Powerlifting Champion Shoulder HemiCAP Success Story

February 22, 2013

Meet Louie Simmons! He is an avid power lifter and has been a strength consultant for the Cleveland Browns, Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks, and numerous college football teams. Louie had the Arthrosurface Shoulder HemiCAP surgery when he was 56 years old and is still powerlifting at 63 years old!

“Being a former Senior Power Lifting Champion and owner of a prestigious power lifting gym, it is crucial to my work and life to be able to use my shoulder. Over the years, I have spent a lot of time dealing with different injuries but this was the worst. For the last 11 years, I have had to live everyday with pain in my shoulder. In the last few years, it got so bad that I couldn’t sleep more than a few hours at a time without being awakened by the pain. In fact, when I would drive my truck, I would have to use my left arm to change gears or even the radio station because it hurt so much to use my shoulder. I went to see several shoulder surgeons and they all told me the same thing: ‘you need a total shoulder replacement.’ For me, that meant I wouldn’t be able to lift weights again and that just wasn’t an option. Finally someone referred me to a doctor who might be able to help me. He had trained on this device called the HemiCAP implant that would just resurface my joint. Using the HemiCAP implant he was able to reconstruct my shoulder without compromising any of the muscles and tendons. Not only did the pain go away in a matter of weeks but also for the first time in over 10 years, my shoulder works and feels like normal. Given my history that is nothing short of fantastic! My pain is gone, I sleep through the night and I am back to full time lifting and working out. Without my surgeon and this technology from Arthrosurface I would have had to stop doing what I love the most – lifting and training athletes the get powerful and strong.” –Louie Simmons, 63 years old, Ohio

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27 responses to “Powerlifting Champion Shoulder HemiCAP Success Story”

  1. Joao Paulo says:

    Hello!! I’m 37, and I’m living with deep pain and snaps in my shouldre.had 3 surgeries, none with effective results. Who and where is your Doctor officce. Thanks and congrats

  2. Bryan says:

    I’m a 47 year old weight lifter. My doctor told me I might not be happy with the results of the hemi-cap. who is your doctor? You seem to be very happy with your results, I would appreciate any advice! I’m from cleveland, ohio.

  3. jim hall says:

    my name is jim hall I am 73 years old, very young for my age, I compete in power lifting all over the US—- very strong for my age and in very good shape, I also run 7 days a week. I went to las vegas last September for the 2015 world championship power lifting, there were almost 700 lifters there. I set 2 new world powerlifting records, one in power total, squat, bench, deadlift combined weight. I lifted in the 70 through 74- 242 lb class. the old record was under 1000 lbs my total was 1166 lbs. and also a record in dead lift at 420 lbs, since then I have been having bad shoulder pain in my left shoulder—– killing my bench at lock out. I went to the hughston clenic, they did an MRI and x ray, they first said they could put a cap in it, then the doctor that’s going to do the surgery said it would be better to replace the shoulder but my heavy bench press days would be over. power lifting is my life. do you have any advice for me. thanks jim hall

  4. Josh smith says:

    My name is josh smith and have been involved in wrestling and heavy lifting since I was young…I recently just had a surgery on my shoulder fixing a torn biceps tendon, rotator and labrum….dr said no more ball or lifting or I would need a replacement soon….would this cap work for me still….I have arthritis and almost all of my cartilage is gone which they fixed with microfracture….please any help or info would be greatly appreciated ….I don’t want to give the things I love up at 40 .thanks sincerely Josh smith

  5. Gary Jarrard says:

    Hello, My name is Gary Jarrard. I have bone on bone and arthritis in my right shoulder. I have seen three surgeons where I live. The last doctor is trained in the arthosurface procedure. All three said that I needed a complete shoulder replacement. The doctor that does the Arthosurface procedure said that my shoulder was to arthritic to perform this procedure. Any thoughts on this?


    Gary Jarrard

  6. Houston says:

    Hi, I’ve had two shoulder surgeries due to several dislocations. First was a bankart repair that failed, then a latarjet that also failed. I’m 21 years old and have always been avidly into lifting. Would this surgery be beneficial for me or would it be better to cut my losses and let shoulder heal up itself? I am currently able to lift, not like I would want to. But I can, my shoulder pops and shifts around a lot.

  7. Anthony says:

    Hi I am a 50 year old former mr Michigan I am getting a total shoulder replacement next Tuesday also I want to do is to be able to still workout and not throw the heavy weight around like I used to back in the day , I am the second person in Michigan getting the new catalyst csr surgery were they just cap the humerus save bone lose,

    • arthrosurface says:

      The HemiCAP Shoulder Systems are different than the catalyst. With the Arthrosurface Shoulder systems, there should be little to no restrictions.

  8. Dan J Flanagan says:

    Hi my name is Dan, I am 53 years old and been in the iron game 40 of those years. In my early 30’s, I bench pressed over 600# RAW and drug free. I have bone on bone in my right shoulder, now ( left shoulder has normal spacing, go figure, labral tear to get the ball rolling on my right side? Who knows?). Anyways, I have had two scopes on my right shoulder to clean things up. My doctor said my next step would be a resurfacing to allow me to stay active. I want to know how Louie Simmons was able to come back so quickly from your hemicap procedure. How can there be no cutting of muscle and tendon to implant this device? Also, does a tenodesis need to be performed with your procedure?

  9. Ross J Valenti says:

    Hello my name is Ross Valenti, I am 48 years old an have developed terrible L shoulder pain due to it being bone on bone. I am wondering if I am a candidate for shoulder resurfacing. I am riddled with arthritis.

  10. Dan says:

    29 year old with previous surgery when I was 15 on left shoulder tendon repair from football injury. Had pain for years but getting worse shoulder flexion and internal rotation limited and pain at end range. Also many night where I am awaken by pain as of late. Ortho doc said I
    Have large bone spur in my shoulder. Stated shoulder replacement was option as well as going in to cleaning up but did not sound hopeful with either option. I live to lift weights. I now avoid all over head movements and lift lighter. But am very interested in Hemicap.

  11. Eric DeForest says:

    48 year old powerlifter started at 7 years old my right shoulder has been toast for many years. I tried have a shoulder replacement 8 years ago. My deltv2as too big my was afraid he ruin it so he just shaved I down . That few years but now I’m in agony. Went from a 699 bench to not even being able to use the chest press machine.

    My rotator cuff is gone. I’m getting ready to have a reverse shoulder replacement, Is this athrosurface something to look into?

  12. Erich Doll; Louisville, KY. says:

    Good Day; This is another Erich, and I have the exact same question as Eric DeForest. Have no rotator cuff left apparenty atrophied and was absorbed. Can still bench about 165+ but with pain to extreme pain. Dips however is what I concentrate on as they can be dne painlessly? Reverse shoulder replacement spiel as parroted by almost all orthropedic docs is “no lifting over 50lb” with a FEW exceptional Drs saying cautiously otherwise. W/o a rotator cuff except the bottom third ligament/muscle. is a HemiCap a viable option? Than you in advance.

    B/r Erich Doll

  13. I have a right shoulder injury 38 years ago.
    The rotator cuff was repaired twice .
    Had it check a third time the rotator turn off.
    Muscle now longer exists, said it had been absorb.
    The doctor says I have arthritis in the joint.
    Said needed complete rebuild and would not be able to lift weights any longer.
    Max weight would be 25 lbs.
    I’m 59 years old and very active in weight lifting.
    What are my options??

    John F

  14. Peter raitt says:

    I, as well need a reverse shoulder replacement. I have been working out for over 30 years. I am 50 years old and have several issues with my shoulder including superior migration of the humeral and complete tears of all three rotator cuffs torn.
    I have a recent MRI as xrays and would like to set up a consult if possible

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