Don’t become a statistic!

In 2011, more than 50% of women with osteoarthritis were completely inactive. Unfortunately, that statistic has been rising with each passing year. For the majority of people living with arthritis, performing daily tasks can be extremely painful, resulting in an inactive lifestyle. What many people don’t know is that when you become sedentary, your muscles are not being used as much, which can actually worsen arthritis symptoms and disease.

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Kristina, Bi-lateral Knee HemiCAP Patient

Kristina, a 48 year old from Arizona, had suffered with pain in both knees for many years after injuries from running. The first surgeon Kristina met with told her that her only option was a total knee replacement and her active lifestyle would be compromised. Being an extremely active woman, she found that answer unacceptable. Kristina went on to see a total of five different surgeons until she finally heard about the Arthrosurface Knee HemiCAP. She decided to have a Knee HemiCAP implanted in her left knee first and then another implanted in her right knee a year later to relieve the pain in both knees. Kristina is now enjoying spin classes, hiking, skiing, swimming and many other activities that she had struggled with prior to her Arthrosurface HemiCAP surgery. Kristina wants to share her story and has a powerful message to share with women living with arthritis. Hear her success story below!


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  1. Many sincere thanks go to the team who made this possible for me–Dr. Stephen Moore (PCP), Dr. Robert Kersey (lead surgeon), Dr. Timothy Dixon (team surgeon), Dr. Brian Zukowski (physical therapist), my spin instructors, my strength and conditioning coaches, and especially my husband! Special thanks also belong to Aislyn Arnone of Arthrosurface for helping me tell my story in a way that might benefit others. 🙂

  2. Dear Kristina,

    Thank you for the kind words. Wed are so very happy that you are having success and are able to regain an active lifestyle :).

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