2019 Was A Great Year For Arthrosurface!

This has been quite an exciting year for us here at Arthrosurface! Check out some of our highlights from 2019 below!

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We kicked off the year with a brand new patient testimonial, Mamie! She successfully revised her failed synthetic cartilage implant to an Arthrosurface ToeMotion implant!


Our most popular post of the year,  Arthrosurface Revolutionizes Total Shoulder Arthroplasty” was released. That post discussed the history of Arthrosurface. It also discussed the innovative features that differentiate our shoulder implant systems from every other shoulder implant on the market.


No luck is necessary for this new product! During the AAOS we launched our PF WaveKahuna Arthroplasty System. This system is a line extension of our PF Wave System, which studies show can HALT Knee Osteoarthritis.


We were excited to host over 50 surgeons in Las Vegas, NV for one of our Foot, Knee & Shoulder Bioskills Courses.


In May, Dr. Joseph Zimmerman was featured on WNYT with one of his Arthrosurface patients, Roger, to discuss their success with the OVO with Inlay Glenoid Shoulder Arthroplasty System.


June brought some exciting media features: Q’s with Dr. John UribeExtremely High Expectations, Local company leads the way in pain relief & Rethinking orthopedic implants


We officially launched the SpeedSpiral CMC Allograft SystemA shaped allograft for the treatment of CMC (thumb) joint pain, arthritis and/or instability. P.S. Did you see SpeedSpiral featured in PopSugar?


We interviewed Dr. Richard Goding from the Joint Preservation Institute in Iowa to discuss why he chooses Arthrosurface. He said, “It’s exciting to see my patients get back to what they want to do because of the Arthrosurface Shoulder implant.”


NEW PRODUCT ALERT!! The BOSS Toe Fixation System is engineered to fill the 10mm distal bone void created by synthetic cartilage implants (among others). It provides patients with a motion-preserving alternative to toe fusion and the ability to #StayActive!


Dr. Anthony Miniaci’s OVO with Inlay Glenoid data published in the Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery (JSES).  The OVO with Inlay Glenoid Shoulder Arthroplasty System shows excellent pain relief, superior range of motion, patient satisfaction, and functional improvements for both eccentric and concentric glenoids!


In the spirit of giving, we launched our 4th NEW product of 2019! Introducing the SpiralUp TCL SystemAn acellular dermal allograft intended to supplement the talocalcaneal ligament in the ankle.


We exhibited at the OrthoSummit meeting where Dr. Gregory Nicholson performed a live OVOMotion with Inlay Glenoid surgery for all of the attendees. With multiple presentations and a spotlight session, it sure was a busy way to end 2019!

4 responses to “2019 Was A Great Year For Arthrosurface!

  1. Hi Kevin, Concentric vs. eccentric refers to the type of damage there is on the glenoid. Basically, concentric means the humeral head is still in the center of the glenoid while eccentric means the damages has forced the humeral head backwards a bit. With shoulder OA, Cartilage collapses and the humeral head (ball) moves towards the socket (glenoid). Once the cartilage collapses, the head is still centered in the glenoid (earlier stages – less severe – concentric). As the arthritis progresses, the pressure of the joint can cause the bone in the back of the glenoid to erode forcing the humeral head to fall out of center and move back towards back of the shoulder joint. As it falls backwards and more bone erodes, you lose more motion and damage can increase (eccentric). Hope this helps!

  2. Do you have any study results that compare the effectiveness of the Wrist/Motion hemicap hemiarthroplasty vs. PRC vs. 4-corner fusion? Or any literature that compares the hemicap to a pyrocarbon scaphoid replacement implant? Two hand surgeons I’ve seen so far have recommended 4-corner fusion, but I’d like to retain as much wrist motion in my dominant tennis hand as possible.

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