Motion Preserving Wrist Arthroplasty: Expert Opinions in Joint Preservation

Today, the most common treatment choices for advanced stages of SLAC and SNAC wrist include proximal row carpectomy (PRC) and scaphoid excision with four corner fusion (FCF). For younger patients with Stage III pathology, a four corner fusion is traditionally performed while a PRC with interposition is reserved for older, more sedentary patients. The new PRC+ procedure (WristMotion HemiCAP) is an augmentation to the standard PRC. The arthritic or incongruent capitate bone is reconstructed using an implant that matches the curvature of the lunate fossa. Essentially, the wrist arthroplasty procedure converts the capitate into a lunate, thus restoring the native congruency and preserving wrist motion. This novel option may extend the application of the PRC procedure into a larger and younger patient population.


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