Yoga Instructor is back on her Feet with the ToeMotion Total Toe!

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Ruth is a dedicated Yoga instructor in Florida who injured her big toe almost 5 years ago. Her toe pain was so severe that it began affecting all of her favorite activities, especially Yoga. When the toe pain didn’t subside, she went to see a doctor who eventually put a screw into her big toe. After a short period of time, her pain returned. Ruth’s doctor recommended that she go see Dr. Thomas San Giovanni at Baptist Health in Coral Gables. She knew a toe fusion was out of the question as she wanted to return to teaching Yoga and would have a difficult time achieving that with a fusion. Ruth & Dr. San Giovanni agreed on a treatment; the ToeMOTION total toe implant surgery. Just 6 weeks after surgery, Ruth was back to Yoga and couldn’t be happiertoe joint replacement with her decision to get a ToeMOTION implant. The Arthrosurface ToeMOTION® System is the only total toe replacement that is implanted with screws on both sides of the joint to provide rock-solid fixation. Learn More…  #stayactive #healthmatters

A BIG thank you to Yoga Source (Karen & Deva) in Coral Springs for letting us film in the studio!


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  1. I loved the video. Are there any doctors in the
    Cleveland, Ohio area who perform the surgery?

    also, could you put weight on it after surgery?

    I also am a teacher…but a teacher of art and want to get back to my activities as well.

  2. I had an arthrosurface toe hemicap implant on second toe over a year ago, and pain is worse than before surgery. I cannot walk without pain, balance has been affected, and gait as well. I have hip pain now, too. I cannot walk for any length of time without limping. Before surgery, I was able to do yoga, and Zumba. It is now hard to do any exercise involving foot or toe motion. I don’t know what to do next. Surgery was done by a podiatrist. I am considering going to an orthopedic surgeon, but am afraid he may want to do total fusion. I am so sorry I had this surgery.

  3. Hi,
    Im considering the arthrosurface toe hemicap implant on my big toe. What happened with the person Linda above? Was it successfully corrected?
    Thank you,

  4. Hi Rebecca, We never heard back from Linda, so unfortunately we do not have an update. However, many factors can affect the outcome of an implant procedure. It is best to discuss all option with your surgeon.

  5. Thank you for this!

    I got a cartiva implant a year ago, which has proven to be completely useless after sinking flush into the bone

    Now I’m left with choosing fusion vs. a hemicap implant and my biggest concern is how my yoga practice will be affected. I’m only 35 and pretty active, so sounds like the arthrosurface is more my speed! But I’m naturally a bit weary given my last implant malfunction

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