The Global Reach of the Arthrosurface Network

During the last two months, our International Sales Team has attended a wide variety of events such as bio-skills cadaver labs and congresses around the world. From South America to the US, Europe, Turkey and all the way to the outback of Australia, Arthrosurface is being represented by some of the best medical professionals in the industry. Our distributor in Argentina, Ultravision, recently held a foot & ankle bio-skills lab led by Dr. Batista. Back in the US, we organized surgeon labs for the toe, shoulder and knee in Texas, Florida and New Jersey respectively. There were also two major congresses in Europe, the AGA in Weisbaden and the DKOU in Berlin. Additionally, our friends in Switzerland hosted a well attended bio-skill’s lab in which Prof. Schoettle instructed to over 25 surgeons. Back in the beginning of September, Medistnet, our distributor in Turkey, held the very first bio-skills cadaver lab in Ankara, Turkey.  Over 40 surgeons were in attendance to learn the Arthrosurface procedures for the knee and shoulder, including surgeons from Poland, a market which just completed their first HemiCAP case in October. Two prominent Turkish surgeons, Prof. Doral and Dr. Bozkurt, instructed the knee portion of the lab, while Prof. Peter Behrens from Hamburg, Germany discussed the NanoFx procedure (a microfracture procedure). Following the lab, Prof. Behrens attended the International Cartilage Research Society Meeting in Izmir, Turkey to discuss the benefits of the NanoFx procedure. Lastly, our friends from down under attended the AOA meeting in Darwin, Australia where NanoFx was introduced to the Australian & New Zealand communities.

It is not always obvious that we operate across the globe in 25 different countries with a cadre of top level surgeons that develop, educate and implant our technology across multiple time zones and specialties.  See where we will be next!

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