HemiCAP Patient loses 80lbs in 10 Months!

April 17, 2015

knee replacement alternativesMeet Amy, a 44-year-old woman has been on quite a journey this past year. Even though she works in a medical office where she regularly witnesses total knee replacement patients in recovery, she opted to hold off on her own Total Knee surgery.

Almost a year ago, Dr. Farr, in Ocala, FL suggested a new joint restoring option, the Knee HemiCAP as a solution for her. Finally, 10 months ago, she chose to have the HemiCAP implanted and was back at work in just one week, whereas before the surgery, the pain was so severe that she had trouble sleeping and was forced to sit all day.

Four weeks later, Amy’s activity level was higher than it was before the surgery and she hasn’t looked back. After just 6 months, Amy has surpassed her activity level beyond what she thought possible and is now working out at the gym everyday. Living on a lake, she’s finally able to enjoy her surroundings by spending time by the water, walking her dog and doing many of the other daily activities she was unable to participate in before.

When we recently caught up with Amy, 10 months after surgery, we learned she has lost 80lbs!! She is keeping up her routine of working out every day, pushing her restored knee to the max and will be running her first 5K this June. Watch her journey over the past 10 months:

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