Al is back to Boxing and Martial Arts after his OVO with Inlay Glenoid Shoulder Implant!

July 7, 2020

Al Catanzarite was always very active until a lingering shoulder injury from his 20’s began to interfere with simple everyday tasks. See why Al asserts, “I can do the things I love to do that I couldn’t do before” after receiving the OVO® with Inlay Glenoid Total Shoulder Implant!


Pushing through the pain

Al Catanzarite boxing

Al Catanzarite is back to boxing after surgery!

Some of Al’s favorite activities include martial arts, weightlifting, and even boxing. He also enjoys lower impact, more common activities  such as playing fetch with his dog, swimming and yardwork. Al recalls first injuring his shoulder by dislocation in his early 20’s that began a long road of shoulder pain. He continued to train through the pain until things became progressively worse and everyday tasks like throwing a baseball to his son, playing fetch with his dogs, and even sleeping became too painful.


Finding a solution

Once Al finally reached his pain threshold, he began consulting with surgeons. He was not happy with the conclusion that he would need a total shoulder replacement. Al began to research other options and came across Dr. Kovack’s website. He was able to view product information on an innovative shoulder implant and videos from other patients which led him to continue his research on the Arthrosurface anatomic total shoulder systems. Al scheduled his consultation with Dr. Kovack and was pleased to discover that he was a candidate for the OVO® with Inlay Glenoid Arthroplasty System. From there, the surgery was scheduled.

Al with his dogs

After the surgery and the nerve block wore off, Al was pleasantly surprised to not have much pain. He began physical therapy the following week and then 12 weeks of physical therapy later, Al was back in the gym. What struck him the most though was his ability to get back to life’s everyday tasks that he had taken for granted. He could throw a ball with his sons again, put a coat on and sleep without pain.

“I truly want to thank Arthrosurface for developing the OVO® with Inlay Glenoid Surgery, it literally changed my life!”


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    After a “massive tear” to my superior cap I am told the only option is a reverse replacement which I do not really want. Both shoulders have been repaired once. Would like to know more

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