Toe Fusion NOT for you?

Have you been told that you need a toe fusion? Although it can provide excellent pain control, a fusion is considered a procedure of last resort for patients with a sedentary lifestyle because it eliminates all toe movement, making it especially difficult or impossible for women who want to wear high heels. It may also limit activities such as running, golf, tennis and jobs or activities where kneeling or reaching up are required. Unlike a fusion procedure, the Arthrosurface Toe Systems will relieve the pain in your joint and still maintain your natural range of motion. Results from over 20,000 Toe HemiCAP implantations have shown that many patients regained their active lifestyle while finding pain relief in their toe joint.

toe fusion

Alternative to Fusion

  • For many patients with toe pain, Hallux Rigidus or looking for alternative treatment options to a Toe Fusion Procedure, also known as an Unfusion. The Toe HemiCAP® implant system is a trusted toe replacement alternative.. [read more]

Failed Synthetic Implant- Fusion Alternative

  • If you’ve had a synthetic implant that has failed and you’ve been told a fusion is your only option, there’s hope! The Arthrosurface BOSS Toe Fixation System is specifically designed to fill the void left behind by failed implants.. [read more]

Below are two videos from patients who both had their fusions removed (known as an unfusion) and replaced with a HemiCAP implant and one video from a patient who had her failed synthetic implant replaced with our ToeMotion System.

The first video shows Kathy, who initially received a toe fusion after consulting with her surgeon. As time went on, she found little pain relief and was unhappy with her level of function. She later met with a new surgeon who was able to have her toe fusion revised to a HemiCAP implant. After the unfusion, Kathy was thrilled with the results and was finally able to bend her toe again, allowing her to walk comfortably and confidently. The video that follows comes from Dr. Solomon of Marble Falls, Texas. The video documents one of his patients and the range of motion achieved after he performed an unfusion and converted it to an Arthrosurface Toe HemiCAP.


278 responses to “Toe Fusion NOT for you?

  1. Can you tell me how long these hemicaps are lasting in patients so far and if many surgeons in the UK are performing them please. I am being advised to have a fusion and I know this is not what I want as it will restrict movement and shoes. I live in Gloucestershire England and would appreciate any advice or help X

  2. Hi Tracey – yes, there are patients that are over 10 years out from their surgery and still couldn’t be happier. There are many surgeons in the UK who are trained and use the Toe HemiCAP Products. I will send you an email.

  3. I too would like to know who in the Uk performs the Toe HemiCAP implant procedure, and if possible speak to anybody who has had the operation. I live in London.
    Many thanks.

  4. I think if you are an NHS patient like me, our options are limited to what is provided. I am seeing a Podiatric surgeon from Hereford and he says he doesn’t do joint replacements at all neither did the orthopaedic surgeon I saw in Gloucester. They say they fail too frequently ! I feel forced into a fusion as my only option

  5. My doctor has recommended fusion on my big toe, right foot because the deterioration is such that a joint replacement is apparently not an option. Please send me information re: the toe hemi cap procedure and doctors in Colorado Springs, CO who perform this surgery. Thank you

  6. my doctor is recommending that I have both big toes done. I don’t like the idea. Can you please send me more info.

  7. My Orthosurgeon has also recommended fusion for my big toe on my right foot, and was hoping to get more information on this procedure, and if their are surgeons in the Chicagoland area, IL, USA who perform this surgery. Thank you very much!

  8. My surgeon has recommended a fusion on my big toe on my right foot. Are there experienced doctors who perform the joint replacement in Austin, Texas? Thank you.

  9. My podiatrist suggested fusion on my right big toe. I would like to find out more about the Hemi cap procedure and doctors who perform this in Boston. Thanks.

  10. I recently have a fusion of the Great Toe, unbeknownst to me. My surgeon did not inform me of the possibility that this would happen during surgery. I am 62 years old, active….love wearing 3 inch heels!! He basically tells me it will be “trial and error” as to whether I will be able to wear my high heels again. I am frustrated.
    My surgery was October 31, 2016.
    May I have the names of some surgeons in the Indianapolis and/or Carmel IN area that do this Hemi cap procedure?

  11. Worst decision I ever made was doing this procedure……. now had to have bone graft with fusion…. the partial joint replace works about 1/2 the time. Do your reshearchnpeople.

  12. We are sorry to hear about your difficult experience. As you know, there are many factors that contribute to a successful outcome and your doctor will be your best resource to help you achieve the optimal outcome. As the medical device manufacturer, Arthrosurface is required to document any customer complaint that alleges deficiencies related to service or the identity, quality, durability, reliability, safety, effectiveness, or performance of the device. Should you believe your case involves any such deficiencies, please contact All customer complaints are reviewed for reporting to FDA

  13. I am in Sacramento Ca and would like information and any referrals to a surgeon who is an expert in the procedure. Thank you!!!

  14. Hello, I had a hemi implant in dec 2013. I’m still in pain and ortho recommend joint fusion. I’m 41 and still love my heels and being active. Is this an option for me? Thanks in advance!

  15. I live in the UK. I have been advised that my left big toe should be fused. Not happy with this, as I still like wearing heels etc. can you email me details of your,product please.

  16. Just recovering from operation on my toe to remove the dorsal bone spur. They have said that it may last 5 years or so and I will need a fusion. I live in the UK and would like your email with those that perform the procedure over here. I know the information may be out of date by the time I need it but it will serve as a stepping stone at the time.

    Thank you

  17. I’m 65 years old and love to play golf, ski etc. so fusion was not an option for me. I turned to the Toe Hemicap implant procedure as my only other option and glad I did. I had my surgery Monday February 20th and was amazed that by that Friday I was up walking around and driving. My wife and friends were blown away as I was. I also had bone spurs removed as well. No doubt I was sold on the product & procedure but finding the right doctor is more important and I got real lucky. I spent a couple of months interviewing doctors and found the right one. So happy I did this. I’m back to work and working my way back to the golf course.

  18. Hi,
    Could you please send me details, I’ve been offered fusion but I’m too young to wear flats for life and I’m still very active. I don’t want to give up on exercise cos my toe won’t allow it. I’m in the UK too.

  19. I am scheduled to have my big toe fused and just came across your site. Could you please send me doctors in/around the Danbury, CT area that perform this type of surgery.
    Thank you

  20. I live in St. Augustine FL and my doctor has said I need a big toe fusion. He will not do a joint replacement. Can you send me any info on this and any doctors in my area that may do this procedure.


  21. I have had an MTP fusion recommended. Would like to explore your alternative. Could you send me more info and a list of Doctors or hospitals in NYC or the Catskills in NY State?

  22. My doctor has recommended a MTP fusion on my right foot, but I would like more information on the Arthrosurface Hemicap after reading of many positive outcomes. I live in the Indianapolis area and would like the name(s) of any doctors who perform this type of surgery.

  23. Hi I live in Melbourne Australia and I have to have the toe fusion do you have details of anyone doing procedure over here

  24. Hello,
    I am 59 and an active tennis player. I have hallux rigidus and was told fusion was the best option to eliminate the pain. Is this an option for me so I can stay active, and can you send me information and doctors performing this in the Oklahoma City area?

  25. I have part of my big toe fused, along with having6a bunion removed as well in 2012. Is it possible to have this procedure toe hemicap done?

    Janice – Colchester UK

  26. Do not want the fusion but the pain is wearing me down. I am in the NYC, Philadelphia area. I am apparently bone on bone now so the surgeon was a bit too excited to offer me the fusion. He said there was an alternative with cartilege replacement but really down played it. Said it was new to FDA and only 85%. Any info would be appreciated.

  27. Hi I Live in Brisbane Australia and had a toe fusion in my second and third toe to correct hammertoes. Surgeon cut my ligament and now my two fused toes are turning to the left and my third toe is now crossing over the third toe. I would like to know if anybody on the sunshine coast or Brisbane does this hemicap toe joint procedure as I hate the feeling of not being able to grip the floor as I walk.

  28. I have a chronic dislocation in my 2nd toe due to prolonged trauma. Was told by my doctor that I would need a PIP toe fusion. I am only 23 and highly active – I would like to retain as much range of motion as possible. I am in Toronto, Canada. Any surgeons in my region doing this surgery? Let me know.


  29. Please send me more info! I would particularly be interested in toe fusion reversal. I currently reside in Manhattan, NYC. Thanks bunches

  30. Please send me information on the implant surgery and doctors that use this device near zip code 95066 (Santa Cruz, CA)

  31. I had a hemi implant in my late 20’s. It failed within the first 5 years. Had I known the low success rate with this surgery, there is no way I would have done it. I’m now 39 and have had 6 surgeries on that foot, have nerve damage and have lost almost 3 inches of bone to fix what the implant damaged. It was by far the WORST decision I ever made!

  32. The problem I am having with my toe is an ulcer that heals and reoccurs. While this is typical for diabetics I am NOT diabetic.

    I have been fighting for this problem for over two years. I have gone to a number of “foot doctors” who have failed to help me resolve this problem. The toe has become infected more than once. Bandaging and protecting it against a recurrence has become a daily ritual.

    I am currently seeing a foot surgeon, who has been the first to explain the continuing problem. I have been told that time has changed my stride. Apparently my right great overextends and contacts ground behind the first joint. Fusion has been suggested as the ultimate fix. After spending a few days online reading fusion horror stories I am desperately seeking an alternative.

    1 – Has your product been used in my situation before with positive results?

    2 – Can you give me the name of a practitioner in Central Florida (Ocala, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Tampa, St Petersburg) that is practicing your method.

  33. I had a joint replacement in 2014 on my right toe for Hallux Rigid & excision of bone spurs. This didn’t work. Have been to 2 different place for what to do, both say fusion. Please send me names of other places/doctors in my area, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area, that have used the HemiCap.

  34. Both my big toes are bad and the surgeon has said i need fusion in both toes. Prior to the pain i used to run alot which i want to get back to aswell as my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I live in the south east united kingdom. Could you send me some local docs that may be able to help plsase?

  35. Hi! I have had bilateral toe titanium implants in both my feet. There is a big discrepancy between the first and second toe length. The first
    toes are considerably shorter. Can the hemi cap implant help me? I do so hate to have a distraction arthrodesis of the first toe with graft! HELP!

  36. I am due to have left large toe fusion surgery this Friday. My bunion is getting much worse with constant pain and swelling. My right toe shows signs that I may have similar issues in the near future. I’m having second and third thoughts about this fusion surgery. Now I want to postpone this procedure to rethink my options. Please send me information on this hemi implant ASAP please.

  37. Hello, I have had a fusion of both joints on my right toe. Of course, it does not bend and I am having problems with rubbing on my second toe. It is shorter than my left toe: therefore, my shoe is too long on my fused right toe. Is it possible to have a replacement on my right toe. I do not like that it does not bend at all. I live in Indianapolis, In and do not know any doctors here that do the Hemocap surgery.

  38. I had fusion of my right toe. Having problems with separation and rubbing on second toe. Please advise doctors in my area or close by. I live in Indianapolis, In. I would go to Chicago or Louisville, Ky or any place that was the best!

  39. Sue, I’m curious if you had your surgery? I’m also in the Austin, TX area and trying to decide between a fusion or arthrosurface and would love to know how it went for you. Thanks!

  40. I had a Hemi joint replacement in May 2017. Today I still have pain in the joint. Initially my surgeon told me that the pain is from scar tissue and that I need aggressive physical therapy. I have been in PT twice a week since the end of May…..still have joint pain. I went back to the doctor last week and I asked how is it possible to have a new joint and still have pain and no full range of motion. I was then told that when my toe bends that there is bone rubbing against bone which is causing pain. I thought that me having a joint replacement was the resolution for that! Did I miss something or was I taken advantage of?

    What option do I have now? I need to wear my stilettos!

  41. Hi i live in DC my surgeries 5 of them all unsuccessful. Geirgetown Hospital 4 at Mercy Medical Center jn Baltimore. I advise any and everyone especially women don’t do it..

  42. I’m currently trying to make this decision. As an avid golfer, I rejected the idea of fusion instantly. But as a I read more and more about joint replacement, I’m getting more and more afraid to go that route.

    Please send me any literature you have. So much of what I find online is old data.

    Thank you

    John M.

  43. Are there any surgeons in the Dallas Texas area that utilize this product? I am having surgery on the 17th and fusion is a possibility dexpending on how much damage they find.

  44. I am interested in hearing if there are any Doctors in the Mansfield TX (part of DFW) area that can perform this procedure. I am scheduled for Fusion but have put it off for many years. I would like to look into this possibility.

  45. Hi Tia, We’re very sorry to hear about your discomfort. We sent you an email a few weeks ago with additional information. Please let us know if you did not receive it.

  46. Hi Niki, We sent you an email a few weeks ago with additional information. Please let us know if you did not receive it.

  47. Hi Carolyn, We sent you an email a few weeks ago with additional information. Please let us know if you did not receive it.

  48. Hi John, We sent you an email a few weeks ago with additional information. Please let us know if you did not receive it.

  49. I’m sorry you’ve had so many of the procedures. My doctor said the only option I had with my big toe was the hemi after 2 surgeries to remove bone spurs due to arthritis in big toe caused from a badly broken ankle years earlier). I got a 2nd opinion and was given the same advice. I was quite adamant that I would not have that procedure, so my 2nd opinion doctor advised me to go to physical therapy. Best decision I ever made. That’s been 8 years ago and I haven’t had a single cortisone shot since! All I do is pull and stretch the big toe about 3-4 times a week when I’m taking a warm bath and the muscles/tendons are warmed up. Plus I move my toe in circles to loosen it up. It pops and cracks, but amazingly I have very little discomfort in my toe at all. It’s gotten shorter than the 2nd toe, but I have no pain in it as long as I also use stiff shoe inserts. I also started using dancer’s pads (a godsend). Forgot to mention that I have also developed a bunion on that toe, and still have the spurs. I use to get 3-4 cortisone shots a year. No more. The toe is stiff but as long as I move the joint and gently pull on it, I’ve managed very well. I will never have a hemi. Your experience has further convinced me never to have that procedure done so thank you for that. I hope you can find a solution to your issue. I am a hiker/walker and can’t imagine not being able to walk without pain.

  50. If your toe is bad enough that a fusion has been suggested, stop wearing those heels! They’re bad for your feet even without the problems you have with your foot.

  51. Hello, I am a mother of 3 in her 30’s from Western Pennsylvania. Back in 2005 I had somehow broken my tibial sesmoid bone. The podiatrist removed it after it wouldn’t heal with walking casts. In 2006, I had the fibular sesmoid bone removed. The Dr. Told me since the tibial sesmoid bone was gone, it put too much pressure on the fibular sesmoid bone and it fractured as well. In 2007, I had a fusion and within 6 months, I had the hardware removed from an infection. I have a very hard time finding shoes that will fit, including sandals. My mobility is restricted completely. Simple tasks are frustrating. I can go on about the stuff that spurs from my foot. I have searched for YEARS for something like this to be used. Is this an option for me? To unfuse the joint and put the hemicap in? I also have been suffering from plantar fasciitis for a while now.

  52. Michelle: I am feeling the same way and contemplating toe fusion. Of course, I too, will now have to have bone graft done. How did yours go?

  53. Please send me more information. I’m particularly interested in big toe fusion reversal and doctors in my area that have experience in this area. I live in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Thank you.

  54. My foot surgeon has recommended fusion of 1st joint right big toe due to arthritic condition now being very close to bone on bone. A year and a half ago this same surgeon did what he called the tight rope procedure on this same joint. I had had bunion surgery years ago on both feet. The surgeries went well and relieved the pain in that area. However the screw from the surgery on the right toe joint started to back out. The right toe also began to pull to the left. The next 2 toes followed the big toe pulling to the left. The surgeon says while doing the fusion he will also fix the next two toes as they are becoming hammer toes and that down the road I’d be back to have these hammer toes fixed. I do not want a fusion of this joint. Please send me information about the hemicap procedure and if thete are GOOD doctors in Sioux Falls, SD doing this procedure. 3 months ago I hd a cortisone injection and it relieveed the pain completely. I’m in a great deal of pain, there is considerable swelling of the toe joint snd psin extending to the 2 toes beside the big toe as well as pain extending to the arch of the foot. Iwear good shoes w/ arch support but it till hurts to walk. My ankles, knees and hips are tight and painful due to the way I’m walking. I neec helpbut do not know where to get it.
    Thank you for any info you can ptovide regarding the gemicap pticedure and where to get it near where I live. I’m will to travel if necessary but hoping there are doctors here in Sioux Falks who are trained and experienced with this procedure.

  55. Hi Monica, Please let us know if we can provide a list of surgeons in your area who are experienced with our Toe Implant Systems.

  56. Hi. I have been informed by my doctor that I need a fusion or a replacement. I am 54 and fairly active.

    Can you please send me some information on doctor that does this surgery in Florence, Huntsville and Birmingham AL.

    Thank you,


  57. Hi there. I am a 23 year old mom of three children under the age of 4. I was told today by a doctor that I need a bone fusion done to my 2nd toe on the right foot. This worries me as I am not a sedentary person and do not live that life style. Could you send me some information. I am located in Ontario, Canada

  58. Good morning–I am supposed to undergo a fusion in my left big toe in two weeks. I am very interested in this procedure Could you please send me information about it and names of doctors who perform this surgery in the Richmond VA area? Thank you.

  59. I have seen 2 doctors,one says replacement, one says fusion. I am 58, trying to stay active (pain is a problem). I will be having surgery on both feet, one at a time. I can see pros and cons with both. Objective: eliminate pain, remain as active aspossible! Love hiking, snow sports and playing with grandkids! Need help making this decision.

  60. I have seen one Doctor that recommends that I have both big toes fused. I am 65 and always active with construction, sports, etc,, I also need the bone spurs removed due to arthritis. I would like to be pain free again and wear my dress shoes to go dancing etc. I would like a list of Doctors in Canada that do your procedure so I can make a more informed decision.

  61. I have seen one Doctor that recommends that I have both big toes fused. I am 65 and always active with construction, sports, etc,, I also need the bone spurs removed due to arthritis. I would like to be pain free again and wear my dress shoes to go dancing etc. I would like a list of Doctors in Canada that do your procedure so I can make a more informed decision.

  62. I have just been advised by an orthopedic surgeon to have fusion on right big toe. I have osteoarthritis, no cartilage left, bone spurs, and pain wearing shoes. I had successful arthroplasty thumb surgery several years ago and was very happy with it. My foot orthopedic doctor said he used Cartiva as cartilage replacement and has many complications and chooses not to use it. Fusion is all that is offered. I am 62 and very active. Are there doctors in Flower Mound, Texas area? (north of Dallas, Texas). Please send information.

  63. Hi Arthrosurface, I have stage IV rigidus after cheilektomy and Youngswick osteotomy. I live in Germany, can you send me information which doctors in Germany perform this surgery most often? Thank you!

  64. Hi, could you please let me know if there are any doctors in Georgia that does the implant. I had the toe fusion, and too me it made things worst.

  65. Please send me more info. Does insurance cover it? Please send me a dr in the 49221 area who does the surhery for the hemicap. Thanks

  66. I have a part fused toe and waiting for the screws to be removed. Can l have a Hemicap joint fitted instead?

    Janice Smith

  67. To who this may concern, after many years serving in the adf, surgeon said I need a fusion of the negarsi phalangeal. I suffer Ptsd and had TBI my only joy in life is my 5km run everyday I don’t care or wear high heels but my run is my world, but this will not be option after this would it work for me and is there someone is Perth Western Australia to help. Thank you for your time.

  68. Sir/Madam,

    Link did not show up but I managed to find this doctor Dr Anthony Geddes so thank you for the hook up. Awsome job

  69. I am 50 and have had surgery on my right big toe for arthritis, but haven’t had any relief. In fact…its worse!! Could you please send me any info on doctors who might do this surgery in Perth, Western Australia.

  70. I have had 3 operations on my right toe for bunion, recurring bunion and plantar plate tear, and my second toe collapsed, so he put a pin in it and now it just sticks out. But my big toe fusion, is the worst is there any doctors that do this surgery in Sidney/Brisbane that actually know what they are doing?

  71. have just been advised by an orthopedic surgeon to have fusion on right big toe. I have psoriatic arthritis, no cartilage left. I am 60 and very active. Are there any Doctors in Melbourne Australia who would do this surgery please.

  72. Hi, I have just been advised to have fusion surgery. Would love to have more information on your procedure and any doctors who perform it in the Los Angeles area.

  73. I would also like to have the info, I myself am having to make the decision of what to do, and just had one surgery 10 months ago and healing time is taking much longer than the 6 weeks i was told it would, there for I’m really scared of the fought of even having to thank about making this dission.
    Thank you.

  74. Hi Tia,
    My name is Greta and I had the same kind of procedure done in December 2017 I have had the same problem would you mind to tell me what you found if anything to help the situation?
    I have recently been told I also will have to do a toe infusion but on all four toes except for the pinky I am not ready to have another surgery I haven’t recovered hardly at all from this one and my options are getting very slim.
    Thank you

  75. Hi

    I have been told I need a toe fusion for the 5th PIP joint on my left foot due to it being permanently subluxed with frequent dislocations. Just wondering if your product would be suitable please? I life in Adelaide, South Australia. Could you please send me a list of surgeons please.

    Many thanks


  76. Hello, can I get some information about this please. The doc I saw today was all about fusion. I’m not. Is there a doc in my area that does this?

  77. Hi my name is Julie.. I had a toe fusion march 28th of this year.. I’m miserable with this plate… I’m looking for a doctor that can remove this plate and do a hemi cap. Can I please have some info thank you

  78. Please send me an email with the information on this implant. I have delayed the fusion for 8 years, but now the pain is forcing me to make a decision!

  79. I was told I have arthritis in the right big toe and needed a toe fusion. I have surgery scheduled in two weeks and have been reading that many people are having having problems after surgery and are still in pain. I am 59 and active. I would like more information and if there are doctors in Buffalo, NY that do this surgery.

  80. What is the difference between the Hemicap and a toe implant? I’m scheduled for a toe implant thinking it’s the same but I’m starting to wonder.

  81. I have had a great toe fusion and I can’t walk without pain or properly for that matter can I
    Still have this surgery to fix my problems

  82. Hi, I have been told I need to get toe infusion. After watching the 1st video I am not so sure I would like to now. Can you please send me info on this surgery? Thank you

  83. Mine has failed twice in under five years. Clearly fusion is an option but that would ruin my life style. I’m in so much pain but very torn. Please contact me.

  84. That is what happened to me. Huge holes in my foot bones that need bone from my hip to fill in and three months non weight bearing.

  85. I had a big toe fusion after the ligament was cut off. I was a very active person, but this procedure has set me back. Then after constant pain the dr did another fusion and shortened my toe!! I had a very bad infection due to the stitches. I am struggling to wear shoes, cannot run or even ride a bike. I am from South Africa. Are there any drs here that could perform a HemiCap and would it give me more quality of life?

  86. Please send me information concerning your product. Also, are there physicians in the US that perform this procedure.


  87. I had a toe fusion done and it is the worst decision I have ever made. I would appreciate information on reversing or unfusion.

  88. Hi, I had a big toe fusion 4 months ago without doing enough research into the implications of loss of movement and my whole foot now seems to be useless for walking. I had no idea this would happen. I live in Australia and would be very interested in more information on a possible alternative. Thank you

  89. Hi, I’m 4 weeks in to recovering from a big toe fusion due to an old injury and a bunion. I originally wanted the Cartiva to keep motion in my big toe but was told due to the bunion and that my toe wasn’t straight the best option would be to have a fusion. I was told that the toe could have be straightened and bunion removed to then have the Cartivia but then I would have to have 2 operation which I didn’t want due to recovery time. Could you send me the information on the HemiCap and list of Consultants that do the operation in England I live in Sheffield South Yorkshire. Why didn’t I know about the HemiCap before the fusion feeling like I’ve made the wrong decision but was in so much pain and was popping pills like they were going out of fashion.

  90. I have been recommended for fusion of both big toes. Please send me a list of doctors in metro Detroit who perform your procedure and any available information.

  91. Hello Arthrosurface –

    I am very happy to have found you. Now I need to research the pros and cons of your procedure. Please send me your information and any surgeons contacts available in the State of Hawaii.
    Best regards –
    Gary Schnacke

  92. Please send me info on this surgery. My foot doctor recommends to fusion on left big toe. I am too active to have this toe fused.

    Around the Dallas/Fort Worth are or around San Antonio.

  93. Hello, I just had my MTP joint on my right foot fused; this was something I was really not interested in, but was advised that this was the only path forward. After having the fusion I found out about Arthrosurface. Could you please provide the names of the doctors who perform this type of surgery in southern Ontario, Canada? Thank you.

  94. I am 32 years old I had my sesmoids bones removed and have been in pain in both my mtp joint and my interphalangeal joint of my big toe and was told I need my mtp joint fused will it effect being able to walk can you do any sports after this will I need another surgery for this joint in a few years due to my age I was told this is mostly done on older patients

  95. Fusion of the big toe can relieve pain but does not restore function. Big toe joint motion is important for normal walking and balance.

  96. Hi there, I’m post op 6 months from a toe fusion on my left foot , I thought that the doctor was just putting a plate and screws in. My life as I know it is over ~ I walk with a limp my big toe doesn’t touch the floor and the other two toes were also fused and are also not touching the floor. I was told that I could continue to live an active life style but it’s now impossible. Can you help me locate a doctor in the Toronto area who uses the implants so that I may follow up with a referral. I’m desperately looking for help.

  97. Hi

    Please advise surgeons providing this procedure in Australia

    I am a dancer and need to retain flexibility in my toes

    Thank you

  98. Hello,
    I am 47 and have Osteopenia.
    My Dr. Said that the toe fusion was my option.
    I’m going to go see a bone Dr. Hopefully next week to get started on meds.
    Could you please send me some info.?
    Thank you!

  99. i am 30 and have been told i should have a toe fusion due to the state that my joint is in due to a bad bunion surgery… Please send me any info you may have on other options.

  100. Hi, I am 60 suffering from severe pain in the big toe- fusion was suggested, but I don’t like that idea since I am a long-distance runner Could you perhaps send me more information about alternatives?

  101. Research has lead me to your product information. I am very active in tennis, racquetball and hiking. Also on my feet a lot for work. Managing the pain with ice and daily Advil but worried about that much use.

    I would like to learn more about the arthrosurface for athletes. Looking for independent reviews of patients who are post operation of multiple years.

  102. Do you have any information on fixing a possible bone on bone issue that may happen during a bunion revision surgery. My Dr just decided not to do the original surgery due to those with arthritis tend to be left with bone on bone because the bones up to the joint were moved to fix the bunion. Can the straightening of the toe be done and a joint fix? SO frustrated since now they say the only option is fusion. I am very active and do not want fusion.

  103. My surgeon has recommended multiple PIPJ fusions to straighten the toes and excision on the lesser metatarsal heads to relieve pain. Is your surgery an alternative and is it available in Ireland. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and have been advised that I will have floppy toes after the procedure. I would prefer not to have fusion. Thanks

  104. Hi
    I live in Australia and would like to find a surgeon who has performed the arthrosurface toe motion before.
    Kind Regards

  105. Hi there,

    I’m 39 and being pushed in the fusion route and I’m looking for an option that won’t limit my range of motion. I live in Canada and I noticed from the map there are no approved physicians in my country. If the map has been updated or there are physicians available where I live, please let me know.



  106. hi liz, I’m 31. I did also a bunion surgery and now cartilage is gone. the doctors said fusion. I’m looking for other options. what have you done or what would you do for surgery?

  107. I have had a cartiva implant that has failed. The implant was in for 10 months but remained slightly painful. The Dr removed the implant thinking there may be an infection. No infection was detected and the Dr reported that the implant was worn on one side and loose. He indicated that I had he had used the largest size and that now the hole where it had been placed was too large to put in another one. He has indicated that the only option is fusion. I desperately do not want a fusion as I am very active and love my high heels (moderate height). What are my options?

  108. Scheduled for toe fusion in January. I am 60 years old and have lived with big toe stiffness, pain and unable to bend the toe for 15 years only getting worse as time goes by. Would love a list of surgeons in Vancouver, BC for info on this procedure…..second opinion.

    Thank you,

  109. Hi, I’m living in the UK. I had failed bunion surgery. So I had an injection under x-ray in my foot and also orthotics. None of this worked, so I had my left toe fused.
    I wish I hadn’t done it. I can’t walk properly. I can’t find any shoes to fit and feel so down. Can you please send me the information about the alternative.

  110. I would like more information sent to me as two podiatrists have recommended a tow fusion due to the arthritis in my left big toe however I am very active and would like to continue being able to be active exercising, dancing and bending and kneeling as I work with children.

  111. Is there in body in anchorage Alaska that does this? And what insurance coverage covers it? Cause I had one surgery the doctor thought I would help my big toe out but it didn’t. Then he wanted to do a fusion on it I was going to do it but I got bad signs from up above and canceled it the day before. But I’m in pain if I don’t wear the right shoes or what. I need relief from this.

  112. I had a fusion back in 2006 and I absolutely hate it, I was supposed to get a joint replacement and instead the Dr. did a fusion with no real reason as to why, I found out months later he was paid more for the fusion and he later was caught for insurance fraud.

    He ruined my foot, I would love to have an unfusion done and have movement in my toe again, I am very active and constantly lose my balance and my right foot has been a problem since the fusion. Is it possible to have an unfusion done so many years later? I run, I walk, I dance, Ski but this is always a constant problem to have my toe fused. Please send me more information on this procedure. Thank you.

  113. I live in San Juan Capistrano, Ca, can you please let me know any Doctors in the area? I had a fusion already but hate it. I’m too active, please let me know if it might work for me.

  114. I’ve been told that toe joint fusion may be my next option. I’ve had a Cartiva implant in my big toe joint. I don’t want to lose my range of motion with the fusion surgery. Please send me information on your alternatives.

  115. hello, I would like to know who in the Australia performs the Toe HemiCAP implant procedure, and if possible Can I please have some information please. I really hate it that I can’t do my favourite activities because of my toe. So please help me.
    Many thanks.

  116. Hello. I am in Atlanta. Are there any doctors that perform an unfusion of the big toes?

    I had both big toes fused and 4 other toes on my right foot fused about 5 years ago. It did not turn out well. One of the big toe bones still has not fused after all these years. This causes me ongoing pain and made it impossible to wear shoes other than sneakers. I am very active and 55 years old. My foot condition has completely dessimated my activity level.

    Please help.

  117. Please do not have your toe fused I am miserable. Nothing moves, balance is way off and it vibrates constantly. It’s truly driving me mad as it’s always there and all I think about.

  118. This particular post has inspired me. I am on the road to surgery eventually (ortho wants to do implant, now I am being told I am only a candidate for fusion). I’m super scared about loss of motion. On the other hand I am scared if I don’t fuse, it will deteriorate and surgery will be worse later. I have arthritis with big spurs coming off the bunion. Last fall, before I realized I had arthritis in there, I did some really deep stretching of the joint into the hardwood floor which majorly exasperated the situation and probably broke off some of the spurring. In my mind I thought it would be a good idea to stretch the joint which was obviously dead wrong…wish I could turn the clock back!

  119. I have had both big toes fused. The surgeon also “experimented” on me by lifting the toes at an angle while also tightening the tendons. I now have hammer toes. Also, the right one never fused. I live in Missouri close to the Illinois border. Could you send me both information and a list of doctors in the Midwest area of the United States please?

  120. Hi, my wife (low 50’s) had arthritis (right big toe) and finally surgery to have spurs removed a year ago… wishes she would have never done it! She is pretty much bone on bone – now they are talking fusion – she likes to be active – super worried to try again. Could you please send us any further information and doctor’s in the metro Phoenix, AZ area?

  121. could u send me info . dr. says fusion on big toe joint reading all these posts changing mind about just not doing it at all

  122. I had a big toe fusion 3 years ago without any problems. Now the toe is causing sepreme pain can’t even walk. Any suggestions I’m in Florida. Celeste

  123. Hi, my sister has been recommended fusion surgery at just 37 and is devastated at the prospect of no flexibility in the foot.
    What is this product and why is it not being offered routinely?

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