Our Patients Can….

At Arthrosurface we are inspired by the many phone calls and messages we receive weekly from our patients around the world. They share stories of how they suffered from painful knees, shoulders and other joints, but as a result of undergoing a HemiCAP procedure they are now able to return to activities they love. These patients are consistently reminding us of how this surgery has changed their life for the better! Because the Arthrosurface implants were designed to maintain the patient’s native anatomy, they don’t have the activity restrictions normally associated with a total joint replacement. Most are able to return to a level of activity they have not enjoyed for many years. Not everyone is aware that joint resurfacing is an available option for painful joints so a large number of patients continue to undergo total joint replacements which may limit their future activity levels. Since today’s patients are living longer, it is even more important to find technologies that can effectively delay a joint replacement surgery. This is why we believe it is important to share these patient stories and educate the public on their options. The Arthrosurface HemiCAP is the active alternative to a joint replacement.  See our patients in action here!


All people pictured in the advertisements below are real Arthrosurface HemiCAP patients.

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