Competitive Softball Player Overcomes Shoulder Pain with HemiCAP!

Let us introduce you to Mark, our latest Shoulder HemiCAP Story:  shoulder joint pain

Mark grew up playing baseball and for the past decade or so, has been playing in a competitive adult softball league. A few years ago, his shoulder pain & arthritis became too much to bear. It was keeping him awake at night and was impeding his ability to throw and play softball on a daily basis.

Like many people these days, Mark did a lot of research on procedures that might alleviate his Shoulder Pain & Arthritis. He knew his throwing days would be over if he opted for a Total Shoulder Replacement, so he wanted to find an active alternative. Mark came across the Arthrosurface website and in turn found Dr. Farmer with the University of FL. They both decided that a minimally invasive, bone sparing procedure would be Mark’s best option for returning to softball. Watch his story here:


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