Patient Success Story – Knee HemiCAP

Arthrosurface was organized in 2001 and was spun off by STD Med, Inc. a medical device manufacturing company owned by several of the founding shareholders of Arthrosurface. During the Fall of 2012, Jordan, an STD Med employee, underwent HemiCAP knee surgery to cure the pain in his Patello-Femoral. Steve Ek, the President and CEO of Arthrosurface sat down with Jordan to discuss his experience and outcome with the procedure. A few days later we received a message from Jordan:

“I was out on vacation today, skiing! 14 inches of fresh snow at Sunapee! During the day I couldn’t tell that I had a nearly 21 week old HemiCAP implant in my knee. The repair left me feeling fresh after 20-25 runs!”

We wish Jordan the best and are so proud of the results that he has achieved! Watch his story below:

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  1. My knees hurt and r swollen . My feet r numb as well as whole left leg with the rt knee and leg becoming the same . Just had cat scan on both knees yesterday . Waiting 4 results . This procedure was done after x- rays showed no problem as per Orthapedic Doctor said my knees were the knees of a 20 year old. I’m going to become 70 in 3 weeks and can’t walk without the assistance of a cane . This week I had 2 painful reflexology secessions . I also have had 10 spinal surgeries .

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