HemiCAP Patient reaches 10 Year Milestone!

hammer toeIn 2013, Arthrosurface celebrated its 10 Year Anniversary! What does this mean, you ask? It means that many of the first patients who received an Arthrosurface HemiCAP in 2003 are still leading pain free, active lifestyles over 10 years later. This enormous milestone demonstrates the durability and potential lifespan of the HemiCAP technology.

To commemorate this 10-year achievement, Arthrosurface will be celebrating the progress and accomplishments of a new patient each month. We will be taking a look into the lives of a series of HemiCAP patients who are excited to share their experiences before and after receiving their joint restoration implant.

Today, we want to introduce you to Kellie Allen. She had her Hip HemiCAP surgery on July 25, 2003 by Dr. Marc Philippon. This past fall, she wrote us a letter:

“Like many people, my forties brought unique challenges especially when it came to my health.  Suddenly, it seemed, I was exploring surgical options for more than one issue. Following the most conservative approach possible, I chose nutrition and exercise to be the foundation of the restoration of my health. This sustainable lifestyle program resulted in my total health transformation.  Here’s the best part: my HemiCAP was equal to the task. It allowed me to kick start my transformation without any hip pain. I had spent several years on the “inactive” list by choice. Imagine my relief when I discovered I could walk 2 miles every day and not need an ice pack or a week off from work. A year later, and I found myself practicing yoga 3 hours weekly. This fall I look forward to my first golf lesson. A decade has proven to me how easy it is to wear my HemiCAP. It’s been a constant companion to the restoration of full health in both my hip and my life. Thanks to the team at Arthrosurface for giving me over 3,650 reasons to believe I will never need to keep a pain journal again.”

hammertoe surgeryArthrosurface is proud to provide patients like Kellie with an active alternative that can relieve their joint pain. Her 10-year milestone with the implant has proven that a minimally invasive HemiCAP implant can delay a total joint replacement for at least 10 years! If Kellie were to receive a total joint replacement, surgeons would remove large amounts of bone and tissue only to replace them with bulky metal and plastic implants. These artificial joints can limit a person’s range of motion and activities, especially high-level pursuits such as cycling, martial arts or weightlifting. While not everyone needs to be able to perform at this high level, basic physical activities such as picking up your children can become compromised. The HemiCAP implants allow the surgeon to restore only the damaged area of the joint; similar to the way a dentist fills in a cavity. The exposed and painful bone is covered while all other structures in your joint, which help you move and function properly, remain intact. The patient’s natural anatomy is preserved and the patient can resume an active lifestyle without pain.

Learn more about the Arthrosurface active alternative to joint replacement and hear from real patients!

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