HemiCAP Patient wins Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Championship

slacCasey, a 52 year old Arthrosurface patient, became the 2013 Pan-American Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Champion after having an Arthrosurface HemiCAP implanted in his right knee in 2011. After Casey’s surgery, he only needed two rehab sessions before he was told his range of motion was almost completely restored. After his rehab, Casey immediately continued training on his own, getting back to fighting condition in only one year. Casey is currently getting ready for the World Championships in October 2013.

“This implant that is in my knee has performed marvelously and holds up to training. I couldn’t be happier. It allowed me to train harder than I had in quite a while. It provided me with the mobility and stability that I needed to perform a number of movements and to have confidence in my game. Without the implant there is no possible way I would have been able to compete, let alone win. Many thanks to the people at Arthrosurface for giving me a chance to climb back up the mountain.”

-Casey, Arthrosurface HemiCAP Knee Patient

We are very excited for Casey and look forward to hearing about his future successes!

toe pain
Casey lifting 1,105 lbs!

shoulder joint pain

right shoulder pain

For more information on the Arthrosurface HemiCAP technology visit: arthro3b.wpengine.com

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