Are you a candidate for a HemiCAP procedure?

find a doctorAs we age, the pain in our joints can become more of a nuisance and may require medical attention. More people are becoming active earlier in life, causing their joints to wear out sooner. According to recent data, 1 in 3 people born today will live to be 100 with the average lifespan around 80 years old. Although total joint replacements may last 20 years in older, more sedentary patients, data has shown that replacements in younger patients tend to wear out much sooner with rehab lasting six months or longer. While there are conservative treatments, often times these fail after a few years and the patient is in need for something more durable. Nevertheless, because they are still young and active they are not ideal candidates to receive a total joint. Today’s increasing lifespans, along with patients wanting a bridging solution for their joint pain, creates a major treatment dilemma for orthopedic surgeons.

On the conservative end, common treatment options for early joint disease include physiotherapy, pain medications, cortisone, arthroscopy and cartilage grafts. The patients who have received these treatments are typically middle-aged and have lifestyles that don’t permit significant downtime. Many are also physically active but often suffer joint pain during activity. Unfortunately, the rehab for many of these procedures can be lengthy and don’t always yield positive long-term results. This can be very frustrating for patients who are looking for day surgery treatments that allow them to stay active with a short recovery period.

knee implants
Total Knee Replacement

On the opposing end of treatment options is a total joint replacement, which is considered a very invasive procedure. In a total joint surgery, doctors remove large amounts of bone and tissue and replace them with metal and plastic implants. Because it is an artificial joint, the patient’s motion will no longer be normal and most high-level activities will be restricted. While total joint replacements may be a reliable end stage procedure, published data shows that 1 in 5 patients continue to be dissatisfied with their outcomes. Even if a joint replacement is successful compromises to an active lifestyle may be permanent.

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Knee HemiCAP®

Arthrosurface® designed the HemiCAP® technology to help “bridge the gap” that exists between early treatments and joint replacement surgery. In orthopaedics, patients are normally considered too old for biologic treatments if they are over 40 years old but too young for a joint replacement if they are under 65 years old. If you are experiencing joint pain and fall within this age gap, you may have a new option, the Arthrosurface® HemiCAP®.

knee replacement

Unlike a total joint replacement, the surgical procedure for the HemiCAP® implant can be performed on an outpatient basis, requires significantly less bone removal and the post-op rehab program allows a quicker recovery to full mobility. Because the HemiCAP® allows the surgeon to restore only the damaged area of the joint, the patient’s anatomy and range of motion is preserved. The main goals of the procedure are pain relief, return to active lifestyle and to delay or completely avoid a joint replacement in the future.

knee replacement alternativesTypical/Ideal candidates for a HemiCAP® procedure:

  • Aged 35 to 75 years old
  • Want to regain your active lifestyle
  • You have failed previous treatments and your pain has returned
  • You cannot afford lengthy rehabilitation time or excessive time off work
  • You want to fix your joint problem now versus waiting for your joint to undergo further damage
  • Your surgeon has told you that you will need a joint replacement in the future

Learn more about the HemiCAP® procedure.

49 responses to “Are you a candidate for a HemiCAP procedure?

  1. Hi Peggy – Can you tell us where you are located? We can provide a list of surgeons in your area who are trained and use HemiCAP Implants.

  2. Why do some surgeons say the Hemicap is not as effective as a total shoulder replacement. No surgeon in OrthoVirginia will do arthrosurfacing of the shoulder.

  3. I’d like a referral for an arthosurface hemi cap orthopedic shoulder soecialist in or near the 92054 Zip Code (Oceanside California)

  4. I just had my shoulder cleaned up last September and the pain is really no different now than it was before. I was shown a picture and the cartilage in my shoulder looks like a donut. I was told next step, just like the others on here, was a joint replacement. I am 52 years old, and I just got back in to powerlifting, and I am very active on top of that. I was wondering if there are doctors in Southeast Wisconsin that are trained and qualified to do the procedure? Just seeing this site has given me some hope.

  5. Hello, my name is Ron Billingsley I’m 64 years old with bone on bone knees. I’m very much interested in the Hemicap procedure. I live in Long Beach Ca. Could please provide me Doctors in the area who perform Hemicap. Thank you very much for your reply.

  6. Hello I live outside of Chicago, IL it’s have had my knee scoped 4 times with no ending relief I’m now told I need my knee replaced. I had my left knee replaced & really don’t want to do this again. I’m told I am bone/bone. I am interested in this procedure can you send me so information & possible Doctor in the area. Thank you

  7. i am a 67 yo male with a very active lifestyle. I still trek, dive and play golf; however my right shoulder has very limited motion horizontally and vertically. I was told by two orthopaedic surgeons that I need total reverse shoulder replacement due to arthritis. I really don’t want to do this surgery but the pain wakes me every night and my range of motion is probably less than 30% of what it should be. Is the hemicap procedure recommended or possible?

  8. I am a 46 year old male with arthritis in my right shoulder. It is painful and I have a limited range of motion. I enjoy lifting weights and archery and I would like to keep up with these activities. I have had an MRI done and my doctor said that I will need a total shoulder replacement. I live in northern New York State and I don’t see any orthopedic surgeons that offer the Hemicap or joint resurfacing in this area. Any information that you could provide would be great! Thanks!

  9. I have been to 2 surgeons, 1 through Crittenton and 1 at U of M. Both of them say my cartilage is gone and I have bone on bone in my shoulder. I am 57 years old and enjoy weight lifting. Replacement would end this according to them. I am very interested in the arthosurface hemi cap but am confused as to why it wasn’t provided as an option. I live in Oxford Mi 48371 and would appreciate any information on who in my area does these surgeries.


  10. Hi, my name is Jim. I’m 57 and I live outside of San Diego Calif. My ortho. dr. has told me I needed a total shoulder replacement. I’m real hesitant to have this done but the pain and limitations are getting worse. So I was wondering if there are any qualified doctors who perform this procedure out here in San Diego. BTW, I do belong to Kaiser insurance, and I was wondering if you knew if Kaiser doctors might perform this type of procedure. Thank you.

  11. My name is Denise Pash and I live in Braselton, GA. Both of my big toes are painful and I am told are bone on bone. Would you please send me information on the HemiCAP implants and an experienced surgeon using these implants in my area? Thank you.

  12. Hello,
    My ight big toe –1st joint–is bone on bone, enlarged, making wearing shoes uncomfortable, and painful. I am hoping I am a candidate for this type surgery so I can get my life back. I seem to have lots of bone on bone–neck vertebrae, lower back, big toe, ring fingers on both hands, and have had knees replaced because of it.

  13. Hello, my mother will be 89, she has had bone on bone in her knee for many years, and suffers much pain. She was never able to have a total knee replacement because she also has a very bad ankle. Would this procedure help her? Thank you.

  14. I’m 49 and underwent menicus surgery in Feb 2016. 70% of my medial menicus was removed, long story it was a 30% tear but the Dr I went to handled it all wrong do from Nov to Feb obviously it got worse by his “treatment plan”. My orthopedic surgeon was good that I went after, but did say it could advance arthritis in my knee. I received 3 full doses of Euflexxa last summer and they worked great!!! Till the beginning of April this year when I twisted my knee badly in the shower. After 2 cortisone injections and pt since then the last injection wore off last week of July. Knee has been locking up, going out on me, pain, and swollen. Aug 7 my Dr finally put in for the Euflexxa, but didn’t do a buy & bill, so it’s finally in and I’m scheduled for Sept 14 for my first in the 3 series. Meanwhile after nearly 4 months of begging for and MRI I finally got one that answered what I already knew; bone on bone “Patellar-femoral joint: The patellofemoral joint shows evidence of grade IV, chondromalacia patella in the medial facet where fibrocystic changes are seen in association with full-thickness cartilage attenuation. There is also mild reactive signal noted. A
    tiny effusion is visualized.” Googled that and basically no cartilage to keep my kneecap from running on my bones. Does this work? The rest of my knee area; bones, cartiledge, legiments, muscles and tendons all great. Just my kneecap. This has basically ruined my life & caused huge depression for me.

  15. Hi I’m a 52 year old bodybuilder living in orthopedic surgeon doesn’t recommend or give the option for the hemicap for a total shoulder replacement according to him it’s just a temporary solution to getting the total replacement. Is this true and if in 10 years you need to replace the hemicap can you thanks

  16. Hello, I used the Find a Doctor for my area and nothing came up. Can you please let me know if there are qualified doctors who use the knee HemiCap procedure in the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area? Thank you.

  17. Hi Frank, We sent you an email a few weeks ago with additional information. Please let us know if you did not receive it.

  18. Hi Karen, We sent you an email a few weeks ago with additional information. Please let us know if you did not receive it.

  19. I am having a proximal row carpectomy and the surgeon wants to use a hemicap to repair my wrist. What are the benefits of using this cap and what percentage of physicians use this for this procedure.
    Can you also give me some names of physicians in the Philadelphia PA area doing this

  20. Hi
    I’m a 51 year old man. Bone on bone in my left shoulder. Told I need shoulder replacement. My problem is that I’m an avid power lifter. Is the hemicap an option for me?

  21. Please forward me information. I am an active 47 year old male who wants to continue to lift weights, etc into my old age. The idea of a shoulder replacement and not being as active I have been my entire life is devistating.

  22. I am interested in the hemicap procedure for the first MPJ. Who performs the procedure in Michigan that I can contact?

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