hi Randee, It is possible to have a fusion reversed. However, there are many things to be considered before doing so. We will email you further information.

  67. Can you give me the names of surgeons performing Arthrosurface Toe Motion implants and/ or Cartiva implants in Australia?

  68. I’m about to have my hemicap excised from my toe because bone has grown around the sides of the implant. The hemicap sounded like a great option and doctor is going to try replacing with a total mpj replacement like the arthrosurface. Hoping for better results this time.

  69. Hi there, almost four months since my operation. It is still a bit painful if I’m on my feet too long, but nothing compared to how it was before. My surgeon is pleased with the range of motion and has left me an open ended appointment because he doesn’t need to see me any more. He advised that I still take it slow and considering my age 62, I think that’s good advice. I’m back at work and they have agreed to nights only for another three months which will help greatly I believe. Couldn’t be happier

  70. Hi Annette, we are so happy to hear that you are satisfied with your operation! We hope you continue to see improvement and are able stay active and live pain-free. Please keep us updated on your progress as we love to hear from our patients!

  71. Are you developing a joint replacement for the 5th metatarsal? If so, when will it be available for the general public? If no, why not?

  72. I had both bunions and the right index toe fusion done 7 months ago. The bunions are both fantastic but the toe fusion is constantly painful in both the toe and in the ball of the foot. I know I am causing issues in my left leg as I compensating for the pain in the right foot and toe. Any walking or standing is extremely painful and I can definitely no longer walk for any distance or time. Can the fusion be reversed and can you send information on arthrosurface surgery in New Zealand. Thank you

  73. Actually, just had surgery and doctor said implant looked fine. It’s been 3 years since the original surgery and the joint never felt any better than when I actually had the bunion. Now the doctor has added the second implant in the big toe to coordinate with the original hemicap and used bone from my heel to lengthen the bone because removing the original bunion caused my big toe to be too short.

  74. I was running and stubbed my toe back in 2015, took a tumble. Thought I broke my toe And nothing would be done. 8 weeks later I could not bend my big toe and after X-ray they said I had a bone chip stuck in the joint. Went to ortho Dr and he said he could do a bunionectomy on that toe and I asked if he could get the big toe to lay flatter. I can not wear regular shoes as the toe is rubbing against the shoe and gets infected. He claims he could get it to go down about 2ML and said the correct way to do this was putting a plate on top and screw it in place. So a year later now my toe is still up, can’t bend the first knuckle and due to plate can’t bend the ball of my foot at all. I am getting cramps in the arch and with walking different having problem with my hip. Can I have this reversed? Would Ins cover the reversal. It looks like what they call a cock toe

  75. My orthopredist is recommending right big toe fusion. I had a cheilecotomy about 10 years ago, which worked for a while. My doctor didn’t mention any alternatives to fusion. Please send me information about arthrosurface and physicians who use this method in Massachusetts. Thank you.

  76. Hello – would you please send me a list of Alabama Ortho surgeons that do both the Hemi & total toemotion implant? Just looking over my options here.

    Thank you.

  77. My husband had a fusion done approximately 5 years ago due to gouty arthritis and has been miserable since. We are interested in the possibility of reversing the fusion and having the joint replaced.

  78. I have had cartiva which failed (December 2017) I don’t want to do fusion can this be done after a failed Cartiva implant?
    I am in Virginia

  79. Have many runners had this procedure? I’ve ran 9 marathons and a handful of half marathons and would like to return to races post op. Has anyone else had success with that?

  80. I had surgery on my big toe right foot. As I healed or someplace along the way I developed a spur in the joint and My big toe does not touch the ground. If I walk too many steps a day my foot becomes Nam and the four small toes ache. I just heard about a joint replacement for the toe and I am very interested. I live in orange county California and would like either my big toe not touch the ground. If I walk to many steps a day my if it becomes numb and the four small toes ache. I live in orange county California and would like a referral for my area.The person I heard about having a joint replacement done went to Dr. Jacqueline White, Podiatrist, in Orange California. I don’t know if this is the type of replacement that was done.

  81. For how long has this device been used? What sort of training to surgeons get in its application? What research articles have been published about it? How long does the device last?

  82. I had a chielectomy, osteotomy, and bunionectomy in my left foot 10 years ago. At that time of surgery, I strongly rejected having my toe fused. Just this past year, this same foot has been hurting
    pretty bad. My toes, popping, and lots of swelling on top of my foot near toes. The ball of my foot feels like padding is gone. AND,
    the big toe is clearly swollen and painful. Walking at times has been next to impossible. My ankle hurts, but x raysof ankle show no damage. X-rays of my big toe, just taken, show no joint space left at all. The reading says…”Prominent Degenerative changes at the 1st metatarsophalangeal joint. My Dr. says that cartiledge is gone in big toe. Was told 10 years ago I had serious arthritis in toe. Of course I am walking on the outside of my foot at times, and it’s taking a toll on my entire body. This is crazy. I am having
    a steroid injection today in big toe via ultra sound. I am scheduled to see surgeon regarding fusion in September, but I am having “serious
    reservations” of this procedure. I am a VERY active 62 yr old woman. I hate the idea of NO FLEXION left whatsoever in my big toe.

    I live on the Central Oregon Coast. Is there anyone in this area that does this Arthrosurface procedure? I am very interested.

  83. Hi I am just about to schedule the Cartiva for arthritis in right big toe. Just saw a post on Facebook about this in the Cartiva group. I’ve never heard of this! Could you tell me the advantages over Cartiva and what docs in the Phoenix area perform it? Thanks so much!!

  84. Hi, I am interested in being evaluated for this procedure. I have pain in my big toe secondary to arthritis and loss of cartilage after a bunionectomy. Prior to surgery, I ran 5K races regularly. Now I can bike ride and swim. My Dr offered me no alternatives but fusion. I said no. Would I be a candidate?

  85. I had Cartiva Dec 29, 2017 and CT and X-rays show failed. I’m in pain constantly and worse than I was before Cartiva. Along with being bone on bone, CT also shows Sesamoids degeneration too. I am a fitness instructor, CrossFit trainer and own my own gym so I have an extremely active lifestyle. I hike mountains and do water sports. I just suck it up in pain. I don’t take pain meds. Only the hard stuff works as my dna shows that I’m a nonresponder to most OTC pain meds. Luckily dna shows I have a gene for a high tolerance of pain. Lol. Please tell me that I can still have toe motion surgery in my failed Cartiva toe!? I’m in San Antonio. My Cartiva doctor was in Houston bc San Antonio had no doctors performing. SA seems slow to everything new. I’d appreciate any info. Thank you!

  86. Hi . I saw your description of toes and wondered how you are getting on . I’m also a health professional on my feet all day. All the best .

  87. I have some arthritic issues in both big toes. I woukd like some additional information about this procedure, including orthopedists in my area who are using it, please. I live in Northern NJ. Thank you.

  88. I have a severe left foot Bunion and arthritis in the joints of my feet. . Podiatrist recommends fusing. I’m a very active hiker. Need a second opinion with someone in Wisconsin who uses the HemiCap. Than you!

  89. This is the article which I was looking for, this is going to help me out with my confusion really well. Nice piece of Information. Your blog is an awesome platform for the people who want the best info about sesamoiditis. Thanks and very well written.

  90. I’m only 53. I had a cartiva implant a year ago. Worse pain now than prior to surgery and bad sesamoid pain for over 6 mos. There was subsidence of the cartiva implant noted within a few mos. Would I potentially be a candidate for this procedure since already had surgery on the toe? Any surgeons in the DC/Baltimore area doing theses? Thx

  91. where the pain became unbearable. My surgeon wanted to fuse my toe, I refused. He then recommended and performed Interpositional Arthroplasty on both feet in 2017. It’s been approximately a year and the pain is still there. I now have other issues due to walking on the outer sides of my feet.

    I went back to my surgeon, with tears in my eyes, because I should not be in this condition at my age. I am 60 yrs., and I have a 91 yr. old mother who walks and get around better than I. Not to mention it is pulling a strain on my relationship because I can not do the things we use to do.

    My surgeon again have given me several injections and recommending fusion. I again refused. I showed him the Arthrosurface toe motion, and he did not recommend it. He now suggest I do Cartiva. After researching this product, I am not happy with the removal of a lot of bone. Plus there are many negative reviews. I am scheduling CT on my feet to see how much bone I have.

    I went through you site to find local doctors in my area, not sure how many surgeries they performed and the hospitals are not the best. I live in the Philadelphia, PA area and like to use the training hospitals if possible. Can you please give me an updated list of surgeons in my area, and hopefully the number of surgeries they perform with Arthrosurface toe motion.

  92. Is the hemicap implant available for the second MPJ? I have arthritis and a lot of pain in the joint due to multiple surgeries.

  93. Same question as above in that can they redo one toe with the fusion already performed to where it would again move. Had fusion in June of this year. This was on my second toe.

  94. Hi, I’m wondering if this implant will allow me to continue competitive running. Also does anyone do this procedure in the DC / Northern VIRGINIA area?

  95. I am interested in a big toe fusion reversal. I had the surgery 3 years ago. I am really active and I can’t believe my doctor said this surgery would not affect my activities. So much pain and discomfort.

  96. Hello,
    I’m scheduled for a toe fusion but really don’t want a fused joint. I’m active and occasionally wear high heeled shoes. Is anyone in the Tampa Bay Area using your device?

  97. I have the same question I recently had a fusion in June 2018. It is now October 2018 and it is a failed union. I also need to get my other foot done. I do not like how my foot feels however it is being held together by the hardware. Wanting to know if I am still a good candidate to get the implant on the foot where I already had surgery?

  98. If you have a severe angled bunion with Arthritis in the joint do you need to correct the bunion first – 1 procedure- and then let the tendons settled into a new position and then do second procedure with the implants or can you go straight to the implant without any problems of the tendons interfering with the angle of the toe.

  99. Hi Cindy
    I also have severe bunion deformity’s and arthritis of the big toe, wondering if you were able to get the big toe implant surgery at the same time correcting your bunion or did they have to correct your bunion first and then do your implant surgery?

  100. Hi. I injured my ft. last Jan. Went to ortho Surgeon. Pt and non-weight bearing 4 mos. trying to heal. I ended up up with nerve issues, from crutches, right side, due to a mastectomy and reconstruction. This was discover after many different Drs., PT, and also having issues left side due to overcompensating. Nerve issues are easing up some, but worried about crutches for surgery. I have a scooter now, and husband will work from home some. My pain is behind the big toe, more localized in that section of the ball of the ft., there. My ortho told me I had mild arthritis, recommended Cartiva. I’ve great range of motion of big toe. I’ve tried orthotics, made it worse. I’m a very active person. What is the difference in the 2 procedures, Are there Orthopedic Surgeons in the Boulder/Denver that do this, who are highly skilled. Wondering why my ortho didn’t recommend this to me. What are the differences, success, recovery time, being very active, and wearing normal shoes? No, I didn’t have radiation or chemo. I had a breast job. Please, Please Help. I want some answers and I need my life back. Cartiva vs your surgery?

  101. Hi. I had a metal hemi great toe implant in Nov. 2017. I did exercises at home and it was getting much better with pain and movement. Then in Feb. 2018 I was hospitalized for a month so the toe had very little movement and stiffened up. I have so much pain when I walk and try to bend it so I tend to go back to walking on the side of my foot. The doctor who performed the surgery recommended removal of the hemi implant as he said scar tissue has built up around the joint and he feels that will give me the support needed for the toe. He said sometimes small bones do not like the metal joint replacements. I have been to two other doctors, one recommending a fusion and the other a total joint replacement. Would removing the hemi implant be a viable option? Or what would be other options?

  102. Hi I’m 44yrs old! I live in Michigan and I also have pain in my big toe right one…. I have arthritis in my toe on top spur. Had it shaved in 2015 and it’s coming back! I’m on my feet all day in health care! It’s painful and swollen all the time! I want the motion Arturo Motion cap surgery!!!!!! Pleaseeeeee Help!!!!!!

  103. I too would love to learn more of this. I have cartiva…seem to need more of a solution.

    Could you please send me some.more information as my doctor urges me to have a fusion.

  104. Please explain to me about this. I am runner and want to run but fear with recommended fusion that it wont be possible. Can you explain how it would be better with arthrosurface?

  105. Hi, I have had brachymetatarsia surgery on my fourth toe on my left foot. It lengthened it to a normal size however , i have been left with extreme stiffness and no joint movement. Can this implant be customized to a size to fit the fourth toe metatarsals? If so I would love more information please as I am interested in the procedure. Thank you.

  106. I have had a great toe fusion (joint removed); Toe was set too high and now causing great pain on side ankle as I am unable to use great toe because its set too high and fused. Can one reverse a fusion and opt for a replacement (after fused)

  107. Hi! I had asked my surgeon to fix the second hammer toe while he is in there doing a bunionectomy, thinking that the procedure for the hammer toe correction would be tendon lengthening or something similar since it was a mild deformitiy with no arthritis.
    I just had my 6 week appoint to have the cast removed and start physical therapy. It was only during therapy that I found out that the PIP joint has been fused 🙁
    Very disappointed, had I known I would have chosen not to get it fixed.

    I am 35 and a very active mom of an infant and preschooler and I am sick and tired of the 3 months of non weight bearing.

    My question is, can your product be used to reverse the fusion of the second toe? How long do I have to wait to get the infusion? Is it also a minimally invasive procedure or is it extensive? What is the down time? Do I regain normal mobility after the procedure?
    Are there surgeons in Minnesota that are doing the procedure?

  108. Hi i’d like to know if anyone who had a toe bone fushion reversed and had this newer procedure done n how were the results comparing! Please email me i’d lke to have this pricedure done better bcuz i am miserable with this bone fushion please help. I was not givin ant options at he time when i was getting my surgery done. If i had kniwn there were other options i would’ve never had this procedure done.. My email add. Is

  109. I have my big toe, 2 and 3rd toes fused on left foot and i am always in so much pain, can any of this be reversed so i can bend again?

  110. Hello, I have had the big toe on my left foot fused three years ago and now get severe pains in the ball of my foot because my big toe is not taking the load. Can you advise if you are able to assist? I am a keen Fell walker and want to regain painless mobility.

  111. Hi I had mig big toe fused almost a yr ago still in a ton of pain and i believe the toe is set too high and hitting the next toe when i bend that last doesn’t hit the ground at really no balance..and I also have dropped met head on 4th toe and the third toe hammer was fixed but it was set too low to the ground so it hits ground first on push off really painful ..the podiatrist/surgeon has not given me very many options to correct all this. I am also in Mass if you have any surgeons you would recommend..I am seeing an Pod should I see an ortho.

  112. Hi
    I had the hemicap surgery 3 years ago. I am still in pain a nd have been told that I am one of the unsuccessful cases. I am considering stem cell injections, before I go to the extreme and have my toes fused. Can the Hemicap be removed? Will Stem Cell therapy be able to grow cartílago after the Hemicap is removed? I’m desperate. Please advise. Thank you

  113. Hello, I did reply and stated that I live in Alfreton, Derbyshire, UK. Is there somewhere that your procedures can be carried out over here? Thanks, Steve Milner

  114. Hi. I was wondering if anyone whom had a fusion of the greater toe suffers pain at the fusion site? . As my fusion is United but suffering bony pain at the fusion site. Also unable to tolerate shoes.

  115. Hi Sal,

    Where exactly is your pain? On top or underneath? if underneath it could be the sesamoids? Also have you had the hardware removed? How long is it since you had your Fusion?


  116. can this be done in Orlando I am a retired tennis instructor and have no movement in the big right toe and after xrays was given the options of fusion or joint replacment

  117. I experienced the same pain in the sesamoid bones after having the hemi implant. 3 years later I added the phalangeal implant to complete the joint replacement and I’m still experiencing the same pain as before. My joint arthritis is worse now than before having the implants. My doctor says fusion is the only tried and true method of relieving pain.

  118. My co worker had this done and quite frankly seems like your product does not work, she’s in worse pain now then before she had the impant, obviously they are trying to sell the product so for people thinking they might want the product think twice they are salesman trying to meet quota. This product is a joke and not worth the money( a crap ton of money at that) and the pain.

  119. My wife experienced the same pain in the sesamoid bones after having the hemi implant. 3 years later she added the phalangeal implant to complete the joint replacement and is still experiencing the same pain as before. Her joint arthritis is worse now than before having the implants. Her doctor says fusion is the only tried and true method of relieving pain, but she is very skeptical of having a 3rd unsuccessful surgery. Anybody out there have successful pain management experiences. She is young and unable to be active with our 4 kids. We want to take a trip to Disney, but she is going to most likely need an electric wheelchair to participate. She is 36.

  120. Hello, I am from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I have hallux rigidus in both feet and would like to know if there are surgeons in Canada who perform the ToeMotion® procedure. I have been told by several surgeons that the only option for me is fusion but I am not convinced. I am very active want to explore the ToeMotion® option. Looking forward to your reply. Thank you.

  121. Hi Alyssa, every case is different and every doctor uses a different approach, but our data suggests that most patients have a good outcome with our Toe Implants. We encourage your coworker to follow up with her surgeon or contact us directly for a list of surgeons in her area if she’d like a second opinion. Her situation seems unique and we’d like to provide any information we can to help.

  122. I had a 1st MTP joint fusion done 5 years ago that I regretted from the beginning. I was left in worse condition than before it was done. Is there good success with reversal of the fusion and would it likely be covered by insurance? I live in Exeter, NH, is there a local physician that I could consult with? I am a 57 year old female who used to love walks with my pups, but it has become a challenge.

  123. I had fusion, Left great toe and hammertoe correction on the second toe…on 11/08/18…I am no longer active because I cant bend those toes. I am 65 with no medical issues, but now putting on weight because I cant do my walking exercises. The pain walking now is greater than the pain I had before the surgery…can your product put movement back in these toes?

  124. I am scheduled for Cartiva in March, but want to know how Arthrosurface compares. I live in Wyoming, and wonder who near me (perhaps in state or Colorado or Utah) I could see. Feeling not so great about Cartiva right now…

  125. I would like to understand the difference and have a comparison between Arthrosurface ToeMotion and Cartiva implant. How long does Arthrosurface last? I’m scheduled for Cartiva in 5 weeks. Also Inlive in Wyoming and when I search doctors can only find one using my area code. I was hoping I could get a list of all wyoming surgeons, as well as Northern Colorado and the Saly Lake City area (when you live in Wyoming traveling 4-6 hours for healthcare is common).

  126. Hi! I had surgery 3 times by the same doctor who convinced me at the age of 19 that joint fusion was my only option. I’ve had some many complications from the surgery and each surgery cause me more and more complications. I’m so angry at myself for being so young and gullible and not reasearch other doctors and options for corns on the toes. I haven’t shown my toes for 15 years because he also did a careless job of fusion my toe joints because they are crooked and no straight. It’s my 2nd and 3rd toe next to big toe on both my feet that are fused. I’m praying that there is a doctor that can reverse toe fusion and add flexibility back as well as fix the other issues that it caused. Is joint fusion reversible? And would you be able to use your new method as my alternative?? Please email me information, this could be the biggest blessing finally.

  127. Please let me know if there is a surgeon in the Sarasota/Venice FL area who can help reverse big toe fusion. Walking even short distances is difficult and now the ball of foot is painful.

  128. Hello I have had a Cheilectomy on one of my big toes aprrox 3 years ago. Would I still be a candidate for arthrosurface? I have severe Hallux rigidus in both feet. Pain everyday.

  129. Hello,
    I had my right grand toe fused 8 months ago. I am in a great deal of pain even though my surgeon performed a revision in an attempt to alleviate the pain, but to no avail. I would be very interested to know if there is a surgeon in Colorado that I may be able to consult with that utilizes this procedure and product.

    Thank you so much.

  130. Is it possible to use this technique on all the toes if they all were fused, tendons cut and joints removed from 4th and 5th toes? I have naturally curved toes and after being diagnosed with MS I lost movement in all my toes in my right foot and they slanted to the right. An orthopedic surgeon decided to perform surgery. Once I regained movement there was nothing he could do to undo the surgery.

  131. Hi,
    I am Wahidy. May I know an alternative for big toe fusion? I’m about to undergo surgery for my big toe fusion & I’m afraid of losing motion, movement & bending.

    Is replacement possible in India?


  132. Hi my name is Jaiziah K.
    I am very interested in getting a toe fushion reversal. I am in constant pain worse off than before surgery. Please help me!!! i can not balance myself well and i fell down my stairwell in my home 3 times so i made accomodations to stay down stairs. I switched rooms with my son so i can be a little at ease of trying to walk. I have pain shooting up my leg when i try to walk on my foot like normal and i can not walk properly. I have to walk on the side of my foot which i already have a fracture there from a previous car accident. & heel to walk. I was not told at the time of surgery what the Doctor was going to place in my big toe a plate with 4 screws. The Dr. Just stated to me bone fushion with possible bone grafting from my heel & to remove bone fragments due to injury which also resulting me having arthritis but not fully explained the whole procedure of what was going to be done. The next thing i know is going to a post-op appt. And then that was approx.2 months later during an in house x-ray i noticed the non bending plate and screws were placed in my foot, i questioned the Dr. Who performed the surgery as to why he did not explain to me why he put those in my foot and he refused to tell me. I asked him to please remove them and give me another option and he refused and walked out and the next appt. I was told he retired and that he will not reverse the fushion and sent my case over to his colleage to be seeing me for the remaing post-op appts and he also stated he will not remove it. I have been in constant pain and stressing out i can’t have a normal activity life style . I am a Lab Manager/,Phlebotomist and i have to be on my feet running back and forth and i can’t perform my duties as normal. I was given rescrictions for work but it does not go well with my kind of on the feet position. I notified my insurance comp. Of what had i been through and they aplogized for any inconvenience this is putting me through and they are willing to pay for a reversal reconstruction procedure if i find a Doctor who accepts my ins. I have IEHP in San Bernardino county in please if anyone out there can help me i would be so appreciative. I would love to have a normal walking life style back again and to wear my shoes i can not possibly wear anymore or heels or boots just only very soft material tennis shoes. Please contact me on my cell. I am so dissappointed..i was never given any other options . I was told there were no options before surgery took place but only first metatarsal plangeal arthrodesis fushion with possible bone graft is all i got..i am 10 times in worse pain and stuck with a non mobility surgery was on August 9th, 2018.
    Please help..

    Thank You,..

    Jaiziah King

  133. I had the Arthrosurface HemiCap implant done in 2010. It looks just like this one, minus the new phalangeal addition. Less than three years later, the implant became painful and the new podiatrist said the previous podiatrist (who did the implant) had “ruined” my foot and that the implant was known for a high failure rate. He also said fusion was my only option and that he couldn’t guarantee the fusion would “take” because it’s a very difficult surgery that includes a bone graft to replace what had been taken away from putting in the implant. I am now in excruciating pain, my big toe is crossing over the second one (which is now having issues). Such a nightmare. I’m wondering if you are adding this new phalangeal component because of situations like this with prior versions? Do not do this to yourself. It is a nightmare.

  134. I had the joint replacement, it’s jist one big screw. It didn’t heal properly and the pain was far worse then before. I had to go have it removed and now have a toe that still doesn’t move and is sticking up in the air

  135. I had my big toe on my right foot fused almost 2 years ago. This is very limiting and I am an avid golfer. Can I get this fusion reversed with this procedure?

  136. I’d like to know how this procedure compares with Cartiva implants which I’ve just recently read about. I’m trying to find doctors in the SF north bay area (Sonoma County) who do this kind of thing. I’m 50 with painful hallux rigidus in my right toe…i need to run!

  137. I had two hammer toe surgeries that was a complete failure. The Dr clipped a vein on the side of the third toe causing gangrene an I lost 3/4 of the third toe. The second toe is curling over the empty space. Can your product help me?

  138. I am scheduled for joint replacement surgery. Big toe right foot. END STAGE ARTHRITIS. 46 yr old female, should I do it. I’m scared. I want mobility back

  139. On March 12 2019 I had a surgery to implant the artificial big toe joint something went wrong during the surgery and my toe was fused. No my fusion is failing already. What are my options. I still don’t like the idea of permanent fusion. the goal of surgery was to restore the movement and hopefully help with my back pains also.

  140. I had hammertoe arthroplasty surgery done on my right 2nd toe back in 2011, a procedure that I regret to this day. My podiatrist at the time convinced me I needed it when I really didn’t. There was no K-wire used and the joint in my toe was fused. My toe now appears a little shorter and a tiny bit crooked to one side. The upper joint closer to the end of the toe still bends, but not the lower joint where the fusion happened. Could ToeMotion possibly restore my toe’s straightness and ability to bend like it was before?

  141. I would like to reverse a big toe fusion done 4 years ago. I was told fusion was the only option available and I did not fully comprehend the limitations a fusion presents. The toe is chronically swollen and limits many activities. Is it possible to have a replacement done with ToeMotion to reverse the fusion?
    Thank you

  142. Just got a Hemi implant in my right bigtoe yesterday! So far so good! Glad i got myelf a cane to help while healing …the proceedure went better than expexted too 🙂 i wanted to do it now (48yr old) while i still have no issues on any of my smaller toes which take the brunt of it and over time the whole foot is screwed and i didnt want that.. also wanted mobilty back and get rid of arthritic pain – is say do it. good luck!

  143. Hi Kathy, so happy to hear you are doing well! Please keep us updated on your progress, we love hearing from our patients!

  144. I have had arthritis in the left and right big toes and also bone spurs in both big toes for a number of years. I have never had any surgery on either foot. I am interested in the Arthrosurface surgery because I am an active person. I would like to know the success rate of this surgery, and also which doctors in San Antonio, Texas are the most experienced with this new surgery option. I would also like to know the details involved in the surgery.

    Thank you.

  145. I just had toe fusion on 4 toes and a lapiplasty on my big toe. RA destroyed the joints. I wish I had read about this option prior to my surgery. I didn’t realized how limited my flexibility would be. Can I have this done or is it too late?

  146. I’m glad that there’s an option for preserving motion in my toes. I would hate to lose motion in my feet as I age. I’m excited that there is toe surgery that will enable me to remain active while I age without pain.

  147. Hi I would like to know whom does this in Mississippi. I have the same problem. I see my dr at 8:15am this morning. Can I get some information about what dr does this in Mississippi Biloxi MS , Gulfport or LA area. I was a soldier in the amryn10 yrs, I got hurt in Iraq. My foot hurts with this fusion, the dr was not supposed to have done anyway.

  148. Is anyone in San Francisco, CA doing this procedure? I would love to have a consultation to see if I am a candidate. I had a cheilectomy last year, but the joint is continuing to deteriorate and I cannot walk at all without severe pain at this point. I’ve been told that joint replacement and stem cell therapy are not options. Toe fusion has been recommended as the most viable option by my orthopedist. I am only 52, and would like to preserve toe mobility.

  149. Hi,
    I am very active male and have figure skated my whole life at a high level. My big joe has been a arthritus for about 4 years and seem have been having regular cordasone intections which helps for a while. Seems to be getting worse.

    My doctor first suggested fusion which I do not want. Ice skating we actually use our big toe for fine balance. Then he has suggested I think is a Cheilectomy which I am considering. A few questions:

    1) If I do the Chilectomy does this prevent me from having a Resurfacing?
    2) What is the success rate of Big Toe resurfacing?
    a) What is the recovery time for resurfacing – ball park.
    b) I assume most docs don’t do this so how do I find one who is really good?

  150. I was just told I need toe implants for both big toes. Not a candidate for cleaning up, doc said try implant first before fusion. I am 60 years old very active and this is debilitating since I teach dance and ride horses, I’m sitting here crying. I read about your procedure and thought this may be better for me, please send more info and doctors in my area or where I can come to you for this procedure.

  151. Would this work on the second toe I dislocated it several years ago and know it
    Sticks up in the air and. The big toe is starting to move into that space

  152. I had a left toe fusion a couple of years ago. It took about a year before I could walk normally. I was told my right toe needed it as well and I have constant pain with that toe as well. Also, my other toes on my left foot are starting to hurt. Can the fusion be replaced with the implant? I am from the Richmond, Virginia Area. Any information you can provide would be great. Thanks!

  153. Hi,

    I have Cartiva implant and did not work as expected. I do have range of motion but cannot put weight on the toe without pain. Toe is also constantly popping and lot of pain in sesamoid bones when walking.

    Can you please email me a list of Doctors in Austin Texas that do this procedure.

    Also, god forbids, if arthrosurface toe implant fails, is fusion afterwards still an option? Tammy Vredenburg comment in this page suggests fusion was not performed after removing the implant.

    Thanks in advance,

    Mr. Leza

  154. I am not actually a patient of yours, but a patient of the HemiCap proceedure as I am in Edmonton Canada but wanted to let people know my experience. Its been one month post op now and getting more and more movement with less and less post op pain, so I tend to over due it as I no longer experience arthritic pain and have more movement, however my toe is still healing so it tells me I have over done it by swelling a bit and fatigue at this point… so as long as I pace myself its good and has been healing really well. I am starting to learn how to “walk properly” again as I can now bend that big toe more and more…it wont ever have FULL range of motion but just being able to walk without rolling out to my baby toes makes it all worth it! So far, so good!

  155. Hello,i got cut in my big toe and next to that about 11 years back i have half finger on thumb and no finger on next to that can i have surgery on it

  156. Fractured my great toe in February. Didn’t receive good discharge instructions and the toe has not healed. The podiatrist is recommending fusion. Is there a provider that performs the Hemi cap procedure in Utah?

  157. I have been told by my podiatrist that I my toe, second MP joint, needs replacement. He said the pain would be gone but there is some h=chance the toe might “stick up”. I have a Morton’s foot (pretty exaggerated) and have fractured the metatarsal several times – mostly stress fractures, so it is considerably thickened. Would the ToeMotion improve the potential for a good result, i.e., pain reduction and less risk of deformity?
    I don’t think every podiatrist does this type of surgery. Can you recommend an experienced one?
    Thank you!

  158. I broke my toe and now it curves upward and the dr fused bones and took bone and tendon out of my heel and placed into big toe along with a screw. Over a year later I still face a lot of discomfort especially how curved up it is since it’s where the nail is. Can I get this done in the Ohio area and have screw removed?

  159. Hi Robin!

    Just wondering how the second procedure is working out for you. My first procedure seemed semi successful as my range of motion is much better than before the surgery. But the last few months the toe has really been acting up and painful again. Anyway, I wanted to know if the second hemicap procedure is working…hopefully yes???

  160. Hi Can anyone tell me who does this procedure in London. I’ve been told fusion is the only option for me as the bone is so bad. This sounds perfect.

  161. Hello I’ve been reading these questions for quite awhile and unfortunately for me I don’t get to see what your answers were to the others, so we all must repeat our questions. I had my big toe fused, #2 hammertoe straightened and bunionette on #5 also fused, all on right foot. I must be one of the few who have had no pain since surgery 2 1/2 months ago. I’ve been trying to spread my toes flat with each step. Now I’m laid up with swelling just in the past few days. At the moment the former hammertoe, now straightened, sticks up and I’m working to push it down.
    In four months I’m scheduled for the left foot: an arthritic painful mound on top of the arch (tri-metatarsal fracture 25 years ago), also bunion and hammertoe. So now for the usual questions: what is synchronicity and symmetry like if I do joint replacement only on the left? Can it be done at the same time the metatarsals are done? I never saw an answer to what everyone asks: Can joint replacement be done in the big toe after an operation to fuse? Does insurance cover any of it? And finally, what physical therapy is recommended for best outcome and pain relief? How does weight affect it all? I look forward to your email but wish everyone could see how you will answer.
    Mrs Smith

  162. Hi Mrs. Smith, as a medical device company, we cannot provide any recommendations or advice. However, here is the link to a typical post-op protocol for a ToeMotion or HemiCAP procedure. – Your surgeon will be able to tell you how they would like to proceed in terms of the order of surgeries, as every situation is different. They will also be able to tell you if an unfusion is the right decision for your specific situation. Under the right conditions it is possible and has been done. Here is a patient testimonial of an unfusion to a Toe HemiCAP.

  163. I have arthritis in my feet esp. my big toe. Does anyone in my area used this arthrosurface? Ohio zip code 45432. Also will original Medicare cover this?

  164. I have long standing arthritis in the right big toe and have twice had a Cartiva implant placed there, by two different surgeons, both quite experienced. Each time the implant has either shrunk or subsided into the head of the metatarsal. Most recent x-ray shows continued osteophyte formation and, of course, I’m still having pain. I’ve never wanted the toe fused and I think I’m a poor candidate for fusion in any event: First ray is elevated and I’m already having tendonitis at base of fifth metatarsal as a result of favoring the painful first ray. Am interested in seeing a surgeon who has experience implanting your two part TotalToe solution. I live in San Francisco Bay Area so would prefer a surgeon in this area, but surgeon’s level of experience is more important than location.

  165. I to have a fusion as nothing else available and that causes callous on bottom on toe pad more painful then joint is is replaceable with this

  166. Doctor gave first injection of corticosteroid today to treat Hallux Rigidus. I’m hopeful this will help for a little while however my bone spurs are pretty big and surgery is likely in my future.
    I’m a 50 year old man and I enjoy running about 10 miles/week so fusion I understand is not best if I want to continue running.
    Doctor is not confident in spur removal and mentioned Cartiva but after reading I’m not convinced of the later.
    Would HemiCAP be a consideration for my case that would eliminate the pain, cease the deterioration and allow me to run again?

  167. I had fusion of my big toe Jan 9, 2019. It was not healing. After 6 months I qualified for a bone growth stimulator following a CT scan plus xrays to prove to the insurance company that a bone growth stimulator was necessary. After 6 weeks of using the Bone Growth Stimulator a CT scan showed no healing. It hurts to walk so I am still having to wear a post surgical boot all the time. The podiatrist who did the surgery says now the only option is to remove the screws from my big toe and put in a bone graft. So another surgery with a lengthy recovery. I do not smoke, I am not diabetic, I am not at all overweight and I have followed the doctor’s recommendations fully to promote healing. Now I am skeptical that the bone graft would even cause healing. I do not know why it has not healed. Prior to the surgery I have been very physically active including working out on the eliptical machine, lifting weights, Yoga, Plilates, ballroom dancing and swimming laps. I have been exercising regularly for 30 years. Now I can’t even walk unless I wear the boot. Am I a candidate for a total toe? What are my chances of a bone graft healing? I am 66 years old and in generally good health.

  168. I am guessing, you can’t use heels anymore either… I am a short, chubby girl, and I can’t be without my heels, not that I use heels that are too high. It helps slim my figure and with the fitting of my pants lol… I don’t want a fusion for that reason, but the pain is sometimes unbearable.

  169. My name is Heide and I have no movement at all in one big toe, minimal in the other. I have worn heals all of my life and my foot feels more comfortable in a rolling type show that does not bend, but now I am starting to walk on the outside of my foot which is giving me additional problems. Is there a Dr. in the Denver area that does this type of surgery? I would be interested in getting more information. Thank you.

  170. I had a fusion of right great toe with hardware.
    Iliac bone graft used.
    Can a fusion be reversed and arthrosurface used to gain mobility of my my right foot back?

  171. I had 4 of 5 toes fused with joint removal 8 years ago. I have not been able to walk properly or obviously bend my toes which affects my balance. Can the toe fusions be reversed and an implant be inserted in each toe do they will bend again? Is there a physician that does this near Hickory, NC? Thank you!

  172. Hi I am in canada (ontario) Is this surgery available up here. My current consulting dr wants to do a full fusion with Rod but I have been reading of the options with an implant. Please let me know if any of this is available in my country and/or province. Many thanks. Elaine

  173. How far from Burlington, Vermont do I have to go to find someone who could do this? How long do they last for an active person? Thanks.

  174. Hi hw are you. I didn’t receive an email, please send again. Cause my dr & TriWest is trying to find me a dr for this surgery, my foot/ toe hurts. My # 601-365-9116. Thank you

  175. I am interested in locating a doctor who can perform this surgery in the greater Houston, TX area. I had traditional MTP great toe surgery 5 years ago and the pain never went away. Actually, the surgery made things worse. Is this technique a viable option after having MTP traditional surgery?


  176. I am interested in locating a doctor in la ca who can perform this surgery. I am 25 years old and I had a bunion reduction surgery 6 years ago and lost almost all motion, I had a revision bunionectamy 3 years ago with the screw still in. I still have very limited motion and cannot wear most heels and whatever I can wear causes me unbearable pain. I still have pain in both the main joint and smaller one I have constant pain and swelling and I also have a pretty large gap between my big toe and the one next to it.

  177. I had a fusion last October and now have pain in my big toe and the tendon on the bottom of my foot sticks out if I walk too much.
    Can you still put a replacement joint in the 1st metarsal that I had fused?

  178. Hi there, I am in PEI, Canada. In 2009 I had my right big toe joint replaced. I was 53, very active and chose not to have a fusion for several reasons, one of which is the lack of movement and choice of shoes…I did very well for about 7 yrs, then pain and the joint is now enlarged…I have had problems with both knees (xrays show no arthritis) and I did not “Injure my knees” in an accident or incident, so I am now assuming that it has to do with compensatory movement displacing weight to the opposite leg, then after the opposite knee “went” the other knee went…physio could not figure out first knee, ended up saying maybe patella line syndrome…and perhaps miniscus with second one, which is still causing some issues. I stopped biking and the long long walks and focused on physio, then when pain and inflammation resolved I moved to kiniseology and then guided exercise classes (non aerobic) with my kinis. I was not able to ride horses (I am an equestrian coach) for over 18months and only after 18 months of building strength around joints and increasing my mobility am I now able to move forward to more aerobic exercise, but I am petrified to reinjure myself, and I have gained weight, so weight bearing exercise is even harder on my toe. I have consulted a new surgeon as the one who replaced the joint would only give me a fusion now, and I find out from new surgeon that I CAN NOT have a second toe joint. He says there is not enough bone left and that no one ever gets a second one…Is this true? I am interested in the toe motion modular toe… there a chance for me to have it? I am pretty sure I would have to travel to another city to find a surgeon, and I have family in Toronto, ON. Please tell me I can have this done? and who can do it? thanks so much!

  179. Hi,
    I’m 31, I had a surgery for big toe fusion in my right foot last year.
    Dr. said the surgery was succeded. After one month of walking (2 months from surgery), I started to feel stingings in my ankle which became from day to day to serious pains. Today, I feel uncomfortable while walking and try to prevent it as much as I can.
    Is your surgery feet to me? I’m really young and regrets the decision of this surgery. don’t recommend fusion to no one.


  180. I recently had foot surgery to remove 3 bone spurs. The MRI showed gross degeneration of the forward medial metatarsals. One bone spur was in the great toe ball joint. ALL OF MY TOES were STRAIGHT! The surgeon put in some kind of plate, and said he did a fusion. My great toe is now leaning very laterally, and sticks up. I’m VERY unhappy with this. The surgeon did an excellent reconstruction of the right ankle after a bad inversion fall, so I trusted him with the left foot. I want my great toe straight again, and to be able to bend it, and it not stick straight up. Three weeks and I still must keep it elevated or it swells horribly. Can the forward medial metatarsals be replaced with artificial? (The right knee has been replaced.) I’d prefer a replacement joint for the great toe, but if the metatarsals “look like gravel” (this is the foot the Clydesdale stepped on when I was a teen), then to anchor the foot portion, I can understand the existing metatarsal might not be able to hold the prosthesis. As the foot is currently, I can no longer envision scuba diving, biking, climbing, hiking, running, dancing or even walking normal! Nor can I throw out every pair of shoes I own! (a LOT of heels. Not high, but heels, so the toe MUST bend!) Help?

  181. Hi there,

    I’m scheduled for a toe fusion in my great toe joint. Back in 2014, I received a bunionectomy which did nothing, I then had a long-awaited surgery here in Canada and received a Cartiva implant in 2017 (youngest recipient so I’m told) from one of the top surgeons here. The initial pain started when I was roughly 14 due to some trauma, however, I don’t recall from what. I’m now 24 and have chronic pain not only in the Toe joint but my entire foot, ankle and calf just from light daily activity, I no longer run or jog. Needless to say, the Cartiva didn’t take. As a very active and athletic person, I’m frightened by and desperately want to avoid a fusion. Would a Hemi-cap be a suitable option or anything else for that matter?



  182. Hi there,

    I had the Top HemiCap implanted in May 2019. This has been my third surgery and I am still unable to move my toe. It is still as stiff as it has been with the titanium screw before. I live in Germany and the doctors here told me that it might be the deeply damaged scar tissue. The tissue kinda turndes into stone-tissue and feels as hard as a bone now. I am 27 and getting over the fact of not being able to walk straight.
    Any reccomendations in this situation?

  183. Hi Maureen, Thank you for contacting Arthrosurface. As we are not licensed medical professionals here at Arthrosurface, we are unable to provide medical advice. You should reach out to your surgeon regarding any questions you may have.

  184. Could you please let me know if Dr. Pelto in Worcester, MA does the total toe motion procedure? If not, are there any doctors in Central Massachusetts (Worcester, Ayer, Leominster, etc.) that do it? Thank you!

  185. Hi There-

    I had a fusion 20 years ago following a fracture and removal of sesamoid bone (L). at first I just had the fusion but my toe was winging laterally so I had a tendon transfer to bring it back medially. I am having worse problems now though with it going UP. and digs into my shoes etc.. though I have been walking, hiking etc. without pain. Now getting more painful cause of the position and causing my toenail to be bruised. I am wondering if it is STILL possible to have the joint replacement after all these years and if it may help. I am with UCLA medical. Is there a surgeon there who does the procedure

  186. Hi Claire, We just sent you an email with additional information. However, only a licensed physician can tell you if you are a candidate after a full evaluation. Thank you

  187. I would love to hear how your healing has progressed as well Kathy.. I just received cheilectomy one week ago and will be looking at a joint replacement down the road. Thanks and hope all is well.

  188. Hello: Could you kindly email me to let me know who offers this procedure in Toronto? Wait times are long here, so if there are several surgeons I would appreciate a list. Thank you very much.

  189. Hello,
    I would like information on surgeons in the Washington, DC area that perform this procedure. Thanks in advance.
    Dave B.

  190. Hi Kathy . i also have severe pain in my toe. Can you tell me where an who did your toe. I also live in Edmonton. Thank you

  191. Hi Kathy, I’m very interested in this procedure and would also like to know who performed your surge and where you had it done.
    I live in Regina and the only option that I’ve been given here is fusion, and I’m not comfortable with that

  192. I had Arthrosurface Toe Motion Implant surgery exactly two months ago. I persistently have lots of swelling, pain under my big toe and sesamoid pain as well. I am wondering what other people’s experience are in regards to when you start feel better? Right now I feel I did pre surgery when I’d been dealing with hallux rigidus for 11 years – if not a little worse (hoping it’s still just post op induced). I’d love to hear from anyone who can share their experience. I am so hopeful with time I’ll feel better and be back to hiking soon.

  193. Hi there. I am wondering when my post is going to be approved through moderation. I posted it three days ago. I am looking forward to getting some feedback to my inquiries.

  194. Hi Nichole, Our procedure is still an option if you have sesamoid pain. However, your surgeon would have to evaluate you to determine if it is the right decision for your specific situation.

  195. I’m 58 years old and had my Arthrosurface Total ToeMotion joint emplaced on 9/20/2019 in Pittsburgh by Carl Hasselman (H.), who has done “about a thousand of these.” Went back to work on 10/2; got stitches out 10/8. I started PT soon after that until 11/11. The PT therapists helped my foot stronger, but did not think I could bend it until the swelling went down. At my Pittsburgh follow-up appointment, Dr. H. said that was incorrect, and that I had to start bending it or it they would have to bend it for me. Despite continued swelling, I and my daughter stretched my big toe to make it flexible. At my December 2 appointment, Dr. H. confirmed I passed my flexibility point and I could now work my foot as much as I could tolerate, and I didn’t have to go back to Pgh. On New Year’s Day I walked 5 miles with my family over rigorous terrain, but that was too much too soon. It was very sore for several days after that. I continue to stretch my toe daily and massage my sesamoid area under my big toe (which is where Dr. H expected it to be sore). There is still some swelling, and it is worse when I’m on it most of the day or have walked a mile or two. Yesterday I walked 2.6 miles with very little discomfort. I’m at 5 and ½ months and it keeps getting better. Progress has been slow but I walk up to two miles every day now. The recovery timelines given to me were vague, but I think that is because everyone heals differently. The toe swelling seems to be normal but not discussed much. I read somewhere that it could be swollen for 6 to 9 months after MTP arthroplasty. But I’ve gone from terrible pain of hallux rigidus to a continually improving foot. I’m now hoping to play softball this spring for the first time in several years.

  196. Hi Stuart, thanks for sharing your story! We love hearing from our patients and are happy to hear that you are able to get back to your activities like walking and softball. Best of luck!

  197. I am curious how many patients have physical therapy after a hemi cap. I had the hemicap after getting AVN after a bunionectomy. It’s 5 months out and i still can’t wear heels.

  198. I’m wondering if this procedure can be used on someone who has had a tibial sesamoidectomy. I would appreciate information. Thank you.

  199. Hi Jessica, Your surgeon would have to evaluate you to determine if the Arthrosurface toe implant systems are the right decision for your specific situation. Have a great day!

  200. I’m a 75 year old male with arthritis in shoulders and knees. Over the last 6 months I have pain in my left great toe that far exceeds any of the other joint pain. I was scheduled for a fusion with a specialist but decided not to have it due to a expected lengthy recovery and mobility limitations. My pain is all on top of the toe. My initial consult with a podiatrist stated also have numerous bone chips. Am I an candidate for your newest procedure. I live in central N.Y. where might the closest experienced physician be closest to me.

  201. Hi Joe, thanks for reaching out! Only a surgeon would be able to tell you if you are a candidate for our toe implant systems. You can find a list of surgeons in your area who have experience with our toe implant systems by visiting our find the doctor page: If you have any further questions please let us know!

  202. Prior hemiathroplasty in left great toe in June 2018. Now with persistent pain, worse than before surgery.

  203. Hello. I’m 52 years old and had a cartiva implant in my right foot big toe last October. I still have pain and now seems to be in the bottom of my foot. It simply appears that it failed. I really don’t want to have it fuse. I live in Missoula, Montana, and would like to know more about this option. Is there a surgeon here who can do it? Is it covered by insurance? Would it work after the implant? What is the rate of failure? Etc. I’d really appreciate your help.

  204. I had a great toe fusion of my right foot 2 years ago. The knuckle that is still in my toe is getting larger and larger, along with pain. I want to knnow if you have a surgeon in the SLC, Ut area who has a lot of experience with your toe joint implant, or would I be better served to travel to PA. I have been through 3 surgeries on this foot after a bunionectomy gone wrong. Fusion was last straw.
    Thank you for some guidance. I am a very active 71 yr. old, skier, riding horse back and a lot of hiking. NOT sedentary at all.

  205. Hi please help
    I am totally torn on what to do. I have been getting shots on and off for 10 yrs arthritis left big toe. I was worried when I would walk down the stairs and get an unexpected sharp shooting pain. I was worried I would fall. I ended up with plantar fasciitis same foot that with treatment got worse so I decided to have surgery to fix both issues.
    I had surgery big toe arthritis I thought I was getting a total and got a half not sure the name but looks like a giant tac big head which I feel is too big for my little body frame. I have still have pain and not much motion. No it’s not a fusion. I didn’t want one since I am active and like to wear a little heel. I feel as if there is something tight wrapped around inside. I wanted a total or at least something without pain I did PT stretch on my on. Dr gave me shots every visit afterwards different spots. I kept going for a year and nothing helped I stopped going and 6 mos later got a second opinion. Who now want to take out what I have and pit in a silicone that wears out over the years. I am torn deal with the pain which by the way is more than it was before or they another surgery and dish out more money. I’ll never make it to Hawaii at this rate LOL. Seriously I need help I live in SWFL. And I don’t know if it’s worth to fix if it will help. All I hear is there is no guarantee. I have had a total knee surgery and in 6month I finally had no pain. So I’m not new to this for sure. And help would be appreciate a referral other possible types to look into etc. thank you

  206. Hey Kathy! Glad you are doing good!!!

    How was the pain after the surgery? I have it on Wednesday and I’m sooooo nervous and scared of the pain, from the implant and having my bone spur shaved off. Ekkkk !!!!
    Did u do PT afterwards? Also my surgeon said I can’t walk on it for 3 weeks and then a walking boot but I think with crutches to help. Yay!! Haha

  207. I (34m) had this procedure done about 6 months ago in my right foot. Throughout the process it has been better than I expected. I essentially have full range of motion with no to very little soreness on a day to day basis.

  208. Hi David, thanks for keeping us updated on your progress! We love hearing from our patients and are happy to hear you are progressing nicely!

  209. I had foot surgeries on my left big in 2001, 2003 and my last option was a fusion in 2007. Although I have always had the same pain and issues with my right big toe, I vowed never to go through foot surgery again until a more promising and more tolerable surgery could be done. I was told that my fibromyalgia contributed to my severe post op pain and extremely lengthy recovery.
    I live on Long Island and had 3 different surgeons perform each surgery. My 2nd procedure was done at the Hospital for Special Surgery. I was in severe pain and waited 4 years before resorting to a fusion.
    Do you have any recommendations for surgeons on Long Island and which procedure would provide the best outcome?

  210. Hello,

    I am a 25 year old x-collegiate runner. I’ve had two surgeries on my L 5th metatarsal head and now have advanced DJD in the 5th MTPJ. The tow does not flex hardly at all past 180 degrees. Is it possible to replace the 5th MTPJ? My quality of life has been severely limited. Please help. Thank you

  211. Hi there, I am a 54f and had a fusion done on my right big toe 4 years ago. I am very active and finding that it impedes my yoga workouts. Is there a surgeon in the Seattle/Everett WA area you could refer me to?

  212. Hi there ,
    I recently had a Big Toe implant and its been the best outcome possible from a post fusion. My question is there implants for the two toes next to the big toe on the left foot. The original surgery had also fused the two toes, but since my joint replacement im finding it difficult to have a follow through leading off the big toe.
    any suggestions would be helpful.
    Thank you

  213. Did you locate a doctor in Edmonton to perform this procedure? I wish I had known of this 3 years ago when I had no alternative but to fuse the bone after bunion surgery. I live in Calgary Alberta and need to locate a doctor familiar with “unfusion” and implant. Calgyar or Edmonton happy to travel for this to get mobility back!

  214. Hi Donna, as a medical device company, we are unable to provide any medical advice or diagnosis. You should check with your surgeon directly regarding possible solutions for your specific situation. Have a great day!

  215. I am at the point where I need to get something done about my toe, and this appears to be the most suitable for my lifestyle.

    Is it available on the NHS in the UK currently? I’m in North Lincolnshire.

  216. Are there surgeons in the Kalamazoo, MI area that perform this procedure? I have an arthritic big toe that is bone on bone, bone spur, and painful and don’t want fusion. Thank you.

  217. Cheilectomy 18 months ago and little movement in toe and very sore. Please provide me with names of surgeons in Toronto Canada that are performing this procedure.

  218. Hi I’m interested to know which UK surgeon uses this product. Please can you direct me to the most experienced UK surgeon?

  219. On 25 th August im due to see a UK surgeon Re my X-rays, he’s suggested Cheilectomy surgery might be right for me. If I had this surgery could I still be a candidate for your product years down the line?

  220. I’m looking for a doctor to get the arthrosurface done in Southern California. More specifically I’m on zip code 92630. I heard that UCLA does it. Am I correct? Also, is this procedure covered by Amthem Blue Cross PPO insurance?

  221. Can you advise if i can get this surgery in the uk I live in the north east of England my hosptial ate only offering a fusion of the big toe

  222. I had a second surgery Dec. 2018 on right foot when big toe was fused. And second hammer toe had a PIP arthrex dart inserted but not through the tip of the toe. A year ago, I saw Dr. Hasselman in Pittsburgh and he said he could remove the dart and insert a metal screw in the entire toe. The tip of the second toe now tilts to the right and causes pain. Can I have the dart removed and put the toe in a cast to straighten it without having any more hardware inserted? I deeply regret having the big toe fused. Two other surgeons have advised against a hemicap to unfuse the toe. At this point, my faith in doctors is slim to none. Please advise on removal of arthrex dart in second toe.

  223. Hello

    I live in the uk – I had a cheilectomy 3 years ago – excellent results but know that one day I will need to look at replacement (artrosurface ?) pending evidence of results and history of success rate – can you email me details and info on who does this procedure in the Uk

  224. Hello. I’m have surgery scheduled for the Cartiva Implant, but I’m reading a lot of negative blogs. I’m starting to second guess having it done. Can you send me a list of surgeons in the Northern KY and/or Cincinnati, OH area that do this procedure?

  225. I had the big toe on my right foot fused. I previously had a cheilectomy on that toe. I am not happy with the fixed toe. I am an active 60 year old and like to bowl and play softball. Would it be possible to get the arthrosurface on that toe?

  226. Greetings! I have severe HR in my right foot, was told fusion was the only solution several years ago. I live near Boise, ID. Are there any surgeons using the technique you describe above in my area? Thank you!

  227. I would like unfusion of my right big toe and replacement with an arthrosurface implant. I live in Hebron, Kentucky (northern Kentucky/just outside Cincinnati). Please send me an email with information on where and by whom I could have this surgery done.

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