Patient Reports Life is “Incredible” After Shoulder HemiCAP

total shoulder replacementSeveral years ago, Ester had an Arthrosurface HemiCAP implanted into her right shoulder. She initially injured her shoulder after falling down the stairs but was able to reduce the pain after intensive physical therapy. Unfortunately, five years after the initial injury the pain returned and Ester’s surgeon told her she would need surgery. Instead of prescribing a traditional stemmed shoulder replacement, Ester’s surgeon advised that she would be a perfect candidate for the Arthrosurface HemiCAP technology. With this option, Ester was able to have outpatient surgery with minimal bone removal and eventually returned to an active lifestyle without pain.

total shoulder replacement optionsAlmost 10 years later, Ester thanks Arthrosurface for the HemiCAP and making her life “incredible.” She explains, “I am very grateful to my HemiCAP. I can do whatever I want. I can lift my arm, move my arm, lift my grandkids no problem. I can bake and garden… I don’t even feel it. I don’t feel anything, so it’s like nothing happened to me.”

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  1. I am 47 y/o male. I have no more cartilage in my right shoulder and was told I need a shoulder replacement. Like many others on the site I enjoy weightlifting and would like to continue to lift after surgery but have been told it would be greatly limited with a total shoulder replacement. I would like info on this HemiCap and to determine if I would be a candidate for this less intrusive procedure.

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