Yoga Instructor is back on her Feet with the ToeMotion Total Toe!

October 16, 2015

toe implant

Ruth is a dedicated Yoga instructor in Florida who injured her big toe almost 5 years ago. Her toe pain was so severe that it began affecting all of her favorite activities, especially Yoga. When the toe pain didn’t subside, she went to see a doctor who eventually put a screw into her big toe. After a short period of time, her pain returned. Ruth’s doctor recommended that she go see Dr. Thomas San Giovanni at Baptist Health in Coral Gables. She knew a toe fusion was out of the question as she wanted to return to teaching Yoga and would have a difficult time achieving that with a fusion. Ruth & Dr. San Giovanni agreed on a treatment; the ToeMOTION total toe implant surgery. Just 6 weeks after surgery, Ruth was back to Yoga and couldn’t be happiertoe joint replacement with her decision to get a ToeMOTION implant. The Arthrosurface ToeMOTION® System is the only total toe replacement that is implanted with screws on both sides of the joint to provide rock-solid fixation. Learn More…  #stayactive #healthmatters

A BIG thank you to Yoga Source (Karen & Deva) in Coral Springs for letting us film in the studio!

5 responses to “Yoga Instructor is back on her Feet with the ToeMotion Total Toe!”

  1. Nancy Finster says:

    I loved the video. Are there any doctors in the
    Cleveland, Ohio area who perform the surgery?

    also, could you put weight on it after surgery?

    I also am a teacher…but a teacher of art and want to get back to my activities as well.

  2. Linda says:

    I had an arthrosurface toe hemicap implant on second toe over a year ago, and pain is worse than before surgery. I cannot walk without pain, balance has been affected, and gait as well. I have hip pain now, too. I cannot walk for any length of time without limping. Before surgery, I was able to do yoga, and Zumba. It is now hard to do any exercise involving foot or toe motion. I don’t know what to do next. Surgery was done by a podiatrist. I am considering going to an orthopedic surgeon, but am afraid he may want to do total fusion. I am so sorry I had this surgery.

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