Ice Climber Succeeds with Shoulder HemiCAP

Joe is a market research consultant and extreme rock & ice climber from Connecticut, who, until about a year ago, suffered shoulder pain
from severe Shoulder Arthritis. Age and overuse of his shoulder from ice climbing were contributing factors to the development of Joe’s arthritis. Both his range of motion and the use of his arm were extremely restricted due to the shoulder pain and resulted in the loss of muscle. Daily activities and hobbies were also hugely limited. He knew that if he got a total shoulder replacement, his climbing would remain limited or nonexistent, so Joe went to see Dr. Mazzocca at UConn Health. Together, after much discussion and about 6 months of research, Dr. Mazzocca & Joe decided that the Shoulder HemiCAP® was Joe’s best option to stay active and be able to climb again.

Just 1 day after surgery, Joe’s pain was almost gone! Now, about a year later, his confidence & strength has returned! Joe is back climbing, skiing, cycling and enjoying all the outdoor activities he had given up on!  Watch his story here:

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