More Than 1,000 Patients Receive HemiCAP for the Great Toe


FRANKLIN, MA – (PR Newswire) – November 27, 2006 – Arthrosurface, Inc. (, the developer of less-invasive joint resurfacing systems, reports that over 1,000 patients have now received the HemiCAP® Great Toe Implant.  “When we first introduced the HemiCAP® Great Toe system we knew there was an unmet need for a better alternative to joint fusion.  Permanently limiting the mobility in the toe joint by fusing the great toe seemed to be an unacceptable option for many people when contrasted to the current outcomes for repair and reconstruction in other joints,” said Steve Ek, COO.

Hallux Rigidus is a disease that affects the head of the metatarsal often resulting in a painful and stiff first toe joint.  This pain and stiffness can severely impact patients to the point where their daily activities become difficult and debilitating.

“For the last two years the pain in my foot got progressively worse, so much so, that I started to change the way I walked.  When I started walking on the outside of my foot, I ended up getting neck and back pain as well, which just made matters worse.  Seven weeks after surgery I was working and, the best part was that I didn’t have any more pain in my neck or back either.  The fact that I have no more pain and still have my movement is just fantastic,” said one of the first patients.

Dr. Carl Hasselman, Clinical Instructor at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center commented, “The Arthrosurface implant is joint sparing because much of the metatarsal phalangeal joint (MPJ) is allowed to remain intact which is very different from all other MPJ implants on the market.  It is minimally invasive and does not affect the soft tissue structures.  The advantage to this is quicker recovery and no loss of push off strength, which for the patient means very little time off work and a more rapid return to normal activities.”

The HemiCAP® product for the great toe is another example of how this technology can be applied to different joints throughout the body. Originally, Arthrosurface developed the technology for use in the major joints of the knee, hip and shoulder.  Today, the great toe product has become one of the fastest growing products in the line, showing how flexible and adaptable this system may be used for early joint disease.

Anthony C. Moretti, CFO
Arthrosurface, Inc.
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Franklin, MA  02038

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