Orthopedic Surgeon Receives Knee UniCAP

orthopaedic surgeonsMeet Dr. Glenn Reinhart, an orthopedic surgeon as well as an Arthrosurface patient! About 20 months ago, he had a UniCAP procedure performed by Dr. Tony Miniaci of the Cleveland Clinic. Before Dr. Reinhart had the Arthrosurface UniCAP procedure, he had to walk with crutches and found it difficult to do some of the daily tasks required of an orthopedic surgeon. He explains: “The choices that I had partial knee replacementincluded a Total Knee Replacement or a UniCAP procedure by Arthrosurface and I was not quite ready to commit to a Total Knee Replacement at age 50. I am now fully active with no restrictions really. It certainly has allowed me to continue with an active lifestyle. My knee feels quite natural to me as opposed to many patients who have a knee replacement that feels mechanical. The Arthrosurface procedure has preserved most of my natural knee so that in case I do need additional work it will still be possible.” We are so happy that Dr. Reinhart has found success with the UniCAP procedure and was able to relieve his pain while maintaining an active lifestyle!


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