Bike Rider Experiences 100% Less Pain With Shoulder HemiCAP

right shoulder painMeet Tom, an active mountain bike rider and Arthrosurface Shoulder HemiCAP® patient. Before his surgery, Tom felt severe shoulder pain while riding his bike and had immense trouble getting through basic daily activities. He often struggled to sleep through the night and couldn’t even put a shirt on without experiencing intense pain. Tom and his surgeon discussed various options and decided the Shoulder HemiCAP® was the right choice instead of a traditional stemmed shoulder replacement.

shoulder implant surgeryAlternatively, if Tom had chosen a traditional total shoulder replacement, he would have undergone a major surgery that would remove the entire head of the humerus, rotator cuff, significant amounts of bone and could compromise supporting tissues. Because it is an artificial joint, motion tends to feel abnormal and activities can be severely limited (i.e. lifting, throwing, contact sports). To top it off, this type of replacement was originally indicated for patients over 65 years old who had a sedentary lifestyle.

The HemiCAP® implant was a great option for Tom because it is stemless and restores only the damaged area rather than replacing the entire joint. The HemiCAP® consists of a cap and screw that lock together to form a new, contoured surface over the area of damaged cartilage. Natural anatomy is preserved, allowing patients to resume an active lifestyle without pain. Seven months after surgery, Tom has more use, better range of motion and 100% less pain. He is ecstatic that he chose a HemiCAP® joint restoration rather than a traditional joint replacement! Watch his story below: [youtube=]

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