Arthrosurface HemiCAP® Stemless Shoulder Patients Pass the 10 Year Mark

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Arthrosurface Stemless Shoulder Arthroplasty

Arthrosurface® announced this week that it reached the 10 year anniversary of their stemless shoulder arthroplasty system. In the past decade, shoulder replacement surgery has become increasingly popular with many patients searching for alternatives to total shoulder replacement surgery. Many treatment options exist today and patients can easily become overwhelmed when trying to make an informed decision.

Stemmed shoulder procedures have been the standard of care in shoulder replacement surgeries despite the fact that they present significant technical challenges for the surgeon when trying to restore the natural anatomy of the shoulder. Traditional stemmed shoulder systems do not preserve the patient’s shoulder because they require the removal of the humeral head.

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Total Shoulder Replacement (left) versus the Arthrosurface Solution (right)

For more than 20 years, compelling evidence has been published in medical journals, concluding that the shoulder head is not a round ball and therefore not spherical. Despite the facts, the rest of the orthopaedic industry continues to focus on spherical shoulder implants. Based on the published anatomical data, Arthrosurface pioneered the concept of non-spherical shoulder implants to restore individual patient anatomy. Arthrosurface believes that evidence-based design means that patients are likely to experience a more natural shoulder movement and better pain relief by maintaining the native orientation and shape of the shoulder.

Arthrosurface designed the stemless HemiCAP® System to minimize bone removal, reduce blood loss, lessen complications and shorten procedure time so shoulder arthroplasty can be performed more safely and effectively. Stemmed total shoulder systems rely on the removal of the humeral head to gain access to the shoulder socket. The Arthrosurface stemless total shoulder not only preserves the head, but also avoids significant bone loss by eliminating the need for a stem placed into the upper arm.

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HemiCAP Glenoid

Several years ago, Arthrosurface took their innovation to the opposite side of the shoulder joint by introducing the first humeral head preserving glenoid. Similar to the way the HemiCAP matches the individual head anatomy, the HemiCAP glenoid implant matches the patient’s socket, maintains critical bone stock, and does not change the height or level of the socket.

The unique combination of stemless design and naturally curved implants that preserve bone, shape, and orientation may allow more patients to get back to their active lifestyle. Arthrosurface is proud to have the only off-the-shelf, patient specific, outpatient oriented joint restoration system.

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  1. I’m still trying to understand how this procedure is done only using arthriscopic incisions, unless I have misunderstood the way they are inserted?

  2. Who does stemless shoulder replacements in my area. I live nearest Sioux Falls, SD, Sioux City, Iowa, Des Moines, Iowa, 4 hours from Minneapolis, MN and 3 hours from Rochester, MN. 6 hours from Iowa City, Iowa. Would love to have more information. I live in Spencer, Iowa. Our surgeons only do the reverse replacements. Thanks

  3. Hi ive had total replacement on my left and need it done on right side im in boston area and my sergeon left for florida Dr . higgins and another dr. was refered from boston shoulder clinic dr Andrew Jawa from N.E Baptist does he use youre hardware. thanks Kevin

  4. Who in Omaha Ne does this type of shoulder replacement. I was told a few years ago I needed my left shoulder replaced. My right on actually gives me more trouble now than the left.

    If no one in Omaha does this where would be the closest to my area code. (51646)
    Hope you get back to me. Its getting difficult to sleep and work with this pain.

    Thank You!

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