Alternatives to joint replacement

This past weekend, Arthrosurface held a hands-on, surgeon education lab for the knee and shoulder. The two course instructors, Dr. Lonnie Paulos from Salt Lake City, UT and Dr. Mike Malek from Fairfax, VA, first worked together 34 years ago as sportsmed fellows under Dr. Frank Noyes in Cincinnati, OH.  The lab allowed them another chance to work together and despite the fact that they have worked in different places over the last three decades they still ended up gravitating towards the Arthrosurface technology.  In addition to these two surgeon presenters there was another experienced lab instructor, Dr. Frank Rodriguez from Houston, TX.  Dr. Rodriguez did a shoulder fellowship with Dr. Charles Rockwood in San Antonio, TX so the 18 surgeon attendees had an excellent faculty to learn from. A variety of techniques for addressing cartilage pathology in the knee and shoulder were covered. The topics that generated the most interest from the surgeons were outpatient surgery and new alternatives to a total joint replacement for middle aged and active patients.  More labs are planned this year and hopefully more new surgeons will be there to learn about alternatives to joint replacement.

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  1. I would like to know if resurfacing and stem cell replacement technology are being studied as a combined therapy for knee osteoarthritis?

  2. Hello Linda, I believe that the studies are being focused on the long term results of stem cell therapies alone. If I come across a study combing resurfacing with stem cell therapies, I will update you. Thank you

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