Krav Maga Instructor Back in Fighting Shape after Knee HemiCAP

March 18, 2014

Meet Hank Habercamp, a 42 year old, Krav Maga instructor in Denver, Colorado. Five years ago, Hank underwent an Arthrosurface Knee HemiCAP surgery and he couldn’t be happier! Before the operation, Hank struggled to perform even basic activities such as walking and jumping. Six months prior to receiving the Knee HemiCAP, he considered quitting all physical activities and had to walk with a cane for added stability. Since the surgery has been completed, Hank is back in fighting shape! He says: “This was all fixed with my Arthrosurface implant. It saved my fighting, my instructing and my extreme activities. Thanks Arthrosurface for everything you’ve done.” Learn more about the Arthrosurface active alternative to joint replacement and hear from real patients like Hank!

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  1. Gary Diamond says:

    Wow, very impressed

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