Happy Holidays!!

December 22, 2017Read article
Wrist Pain wrapping presents

7 Tips to Avoid Joint Pain While Wrapping Presents

December 21, 2017Read article

WristMotion Patient Swings Away Severe Wrist Pain!

November 30, 2017Read article

Arthrosurface acquires an acellular dermal technology from WASAS, LLC

October 30, 2017Read article
WristMotion Implant System

WristMotion Patient Returns to Competitive Softball

June 26, 2017Read article

Science Reconfirms Benefits of Shoulder Inlay Glenoid Arthroplasty For Active Patients

May 10, 2017Read article

Patient Has Success with Partial Shoulder Replacement (HemiCAP)

May 3, 2017Read article
four corner fusion

Arthrosurface Launches OsteoMATE for the Treatment of Osteoarthritis in the Hand

April 26, 2017Read article

Arthrosurface at the Orthopedic Summit

December 2, 2016Read article
joint replacement alternative

Comparative Data Shows Nanofracture Superiority

October 21, 2016Read article
knee joint

Microfracture Surgery and Your Return to Sports

October 7, 2016Read article
wrist implants

New Motion Preserving Wrist Implant hits 1 year Milestone [Press Release]

September 13, 2016Read article
toe replacement

When Can You Return to Activity After Toe HemiCAP Surgery?

August 31, 2016Read article
shoulder implant surgery

Shoulder Pain Relieved with HemiCAP Implant

July 29, 2016Read article
toe fusion

Expert Opinions: Toe Hemiarthroplasty vs. Fusion

June 30, 2016Read article
shoulder pain remed

Shoulder HemiCAP Inlay Arthroplasty Showed Lowest Comparative Revision Rate at the 5 Years Mark

June 13, 2016Read article
shoulder pain remed

Shoulder HemiCAP Has the Lowest Revision Rates at 5 Years

June 13, 2016Read article
knee implants

Study Shows New Method of Microfracture for Cartilage Repair is Better

June 10, 2016Read article
knee replacement

Comparison of BMS Techniques: Microfracture, NanoFx & K-Wire

June 10, 2016Read article
toe joint replacement

Patient Guide to Toe Arthritis

June 3, 2016Read article
meniscus tear

The Obesity & Arthritis Connection

May 13, 2016Read article
knee surgery

Passionate Runner Overcomes Knee Pain with HemiCAP

April 29, 2016Read article
shoulder pain remed

Competitive Softball Player Overcomes Shoulder Pain with HemiCAP!

March 28, 2016Read article
shoulder joint pain

Has the Shoulder Joint Evolved to Throw?

March 18, 2016Read article

Motion Preserving Wrist Arthroplasty: Expert Opinions in Joint Preservation

March 10, 2016Read article
joint replacement alternative

Don’t Wait to take off the Weight!

February 19, 2016Read article
knee replacement

Microfracture: Expert Opinions in Joint Preservation

February 5, 2016Read article
find a doctor

Alcohol & Arthritis: Can Your Joints get a hangover too?

January 22, 2016Read article
knee replacement options

Season’s Greetings!

December 22, 2015Read article
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7 Natural Remedies for Arthritis Relief

December 18, 2015Read article
hammertoe surgery

Were you told you got a HemiCAP? Make Sure You Actually Have a HemiCAP Inside!

November 20, 2015Read article
joint replacement alternative

Avoid Joint Pain with these 5 Safety Tips for Fall Cleanup

October 30, 2015Read article
shoulder replacement

Ice Climber Succeeds with Shoulder HemiCAP

October 23, 2015Read article

Yoga Instructor is back on her Feet with the ToeMotion Total Toe!

October 16, 2015Read article
toe replacement

Keep your Plantar Fasciitis Pain at Bay

October 9, 2015Read article
joint replacement alternative

Arthritis & The Flu: What You Should Know!

October 2, 2015Read article
knee pain

New Study Shows HemiCAP Implant Reduces Arthritis Progression

September 1, 2015Read article
snac wrist staging

Patellofemoral Arthroplasty: Inlay vs. Onlay

September 1, 2015Read article
knee pain

HemiCAP Knee Resurfacing Patient is a World Champion Waterskier!

August 20, 2015Read article
joint replacement alternative

5 Reasons To Up your Swim Game

August 7, 2015Read article
meniscus tear

6 Healthy Habits of Highly Active People

July 30, 2015Read article

Is the Summer Heat affecting your Arthritis?

July 22, 2015Read article
hip replacement recovery

ISAKOS Congress 2015

June 19, 2015Read article
knee injuries

Arthritis Tips for Memorial Day Weekend

May 22, 2015Read article
rotator cuff pain

Worried About Arthritis from Cracking Your Joints?

May 8, 2015Read article
knee replacement

HemiCAP Patient loses 80lbs in 10 Months!

April 17, 2015Read article
rotator cuff pain

Arthrosurface at the 2015 AAOS Annual Meeting

April 3, 2015Read article
find a doctor

Are Bunions Keeping You Off Your Feet?

March 6, 2015Read article
knee replacement

Runners Rejoice! Running May Not Cause Arthritis in the Knees

February 13, 2015Read article
orthopaedic surgeons

Why Smaller Holes are better for Marrow Stimulation

January 30, 2015Read article
shoulder replacement surgery

Mechanic finds success with Stemless Total Shoulder

January 16, 2015Read article
joint replacement

6 Tools for Traveling with Joint Pain this Holiday Season

December 12, 2014Read article
knee injuries

Young woman finally finds success with UniCAP

December 5, 2014Read article
knee pain

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 26, 2014Read article
knee joint

Are you suffering from knee malalignment?

November 21, 2014Read article
knee joint

The 5 Elements for a Successful Knee Surgery

November 14, 2014Read article
find a doctor

Sugar High Got You Down?

November 7, 2014Read article
knee implants

Young Triathlete Opts for Knee HemiCAP

October 31, 2014Read article
frozen shoulder

8 Products for People Suffering from Arthritis

October 24, 2014Read article
knee replacement alternatives

Happy Holidays!

October 19, 2014Read article
knee pain

How to exercise while suffering from a joint injury

October 17, 2014Read article
knee replacement

See the difference! Knee Replacement vs. HemiCAP

October 10, 2014Read article
shoulder pain remed

Surprising Facts About Arthritis

October 3, 2014Read article

7 Helpful Tools for People Who Suffer from Arthritis

September 26, 2014Read article
right shoulder pain

Patient Reports Life is “Incredible” After Shoulder HemiCAP

September 12, 2014Read article
slac wrist surgery

5 types of food to avoid if you have arthritis

August 29, 2014Read article
joint replacement

Is inactivity causing damage to your joints?

August 22, 2014Read article
knee surgery

What They Don’t Tell You About Total Knee Replacements

August 15, 2014Read article
shoulder implants

HemiCAP Sustains World Champion Powerlifter

August 6, 2014Read article
knee pain

Are You Sitting Your Life Away?

August 1, 2014Read article
snac wrist arthritis

How Many Steps Should You Be Walking Daily?

July 28, 2014Read article
toe joint replacement

Toe HemiCAP Patient Follow-up

July 15, 2014Read article

Are you a candidate for a HemiCAP procedure?

July 11, 2014Read article
shoulder implants

Bike Rider Experiences 100% Less Pain With Shoulder HemiCAP

June 25, 2014Read article
knee replacement alternatives

Physical Therapist Receives Knee HemiCAP

June 13, 2014Read article
snac wrist staging

Lyme Disease – What You Need to Know

June 6, 2014Read article
toe fusion alternatives

ToeMotion Modular Toe is Now Available!

May 30, 2014Read article
snac wrist arthritis

Arthritis in Perspective: 11 Stunning Statistics

May 16, 2014Read article
knee implants

5 Ways to Keep Your Joints Healthy

May 9, 2014Read article
find a doctor

Considering Cortisone Shots? What you should know!

May 2, 2014Read article
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