HemiCAP Implant Hits 10-Year Mark!

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Hip HemiCAP®

10 years ago yesterday, an Arthrosurface Hip HemiCAP was implanted into a young lady who had AVN disease. She was our fourth patient ever! Through the years, she has stayed in contact with us regarding her progress. 10 years after her surgery, she is still as happy as can be.

When we started this adventure, and still today, one of the questions many people ask us is “how long will this last?”. It is now proven that the Arthrosurface Technology can last at least 10 years!

In orthopaedics, 10 years is a major milestone, especially for a novel metallic implant such as ours. Cheers to those who have worked so hard to make this a reality, a continued success and to help make us a survivor. Of course, a big congratulations to Steve Ek and Steve Tallarida for having the vision to put Arthrosurface on the map. Read more about the Arthrosurface Story here.

Below is an email sent from the Hip HemiCAP patient this week:

“I had forgotten all about my Hemicap. I surely recall Baltimore, and my opening line ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a problem.’ I am just as happy and active today as I was that Sunday evening all those years ago. Even now, I could talk for days about the features and benefits of your device, and the difference it makes in lives like mine. Looking forward to seeing you soon when you’re in my neck of the woods” K.A., Florida

Happy Anniversary!

2 responses to “HemiCAP Implant Hits 10-Year Mark!

  1. I had a HemiCap implant in my Rt. MTP joint 6/2008. I have had pain and swelling with this joint ever since. The problem is so severe I have to limit my walking to necessity walking only. The orthopedic surgeon only has joint fusion to offer. I am looking for any ideas about helping my problem instead of a joint fusion. I can not be the only person that has had such a problem with the HemiCap. I have tried every shoe insert, physical therapy, and idea any one has suggested. I have kept working with the problem for 6 years hoping it would get better but the pain and swelling only gets worse.
    I very much would like your input.

  2. We are sorry to hear about your difficult experience. As you know, there are many factors that contribute to a successful outcome and your doctor will be your best resource to help you achieve the optimal outcome. As the medical device manufacturer, Arthrosurface is required to document any customer complaint that alleges deficiencies related to service or the identity, quality, durability, reliability, safety, effectiveness, or performance of the device. Should you believe your case involves any such deficiencies, please contact RA@arthrosurface.com. All customer complaints are reviewed for reporting to FDA

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