Arthrosurface Launches New Product!

toe replacementLast month, Arthrosurface launched a brand new sterile, complete and off-the-shelf product designed for fracture fixation known as the Pinit Plate. Essentially, it works like a modular staple but with the strength of a plate. The system consists of different plates and multiple screw lengths so it can be configured into a myriad of combinations for osteotomies, fractures, reconstruction or arthrodesis for small bones and joints in the upper and lower extremities.

The beauty of the system is that the screws, plates, gauges and driver are all provided sterile. This eliminates missing parts, lost instruments or having to sterilize instruments at the last minute. Everything the surgeon needs is ready, sterile and on the shelf.

toe fusionThe Pinit Plate is low profile, easy to use and modular and consists of 2-hole bone plates (8 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm hole-to-hole), and 2.0 mm diameter self tapping bone screws with lengths varying from 8 mm to 24 mm (in 2 mm increments). The bone plate is pre-assembled with a suture loop intended to provide the traction force required to achieve instant compression between bone segments. The bone screws have a snap-off feature designed to work with the plate and/or as a stand-alone fixation fastener. All implant components are manufactured from implant grade stainless steel. It is approved for use in the upper and lower extremities so whenever a quick fixation product is necessary in the foot or hand for example, the surgeon can Pinit in a minute. With this addition to the extremity portfolio, Arthrosurface continues to round out the product line in order to provide a wide variety of innovative solutions for orthopedics. Learn more about the new Arthrosurface Pinit Plate.

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