Physical Therapist Receives Knee HemiCAP

We are exited to share with you our newest patient testimonial, Rita. She is a 61 year old physical therapist who was suffering every day from arthritis in her knee. Before her surgery, the pain in her knee was so severe that she needed an arthritis brace just to perform daily activities. Being a physical therapist, Rita knew a total knee replacement was not a viable option because it would greatly hinder her active lifestyle. Instead, she opted to have an Arthrosurface Knee HemiCAP that would restore only the damaged part of her knee rather than replacing the entire joint.

Only 8 weeks after her HemiCAP Surgery, Rita was back to work full time! Then, only 12 weeks post-op, Rita was happy to report that she was able to resume all of her favorite activities such as bike riding, gardening, swimming and working out at the gym. Hear about her Arthrosurface HemiCAP success story below.


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