Arthrosurface Launches OsteoMATE for the Treatment of Osteoarthritis in the Hand

Franklin, MA., April 26, 2017 – Arthrosurface, Inc. today announced the first surgery using the new OsteoMATE arthrodesisfour corner fusion implant as an alternative to Four Corner Fusion of the Hand. The procedure was performed by David Ruch, MD Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, Duke Orthopaedic Surgery, Durham, NC.

The OsteoMATE arthrodesis implant is comprised of allograft bone; provided pre-shaped, pre-drilled and sterile. The OsteoMATE implant design is optimized for Four Corner Fusion of the hand and Lisfranc arthrodesis of the foot. The selection of allograft bone as the implant material was chosen to mitigate non-union of the fusion area, which in the literature has been reported to be as high as 31% with traditional metal implants.

Benefits of the OsteoMATE implant are:

The diseased bone, which is removed to make room for the implant, is replaced with allograft bone, not metal or polymer. The implant provides a 360 degree contact to the patient’s native bone to facilitate bony incorporation.

Allograft bone is translucent under x-ray allowing the physician to visualize and monitor bone ingrowth during the healing period, which cannot be seen under a metal implant.

The first surgery involved a Four Corner Fusion procedure for a patient who suffered from pain related  osteoarthritis of the hand. “I was very happy with the ease of use of this implant,” said David Ruch, MD.  “The procedural steps were concise and straightforward, the instrumentation kit allowed my staff to quickly prepare for this surgery with minimal time and effort.”

“Arthrosurface is pleased to add these new orthobiological solutions to our existing extremities portfolio,” said Joe Darling, Executive Chairman of Arthrosurface. “We now are able to address a wider disease spectrum and offer more complete solutions for physicians caring for patients suffering from osteoarthritis of both the hand & wrist and the foot.”

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