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Shoulder Pain Relieved with HemiCAP Implant

Let us introduce you to Dave, our newest Shoulder HemiCAP Patient Testimonial.shoulder pain

Dave lives in Colorado and thrives on being active. After years of shoulder dislocations and weightlifting, Dave needed a solution to relieve his shoulder pain & arthritis that had developed over the years. At 45 years old, he went to see his doctor who gave him 3 options, cortisone shots, physical therapy or a total shoulder replacement.

Devastated by the options provided to him and not willing to settle for a total shoulder replacement, Dave went home, did some research of his own and was able to get a second opinion by a different orthopaedic surgeon. They decided that the Shoulder HemiCAP implant would be the best option for Dave’s arthritis. Shoulder HemiCAP implants only resurface the damaged area of the joint, unlike a total shoulder replacement which replaces the entire joint. Dave got the surgery and is now back to doing what he loves.

Dave said, “The HemiCAP has made it so I can continue to do the things I love with my children. It’s restored my lifestyle.”

Watch his story here:


3 responses to “Shoulder Pain Relieved with HemiCAP Implant

  1. 4 weeks out from right shoulder hemiCAP. Pain less than preop by day 6 postoperative. I wanted something other than total shoulder for my traumatic shoulder arthritis. So far going great. Range of motion improving.

  2. It’s so nice hearing positive stories with the shoulder HemiCAP. I am 51 years old and have listed weights my entire life since the age of 10. I was recently told I will be needing a shoulder replacement when I can no longer handle the pain. Being that the last 15-20 years with no weight lifting and very mild activity, I definitely do not want to do that at this point in my life. I asked my doctor about the HemiCAP and he said it’s a possibility but many times the pain does not subside with that procedure. O cannot find a blog anywhere where the patient has still complained about pain after receiving a HemiCAP. I am currently taking anti- inflammatories to see if it will help enough to put off any surgery for a few years. When I do need to have something done, I will definitely try a HemiCAP first if I am a candidate for that procedure.

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