Young woman finally finds success with UniCAP

knee implantsAs a young girl, Melissa enjoyed playing soccer but started experiencing pain in both of her knees when she was only 15 years old. She gave up the sport and spent the next several years consulting with different doctors about her condition. Throughout the process, she underwent multiple failed surgeries that only left her knees in worse shape and caused an increase in pain. Melissa eventually saw Dr. Miniaci in Cleveland, OH, who told her about the Arthrosurface UniCAP® procedure which could finally relieve the pain in her joints and allow her to regain an active lifestyle. After receiving a UniCAP® in each of her knees, Melissa says she feels that the implants have allowed her to really live her life and not be limited in any way. Today, Melissa is 34 years old and is back to enjoying soccer and teaching Zumba. She currently works as a Volunteer Coordinator at the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank, giving daily tours of the warehouse and spending hours on her feet without pain.

Could the Arthrosurface UniCAP® or HemiCAP® be right for you? Watch Melissa’s story and learn more about the technology.



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