WristMotion Patient Returns to Competitive Softball

Alternative to four-corner fusionWe’d like to introduce you to Jerry! Jerry, a 76 year old competitive softball player, suffered from severe wrist pain for years. Eventually, he was confined to the bench during softball and everyday tasks (that we tend to take for granted), such as tying his shoes and driving, became painful and cumbersome.

A few years ago Jerry made an appointment with Dr. In Sok Yi at Peak Orthopedics in Colorado. Back then, the only option was to fuse (four-corner fusion) his wrist joint, which would considerably restrict his range of motion and activity level. He wasn’t ready to accept that his softball days were over so he decided to postpone surgery as long as possible.

In 2015 the pain became unbearable.  Jerry returned to Dr. Yi who introduced a new solution that had recently been cleared by the FDA, the Arthrosurface WristMotion Hemiarthroplasty Implant system. The WristMotion Implant solution, unlike a four-corner fusion, would allow Jerry to maintain his range of motion and return to the activities he was missing. The WristMotion Hemiarthroplasty Implant is performed in conjunction with a Proximal Row Carpectomy (PRC) to replace an arthritic or incongruent capitate (wrist). It expands the treatment options for Type II and III scapholunate advanced collapse (SLAC) and scaphoid nonunion advanced collapse (SNAC) wrists.

A little over a year after his surgery, Jerry is back playing softball, pitching, batting and playing first base! Watch his full journey in the video below:


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  1. That sounds great, how many other successful stories are there. I am 53 and both wrists are affected (SLAC) I am looking forward to that type of replacement. Live in Ontario Canada, will it come here soon or how much is the surgery if I go there?

  2. Ortho surface can that be used on the shoulder also I was told I need a total shoulder replacement i’m 66 but very active HELP

  3. Hi Pam, We sent you an email a few weeks ago with additional information. Please let us know if you did not receive it.

  4. I’ve had surgeries on both wrists in the early 80’s and now I’m having a great deal of pain and weakness in both of them and I’m very interested in your Wrist Motion Hemiarthroplasty surgery so if you would be so kind and send me all the information and cost of the surgery I’d be very grateful? Thanks

  5. Just found this video. I’m scheduled to have total wrist fusion in 3 weeks due to severe osteoarthritis in R wrist. Already had Prox Row Carpectomy. No doctors near me say any implant works. I’m only 55. Can you help? I’m in Boise Idaho.

  6. Can a 4 corner fusion be taken out and this put in place? Or can the fusion be taken out and let me live without a scaphoid? I’m in so much pain its unbearable now 9 months after surgery.

  7. I had proximal row carpectomy surgery in November 2018 on my right wrist. It’s no easy road after surgery lot of pain you go thru to get back to usage of your hand. I’m still having a lot of tenderness and have been going to physical therapy since February 2019. I’ve regain a lot of my grip but my hand is still week the physical therapist were great Dr Mark Culver and Dr. Rivas in Port Arthur, TX. My hand surgeon is a great person (Dr. Mark A. Ciaglia) in the Woodlands, TX and it’s just being patient with how long of a recovery time for this type of surgery that drives you up a wall.

  8. You’re doing great! Did you know our WristMotion Implant is used in conjunction with a PRC to increase Range of Motion? Please send us an email (contact@arthrosurface.com) if you would like a list of surgeons in your area who have experience with our WristMotion implant system.

  9. Hi there,
    I have had two surgeries on my wrist from a broken scaphoid. The second was a non-union, as the surgery failed 12 years ago. I recently went back to the doctor and I found out the scaphoid is no longer holding together and the surgeon recomends a 4 corner fusion or a PRC. I am only 31 years old and do not like the prospects for the future of my wrist. I work with my hands and am physically active – currently I cannot do many things I enjoy without serious, chronic pain. If there is any additional information about this procedure I would love to know! I live in Pennsylvania.

  10. I race dirtbike for a living and I’m 26 and have had a scaphoid fracture with a perilunate dislocation and am having a lot of trouble with it. What is the likely hood of this surgery working for me?

  11. I had my injury 30 years ago. Over the years I’ve had 3 surgeons tell me I need complete fusion of my left wrist. I’m very active, 62, a drummer and landlord. Can you tell me if this is available anywhere in Saint louis, MO.

  12. Whens it available in the UK?
    If not where can i get it done privately and ar what cost.

    Really need rid of this part fusion i cant fo nothing with my wrist/hand no grip no strength nothing.

    Feel like I have no hand here.

  13. I’m an very active 66 year old competitive water-skier. Water-skiing has been my life-long passion, and I would likely not entertain any type of surgery that would jeopardize my ability to continue skiing. During a typical skiing season here in IN, I ski 4-5 days/wk, 32 mph @ a rope length of 47 ft. (28-off-in skier lingo). Per visits with two local ortho hand specialists, I have ascertained that I have a ligament tear in both wrists, which will likely eventually necessitate either a PRC or 4CF. The condition has existed for at least two years, but, nonetheless, I have been able to ski through any pain w/o taking much Alleve, Advil, etc. However, I certainly realize that my wrist conditions are not going to go away, and I’m starting to look more aggressively at long-term options. That said, would the WristMotion Implant method have any benefits (over PRC/4CF) as it relates to grip strength, and my ability (after surgery and PT) to get back to what I love to do—hopefully at the same intensity-level? It would certainly help to work with a specialist that understands the dynamics of my sport, and one that can give me straight answers (whether I like them or not). Thanks!

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