Microfracture: Expert Opinions in Joint Preservation

In the US, approximately 80,000 microfracture procedures are performed each year with the estimated number being much larger. However, in 2015, the Journal of Arthroscopy (JARS) published editorials calling into question whether there was evidence to support the continued use of microfracture as a joint preservation method because new evidence on subchondral bone disruption and marrow channel access have highlighted the mechanical and design shortfalls in traditional microfracture procedures. This recent Expert Opinion Review summarizes the contemporary literature.

New Microfracture Study:

Considering that microfracture surgery is one of the most frequently used procedures for cartilage repair, the Hospital for Special Surgery in conjunction with Cornell University recently performed a comparative study where researchers found that smaller diameter instruments (Nanofracture®) showed the best prospects of accessing repair cells and were substantially less damaging when compared to traditional microfracture/k-wire instruments.

Based on their findings showing considerable differences, the authors concluded that the choice of cartilage repair technique should be carefully considered.

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  1. Are the amniotic stem cells in arthrosurface nanofactor obtained in the USA? What is the viable cell concentration per mL? What is the average viable cell size? What is the amount of fluid needed for injection at the base of the thumb?

  2. Dear Mr. Brunk, Arthrosurface no longer distributes the Nanofactor products. Please contact the manufacturer directly with any questions: Mike Derminio
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