Arthrosurface Launches the Stemless OVOMotion Shoulder Arthroplasty System

October 11, 2018

FRANKLIN, Mass.Oct. 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Arthrosurface®, Inc. announced today the official launch of its latest product, the stemless OVOMotion™ Shoulder Arthroplasty System with Inlay Glenoid. FDA Cleared in April 2018, this stemless total shoulder system provides the surgeon with an approach that results in increased exposure to the glenoid, minimal bone removal, and is designed for patients with painful and/or severely disabled shoulder joints resulting from arthritis, traumatic events or AVN.

“This truly is a revolutionary stemless total shoulder, which combines the concept of anatomic restoration with an aspherical head design, and also allows improved joint access for ease of preparation of the glenoid,” said Dr. Anthony Miniaci, MD of the Cleveland Clinic. “This combination of an aspherical head and inlay glenoid has shown to be effective in not only active and younger patients but in all of those with glenohumeral arthritis even in the face of posterior subluxation and bone erosion.”

An earlier publication in the Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery demonstrated how the inlay glenoid (socket) design was far superior to the only alternative with respect to the biomechanical stability.  Arthrosurface has had long-standing success with the aspherical head design of the existing OVO® arthroplasty device and the stemless OVOMotion™arthroplasty system expands that technology by maintaining the same external geometry while adding a planar cut for enhanced access to the glenoid.  Additionally, the proven fixation method and location are unchanged.

Michael Gombosh, MD from South Florida International Orthopaedics commented, “With the new system, the additional 12.5mm of bone removed from the humeral head has truly improved the technical portion of the procedure. This allows for easier visual and manual access of the glenoid. These steps can be the most challenging portion of the operation, and frequently the most time consuming. With improved visualization, you are able to obtain a more accurate assessment of the morphology and wear pattern within the glenoid, but also establish improved access for glenoid preparation and release of the posterior capsule.”

Steve Ek, CEO said, “The OVOMotion™ Shoulder Arthroplasty System builds upon the outstanding clinical results of the OVO System and greatly facilitates surgical access, speed and reproducibility. It also sets the stage for our future modular components.”

The OVOMotion™ Stemless Shoulder Arthroplasty System is now available for use in the United States.

About Arthrosurface
Arthrosurface, Inc. is a global orthopedic medical technology business providing a broad portfolio of essential products and instrumentation used to treat upper and lower extremity orthopedic conditions caused by trauma, injury and arthritic disease. The product offerings include joint preservation implants, instruments and orthobiologics. Founded in 2002, Arthrosurface markets and distributes its products in the US and around the world and has succeeded in helping patients return to activity for over 14 years. For more information, please visit our website at

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27 responses to “Arthrosurface Launches the Stemless OVOMotion Shoulder Arthroplasty System”

  1. Gary P Wood says:

    Can one of these be used on a shoulder replacement that has gone bad, and needs re-replaced?

  2. Naveen Thiyagu says:

    would like to receive your news letter

  3. Steve Fluet says:

    I may be a candidate for this in both my shoulders. Is there a doctor in Boston that is using this new system?

    Steve Fluet

  4. Michael Jost says:

    Hi, My Orthopaedics surgeon, whom I’ve been getting cortisone shots for years, is advising total shoulder replacement. As long as I can continue to tolerate the pain and weakness. I am postponing any kind of surgery as I am still active at work and would like other options.

  5. Jeff Posluns says:

    Is there an orthopaedic surgeon in Toronto, ON, Canada that uses this system in a Canadian hospital?

  6. George Tryon says:

    I have been fighting shoulder pain for over ten years. Every surgeon wants replace, I will be 80 this year. Is this type replacement something I should be looking into.

  7. Andy Rauwolf says:

    Doctors say I need a complete shoulder replacement. I have restricted ROM and very little cartilage left . Bone on bone and substantial pain. Is this device able to take the place of a total replacement which I have heard several horror stories about? Does it simplify the procedure and reduce the risk factor? I am 75 yrs old and active.

  8. George says:

    Going for second opion Mar5 Dr Gupta in OcalaFL

  9. Michael says:

    For the avid weightlifter are there any poundage restrictions on training loads following the completion of this procedure and a full rehab?

  10. Bonnie Sepelak says:

    I just received this system on Feb 6. While still recovering with the bicep move the shoulder joint has absolutely no pain! I am wondering if this implant will set off metal detectors?

  11. Don Turney says:

    I am a candidate for this system, do you have a list of physicians in South Carolina that are experienced at implanting this device? I am bone on bone after years of heavy weightlifting. Thank You in advance.

  12. Theresa Weir says:


  13. Mark says:

    I am also interested in knowing the functional restrictions after surgery and rehab, for the avid weight lifter. That includes the three power lifting lifts and body weight exercises like chin ups and push ups.

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