Young Triathlete Opts for Knee HemiCAP

October 31, 2014

Letia, from Boston, MA has always been an avid athlete. Growing up participating in gymnastics and other sports, she decided to train and compete in triathlons during her early 30’s. While training for a half iron man competition, she severely injured her knee. After a few failed surgeries with serious complications, Letia went to see Dr. Brian McKeon at the Boston Sports & Shoulder Center. Dr. McKeon operated on Letia at New England Baptist Hospital in Boston, MA.  Together they decided the Knee HemiCAP would be the best option for her to return to an active lifestyle without pain. Today, only 6 months post surgery, Letia is back training for her next triathalon!

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One response to “Young Triathlete Opts for Knee HemiCAP”

  1. RUSSELL Zito says:

    I need a total shoulder replacement but I want to stay active and workout.
    I want to continue to weightlift so I’m looking into the OVO shoulder stemless.
    I’ve already had the hemicap and it didnt workout good at all.
    Who is the best doctor to see for this ?
    I live in Oklahoma but am willing to travel.

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