After years on crutches, HemiCAP patient enjoys wedding pain free!

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Today we heard the heartwarming story of a happy HemiCAP patient in Israel. Prior to his ankle surgery, Ohad had so much pain in his ankle that he was forced to walk with crutches for 2 straight years. As his wedding approached, his only wish was to be able to walk down the aisle crutch free. He met with Professor Niek van Dijk, the principle surgeon designer of the Talus (ankle) HemiCAP based in Amsterdam, Holland. After the clinical evaluation, Prof. van Dijk scheduled Ohad for surgery and the outcome made his dream come true. Here is an excerpt from an email written by Ohad to Prof. van Dijk a year after the surgery:

“Words cannot describe how happy I was to be able to marry my wife and to walk down the aisle without crutches and then break the glass (Jewish wedding tradition) during the ceremony. I was even able to dance carefully later on in the wedding for a few hours. As I work in the software industry, I do not have the chance to help disabled people. My dream is that in the future, one of my kids will tell me ‘Father, I have decided that I want to be a Doctor.'”

We are so happy for Ohad and wish him and his wife a lifetime of happiness.

The Talus HemiCAP is currently only available in Europe and other select International Markets and has now been in use for over 5 years.  For more information please click here.

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*At this time we would also like to extend our prayers to those affected by the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy. We will never forget those amazing children and their brave protectors.

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