Arthrosurface at the 2015 AAOS Annual Meeting

The 72nd AAOS Annual Meeting took place last week in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s the largest gathering meniscus tearof orthopaedic surgeons in the world, and includes vendors from all facets of orthopedics. Since exhibiting in 2004, the Arthrosurface booth has grown in size, similar to the way its business has grown over the last decade. It started in San Francisco in 2004 with a small booth at the back corner of the exhibit hall, a mere 100 square feet in size. In 2015, our booth was located close to the front, with a beautiful, modern 2,500 square foot space, situated amongst the titans of the orthopaedic device industry. Going from nothing to something in just 10 years is no small feat, especially at a time when the pressures on medical device companies are more than ever.

For 2015, a fresh visual approach was chosen to spotlight the heroes of the HemiCAP technology, The Patients. Our booth highlighted the everyday physical triumphs Arthrosurface patients achieve, especially their return to a high level of activity despite the previous damage to their joints. Since the dissatisfaction with the outcomes of total joint replacements continues to grow, surgeons are now, more than ever, searching for new solutions to offer their active patients.

As part of Arthrosurface’s continued expansion into the extremity market, two new products were launched at the 2015 AAOS Annual Meeting.  The WristMotion partial wrist HemiCAP & the KISSloc Suture System for forefoot correction were on display.

  • The WristMotion system restores wrist mobility and maintains native anatomy so patients can resume an active lifestyle. The HemiCAPitate implant only replaces the damaged area of the joint so motion and hand function is preserved. Unlike other total wrist systems that are significantly more invasive, or a motion limiting procedure such as the four corner fusion, the Wristmotion systems allows the bones to move normally.
  • The KISSloc Suture System is an innovative approach to bunion surgery for patients with hallux valgus deformity. Traditionally, correction systems require the cutting of the toe bones, realigning the angles and holding everything together with plates & screws. With the KISSloc Suture System, the first and second toe are realigned by creating a suture bridge across the two bones and pulling them back into place. No cuts or obtrusive hardware are used and the self-cinching mechanism makes it easy for the surgeons to simply pull the two toes back into alignment.

Arthrosurface is grateful to the AAOS for providing us with such a large global venue so that the 14,000 orthopaedic surgeons in attendance could find the latest orthopaedic advancements. An innovative booth, cutting edge products and an event dedicated to displaying the latest technology, all in a city that never sleeps.


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