Are you looking for an alternative to knee replacement?

March 26, 2014

Did you know that a total knee replacement could limit the activities you are able to do? These artificial joints limit your range of motion and ability to perform daily tasks. Joint replacements also restrict high-level pursuits such as cycling, martial arts and weightlifting. If you are suffering from joint pain and are looking for an alternative to knee replacement that allows you to regain an active lifestyle, the Arthrosurface Knee HemiCAP may bknee replacemente the right choice for you. The HemiCAP implants consist of a small cap and screw that allow the surgeon to restore only the damaged area of the joint. This way, your natural anatomy is preserved and important ligaments such as the ACL and PCL remain untouched and intact, unlike if you were to receive a total knee replacement. With the Arthrosurface HemiCAP, patients can have a knee that feels normal and are able to resume an active lifestyle.

Take Julie, a Knee HemiCAP patient, for example. She is a 44 year old Master Instructor at the American Academy of Martial Arts in Maryland. Julie and her husband own three of the largest Martial Arts schools in Maryland. Almost six years ago, she injured her knee while running. Within four years, she had endured five failed knee surgeries and was desperate for something to work. Three different doctors said her only option was a total knee replacement, which meant she would have to give up martial arts. Giving up her passion just wasn’t an option. Instead, Julie chose to have an Arthrosurface Knee HemiCAP implanted, which restored her joint rather than replacing it. She was back to teaching martial arts only two weeks after her surgery!

It is important that YOU are aware of all your options that can help relieve joint pain symptoms. Click here to find out if the HemiCAP system could be right for you!

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219 responses to “Are you looking for an alternative to knee replacement?”

  1. I have no cartilage in my knee, would this procedure be good for me?

  2. Adele Margrave says:

    I have had three hip replacements on the right side an one total knee on the left. now i has been recommended that I have a right side total knee. After so many surgeries I am not looking forward to another. If there is an alternative, I would like to hear about it.

    Adele Margrave

  3. Marcia Meree says:

    Was told by my Dr that I needed total knee cap replacement in both knees not looking forward to it at all could you please send me some information ?

  4. Karen Brigham says:

    I need knee replacement in my right knee. I was schedule for June 7th and cancel. My gut feeling told me to do so. I can still function and dont have real bad pain. the doctors said my knee is bone on bone. Can I get this surgery?

    • arthrosurface says:

      Hi Karen – It’s possible you are a candidate for a HemiCAP implant. The best way to find out is to go see a surgeon in your area who is trained and uses HemiCAP implants. Please email us at and let us know where you are located. Thank you

  5. Dana Marie Avila says:

    I was diagnosed recently that both my knees need replacement, bone on bone and arthritis, etc. In the past three years I’ve both shoulder joints replaced and do not relish further joint replacement surgery. Would you please e-mail the information for the HemiCap implant? I would also like to make an appointment with one of the doctors in my nearest area for an examination and consultation to determine whether or not I would be a candidate for the implant procedure. I live in Sonora, California 95370

  6. Ron webb says:

    I live in Ky. Is there a Dr. In my area?

  7. Debbie says:

    I would like some info. My doctor tells me my knees are bad but not bad enough for knee replacement. However, they are keeping me from doing my normal outdoor activities due to pain.

  8. Joann major says:

    Please send me some ino I was ti
    Told I need knee replacement and has osteoarthris

  9. Birdie Lentz says:

    I have been told I need a total knee replacement, bone on bone. If this would help, where is the closest dr in the Little Rock, AR area.

  10. Mike Hyndman says:

    Are there any drs. In the valparaiso IN area. That offer this. I am supposed to have my right knee replaced. It is bone on bone. Would appreciate any further info.
    thank you
    mike hyndman
    1000 oak st.
    valparaiso in 46383

  11. Beverly roman says:

    I have bone on bone and don’t do sugary well. I would love it it this would work for me. I live in Shawnee, Ks.

    • arthrosurface says:

      Hi Beverly, We sent you an email. Keep an eye out

      • Laura Matteson says:

        I am completely bone to bone also and I am so scared to get the complete replacement. I am interested in finding out more. I live in orange county California but I am also accessible to Los Angeles area also. How can I find Drs in hear areas?

  12. Brian says:

    Hello please send me an email for a Dr in my area I’m in Melbourne beach florida

  13. Laura Matteson says:

    Well it sounds as if I have a lot of the same issues as I am reading from others here… I too need a right knee replacement and want to explore every other option before scheduling my surgery. I am looking forward to the information if you could send me also. I live in Los Angeles and Orange county areas in California so I would have access to both. Thank you

  14. Roy Kraebel says:

    I’m told I need a total knee replacement and would love to find an arthosurface doc in my area, Atlanta

  15. Gilbert Cantrell says:

    Yes, I am needing a partial replacement and want more info and list of doctors in the Charlotte, NC area

    • arthrosurface says:

      Hi Gilbert, We are sending you an email with the requested information. Please let us know if you do not receive it.

  16. Wylette Barnett says:

    I have Necrosis of the knee. It is around the knee and under the knee. Would I be a candidate for this. I live in Virginia and have gone to an Orthro at the University of Virginia. He is sending me to Mark Miller (also at UVA) to see if he can drill holes in the bone.

  17. I had a meniscus repair last December. The Dr told my husband if pain started we might be looking at a knee replacement. I’m only 39 and have a 10 year old son. Since so much of the meniscus had to be removed would this be an option for me? And are there any Dr’s in the Grand Rapids MI area?

  18. Maurice Gardner says:

    I live in Denver and would like to know more. Arthritis in both knees. Lots of pain and naproxen.

  19. Debra Cornell says:

    I’m bone on bone with my right knee. I have terrible pain for almost 10 years. Now that I’m ready to do something about it I’m looking into other alternative procedures. I live in Minnesota. Would you mind sending the name of a surgeon who does alternatives to total knee replacement? Thanks very much!

  20. Desiree Alberti says:

    Good morning, looking for additional info and doctors in Oregon.

  21. Jenny says:

    I’m in Ohio. Can you email me info where a doctor here could do the knee cap instead of total replacement?

  22. Carol Sawyer says:

    Please send info at Box 142, Fort Laramie, WY 82212

  23. Raymond Gibson says:

    Please send info on knee hemiCap implants. I’m called a “candidate” for years for both knees being replaced. After several unrelated surgeries I am Gun Shy!

  24. Deb Collins says:

    I was told I need a total knee replacement. I would love another option. Please send me more information. Debbie Cape Cod Ma

  25. Kathleen mccormick says:

    I have bone on bone in my right knee and am looking for an alternative to surgery –total knee replacement. Would appreciate your input

    • arthrosurface says:

      Hi Kathleen, it’s possible that you could be a candidate. However, only a doctor can give you that answer. Please let us know where you are located and we can provide a list of surgeons in your area who use HemiCAP products.

  26. Timella says:

    I was just told that I will need a knee replacement in the near future. I have severe arthritis and I’m bone on bone. Can you please send me more information on the HemiCAP implants and a list of doctors in my area (Ypsilanti, MI).

  27. stephen dignall says:

    Is this treatment available in the UK, and can you send me more information?

  28. Myra says:

    My father is also bone on bone and at 85, does not want to go through a knee replacement Coild you send me a list of MDs in our area (St Louis, MO) and information about the hemiCAP? Thanks

  29. Tim Radley says:

    I have had 5 knee surgeries, 4 clean-ups from tears and 1 ACL cadaver replacement. I have very little meniscus left. My knee isn’t very steady and my doctor is suggesting knee replaement. I am looking for some kind of less-evasive solution. Can you help?

  30. Dorothy says:

    Which doctor in st Louis does this surgery on knee

  31. Keith says:

    I would like some info and a dr. in my area. Detroit, Michigan.

  32. Looking into alternatives for my knee and I know I would be a candidate for this. Actually was the first person in Toronto to have a Shoulder Hemicap in 2015 , now looking to do the knee. Could you send me a list of doctors in Toronto Ontario , Canada.


  33. Mary Lynn Mikhail says:

    Told today I need a total knee replacement to my right knee. I am very active and not feeling comfortable with this. Please send me information and a list of doctors in the Kansas City area. Thanks!

  34. Kerri Hatz says:

    Please send me information on this. Thank you. Surgeon in the Southern California area preferred.

  35. Emily says:

    Hi, I need a knee replacement for my right knee. I cannot afford the Stem Cell procedure. Please send me information and a list of doctor’s in the Huntsville AL area.


  36. SharonTrujillo says:

    Hi. I have been told I need total knee replacement and would like to see other options. Could you get me list of doctors in my area.

  37. Rob Smack says:

    Afternoon… like most I am bone on bone and in search of other ways other than TKR. I reside in the US Virgin Islands and would like to know of any doctors in my territory.

  38. Barbara Beach says:

    I have had stem cell surgery that worked for four and half years. My knee has everything wrong now including bone on bone, would an alternative treatment work for me ?

  39. julie says:

    live in nashville, tn.. any drs who perform the hemicap procedures?

  40. Nora says:

    My ñame is Nora i have Parienksons. I have a bad knee as well. Looking into The hemicap. Can you send me info To help me with The surg and having parkinsons. Thank you

  41. Pam says:

    I need Total Knee replacement on my Right knee. Do you know of any Dr’s in the Albuquerque NM area that does this procedure.
    Thank you

  42. Hi. Am due a Knee replacement. Dont want it . Have had 3 “clean up” jobs done on the knee. Two in Santry and One in Galway Clinic. They say I need a total knee replacement. Please tell me there is an alternative. Mike

  43. Marie says:

    HI I’m in the tampa Florida area can you please send any info and closest dr to me thanks

  44. Lisa Walsh says:

    I am 44yr old woman who is told by doctors that knee replacement surgery is my only option..can you please send some info… I live in Rhode island but am trying to move to New there doctors there that preform this surgery..
    Thank you

  45. YaelPutney says:

    I live in Israel. Is your product used here? Doctor?

  46. IAN WEBSTER says:

    I’m a 48 year old active male with bone on bone in my left knee in which orthopedic surgeons have stated knee replacement is my best option. I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

    Please send me enough information to make an informed decision as to my options.

    Thank you

  47. Mina says:


    I’m 58 years old and my knees are bone on bone. I don’t want knee replacement. I live in Washington DC. Do you have such services in this area?

    Thank you

  48. Stacy says:

    I’m 44 and need total knee replacement not looking forward to it would this help me is there anyone near Greeley Colorado?

    • arthrosurface says:

      Hi Stacy, We sent you an email with more info.


    • Kathy Savage says:

      I have bone on bone and was told I need a total knèe replacement. I have been putting it off and just saw this article. Are there surgeons in my area that perform this? I am in Indiana about halfway between Indianapolis and Ft Wayne. I reside in Fairmount In. 46928. My name is Kathy Savage. Email

  49. George says:

    I had a meniscus repair in my right knee about 12 years ago. My doctor says i have to have a partial knee replacement and i have severe arthritis. Is there a Dr near me that may exain me to see if i am a candidate for this procedure. I live in south Texas, in the McAllen Metropolitan area.
    Please help

  50. Chloe kooi says:

    Is this product available in Malaysia?

  51. Ken Soutiere says:

    My doctor just informed me that I might need a total knee replacement due to bone on bone and arthritis in the joint and under the knee cap. I’ve never heard of this procedure.

  52. Sharon mcdowell says:

    Would like more info I need both knees done

  53. Wayne Halliday says:

    My wife’s knee is bone to bone and is looking for a alternative to a full knee replacement, is this procedure available in Australia?

  54. Steve says:

    Southern Maine surgeons trained in this procedure?

  55. Tammy says:

    I would like more information. I have bone on bone and was told I need full knee replacement. I live in Phoenix, AZ

  56. Helen Kirk says:

    My doctor scheduled me for total knee replacement, but I don’t think that my knee is that far gone yet. I’m looking for options that do not include this invasive of a procedure. Are there any practitioners in Opelika, AL that you recommend?

  57. Kathy says:

    would this be an option for a 75 year old with allergy to acrylic?

  58. Christina says:

    Hello…I’m only 58 but I’ve got bone on bone in both knees and pain slowly increasing over time. The only thing that saves me are the cortisteroid injections which are more harmful in the long run. I’m very scared of total knee and I hope this alternative would work for me. Please send info asap. Thank you.

  59. Debby says:

    I had a meniscus repair over a year ago. Also had pt for a year. I have arrhritis, am active, but tired of living with pain but I think this type of reconstruction surgery may fit me. Do they offer it in Philadelphia or surrounding area?

  60. Missy says:

    Can you send me information? My right knee has no cartilage left in it and my left knee is having problems, due to overcompensating. Would REALLY like to avoid full knee replacement. I’m only 48 and have a lot of life left to live.

  61. terry jackson says:

    looking into full replacement less than a year after mensicus arthoscopic surgery,might i be a canidate for this arthosurface procedure.

  62. Cheryl Martin says:

    Hi! My name is Cheryl. My mom has an enlarged heart and anemia issues. She is also currently doing radiation treatments. She only needs 5 treatments. With that neing said, she needs a knee replacement in both knees and because of the aforementioned issues, a knee replacement is not recommended. Would the Hemicap be a good solution for her? Her knee slips out of place and too painful to walk on. She hasnt used her legss in a year because of it. We really need help.

  63. jeanne says:

    Would love more information. ..we live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa…thank you!

  64. Mike Rengel says:

    Right knee pain has returned after another injection of Cortizone. I’ve been told there is little or no Cartlidge left and my next option was total knee arthroplasty. Could I possibly benefit from your treatment of arthrosurface ?

  65. Ted says:

    At 72 I’m in pain from both knees daily❗ Can Arthrosurface be considered when you’ve been told you need total knee replacement ❓ I live in the Rio Grande Valley, South Texas, any help would be appreciated ❗Thank You, Ted

  66. Mary says:

    Please email some info on this procedure & product.
    Signed bad painful knees in Michigan

  67. Donna Thomason says:

    I would like information on surgeons in my area Conroe, Texas 77303 Thank you

  68. Mary Hays says:

    I would like information on surgeons in my area of Lincoln, Nebraska that could do the HemiCAP. I have one total knee replacement and now need another, but I didn’t get good motion with the knee that I had done. I am 82 but active, if that matters.

  69. Linda Blythe says:

    I have had my left knee replaced in 2011. My right knee is now getting bad. Could you send me information and list of drs in the Detroit area? I am bone on bone with minimal cartridge remaining.

  70. Neil s says:

    I am bone on bone in my right knee. Is thee a doctor you would recommend with this alternative procedure in Thousand Oaks ca

  71. Ruby nagy says:

    Please Send Me Information on knee hemicap

  72. Mike Vaccaro says:

    I am bone on bone with no tissue left in the knee I am told. I also have CIDP?Gullium Barre Syndrom so Drs. have not been excited about operating on me.

  73. Susan Potter says:

    I would like to receive information on arthrosurface. I am told I need a knee replacement but would rather try something less invasive first. Northern MI

  74. Karen says:


    Would you email me the information on the HemiCAP?

  75. Gilbert Gonzales says:

    I am a very active 60 yo male recently told I have bone on bone medial aspect of my lt knee. I don’t want to give up myacticities of b-ball, skiing or wt lifting. Would this surgery. E of any benefit? What limitations would I have if I were to undergo this procedure. Thank you.

  76. Connie McKinnie says:

    I am 65 and have no cafe in my right knee, as well as arthritis. My recent ankle surgery has cost me over $3,000, even with BC/BS with my Medicare. Does Medicare cover this procedure? I live in New Hudson, Michigan, north of Ann Arbor. Could you please send me some information please?

  77. Dr. Beth Ricks says:

    My doctor says I have bone on bone in both knees. I have tried the Syn-Visc injection but see no difference. I currently use a mobility scooter at work and at home. Could you please email me some information on this procedure. I live in Davenort, Florida near Disney World.

  78. Joseph Clulee says:

    I am 72. Bone on bone in right knee. Dr. Is recommending replacement surgery. Would you email info on HemiCap?

  79. Helen says:

    My doctor said I should have a knee replacement when the pain gets too bad. I am interested in knowing all options and saw your site. Please send me more information on this procedure. Thanks.

  80. Karen Kesler says:

    would you please send me information on this procedure and a list of Dr.s in my surrounding area please? I am willing to travel out of the area if I need to. I am bone on bone and do not want the traditional knee replacement. Hemicap is something I’m very interested in.

  81. Terri E Dover says:

    I live outside of Atlanta and would be very interested in see more information about the procedure mentioned here. I have bone on bone in my right knee and would like to avoid a total knee replacement. I am hoping this procedure might help me. Do you have doctors around the Atlanta suburb areas?
    Thank you

  82. Becky says:

    Would you please send me additional information regarding the knee HemiCap? Thanks!

  83. Craig Miller says:

    I live in Birmingham,Al and have both of my knees replaced.I’m looking for anything less invasive,are there any surgeons in my area using this procedure?

  84. Milagros Perez says:

    Any doctors in Puerto Rico who do this procedure?

  85. Mary Garrett says:

    Need information on this procedure Thanks so much I am not into doing a total knee replacement I have had too many friends who did and still not healed after 6 months to a year

  86. JOEY BROWN says:

    Tricare (Military Insurance) covers FDA approved procedures, is this FDA Approved? My wife has been recommended for total knee replacement, she has bone on bone. Zip code: 80524

    • arthrosurface says:

      Hi Joey, We sent you an email a few weeks ago with additional information. Please let us know if you did not receive it.

  87. Kirk says:

    Please send me info. I had a Houser procedure in the 80’s and am now being told I need knee replacement

    • arthrosurface says:

      Hi Kirk, We sent you an email a few weeks ago with additional information. Please let us know if you did not receive it.

  88. Leo says:

    After tearing my acl, meniscus and cartilage back in 2013 and had surgery on it and yet again in 2015, I now have a bone on bone post traumatic arthritis on my right knee. I can barely walk, constant swelling and pain. I was recommended a total knee replacement and I’m currently 37 years old. Trying to save my military career for this next 5 years, but it looks like I don’t have any choice. My OA is tricompartamental and all the orthopedist I have consulted have exhausted all options. Would arthrosurface help me? Thanks.

  89. Cheryl Danna says:

    I just had my knee scoped and was rild that i have two places that are bone in bone and would need knee replacement. Im trying to see if there are any alternatives in ny area.

  90. Tammy says:

    Would love info!

  91. Karen says:

    I have a lot of pain on the inside of my left knee. Can you send me information? I am located near Hartford, CT.

  92. Nancy Alkire says:

    I am interested in finding out more about this procedure and doctors near me that do it. I submitted some information, but not sure it went though. Thank you

  93. Les Flake says:

    I am 77 with bone on bone in my left knew but I still hike about 3 miles per day with only occassional pain. Is a hemi cap implant an option at my age. Any physicians near the Provo or Orem area in Springville with expertise in this menthod. Does medicare advantage cover this method. Les Flake

  94. Steffany says:

    My mom is 80
    Has bone on bone in both knees
    What is best option for her without replacement surgery

  95. Holly Virden says:

    I’d love to get more details on surgeons in Kansas City, MO. Same as many others…bone on bone in both knees and TKR recommended on both when only my insides have deteriorated to that. Would love some additional information !

  96. CHERYL Hoyer says:

    My husband is bone o bone in both knees and in a lot of pain. We live in the Memphis Tn area. Is there a doctor who uses your method and does Medicare cover any cost? He is not wanting to have total knee replacement.

  97. Robin carpentrt says:

    I have RA . I have had for 18 years. Have had storid shots, fluid drawn off my knee ,And Euflexxa injections.none seam to help anymore. The next option is a complate knee surgery. I would like to know about the partial knee surgery. And if it would be right for me. Can u help

  98. Robin Carpenter says:

    I email u yesterday about my knee I failed to give u my location.looking for Dr. close to me.I am in Walkertown N.c. 27051

  99. CIndy THoms says:

    i have osteoarthritis, would this be an alternative to knee replacement, for a little while

  100. John Kirchofer says:

    I’m interested in this alternative to total knee surgery. Could you send me the information as well as doctors in the Omaha, NE area who do this procedure?

  101. Yve Blackwell says:

    Hi I’m interested in receiving information this alternative to tka. What providers are located in the San Francisco Bay area?
    Particularly Berkeley or Oakland CA. Thx

  102. LISA HOOKS says:

    I too am desperately looking for an alternative. I live in new york.

  103. Terry Talbott says:

    Please email the information covering an alternative to TKA. Thanks

  104. Mike says:

    Hi. I’m 47. I’ve had 3 knee surgeries on my right side. I just had an MRI done and am told that nothing can be done but a full replacement. They said I have no cartilage left in my kne and it’s rubbing bone on bone bad enough that it’s bruised the inside of my feemer. I’m still very active with mma downhill skiing and baseball. Would this work for me as an alternative. Thank you. Mike

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