NY20 Clinical Conference

Arthrosurface is exhibiting at the NY20 Clinical Conference presented by the New York State Medical Association. Come visit Booth #1102 to learn about our broad portfolio of foot and ankle preservation solutions, including two of our new products: BOSS Toe Fixation System and the SpiralUp TCL Allograft.

Bill Continues To Run Competitively with the Arthrosurface Knee Implant System

We are very excited to introduce you to our newest Knee Patient Testimonial, Bill! Bill received an Arthrosurface Knee implant back in 2015. Now, 4 years later, Bill works as a software test manager for Accenture. Prior to that, he was a personnel systems manager in the Air Force for 20 years. This is where, […]

Test ankle.

SpiralUp TCL Allograft Talocalcaneal instability and peritalar subluxation are progressive conditions with far-reaching symptoms in a vast patient population. The SpiralUP™ TCL Allograft System is an acellular dermal allograft intended to supplement the talocalcaneal ligament and as such, function as a dense, stable and spongey connective tissue layer. It is intended to improve function of […]

The Best Exercises To Strengthen and Stabilize Your Knees

If you are living with knee pain you may be thinking, “Exercise is the last thing I feel like doing.” However, most people with osteoarthritis of the knees can benefit from regular exercise. Having strong, flexible muscles is one of the best ways to keep knees healthy and prevent further injury. It’s just a matter of […]

Anxiety & Joint Pain- Here are 5 things you can do to help!

There are many reasons why people who have anxiety feel increased joint pain. While there are many types of anxiety disorders, most of them share a common symptom of excessive fear and as a result cause behavioral and functional disturbances. What you may not know is that joint pain is a complex symptom of anxiety. Keep […]

SpeedSpiral CMC Allograft Implant- Featured on NBC 10 WJAR

 We’re excited to have our SpeedSpiral CMC Allograft Implant featured on NBC  10 WJAR! (aired on 9/16/19) The segment featured Dr. Peter Weiss of University Orthopedics in RI. Weiss explains how this implant is revolutionizing thumb arthritis. You can view the segment as well as read the transcript here:

Toe Fusion NOT for you?

Have you been told that you need a toe fusion? Although it can provide excellent pain control, a fusion is considered a procedure of last resort for patients with a sedentary lifestyle because it eliminates all toe movement, making it especially difficult or impossible for women who want to wear

It’s National Golf Month! Stay in the game with these tips

It’s National Golf Month! A time when seasoned golfers are encouraged to share their experience and bring new golfers to the greens. Even if you are suffering with joint pain or osteoarthritis, the physical benefits of golf, such as improved strength, balance and coordination, and better range of motion, make it worth staying in the […]

Vince is back to martial arts and lifting weights after his OVO with Inlay Glenoid Shoulder Implant!

Meet Vince! Vince injured his shoulder in the gym at the college where he was teaching at the time. Years later his day-to-day activities became increasingly painful and difficult. Things like eating, reaching up to open the garage door, and even changing the station on his car radio, were all things that caused Vince a […]

Know the Facts for National Arthritis Awareness Month

The month of May is recognized as National Arthritis Awareness Month. Arthritis is a disease that impacts more than 50 million Americans, making it the number one cause of disability in the country. The first step in taking control over your arthritis is learning the facts. A few notable facts about this disease: More than […]

Marathon Training with Arthritis- Useful Tips!

There are many people living with arthritis who tolerate moderate running really well, particularly if the arthritis primarily impacts your upper-body joints. However, you should always check with your Doctor or orthopedic surgeon first if you are considering training for a marathon. Running dates back to ancient olympic times, and continues to prove to be […]

2019 MOS Annual Scientific

At the MOS Annual Scientific we will be exhibiting our broad portfolio of less invasive joint replacement solutions. There you can learn about our new Patellofemoral WaveKahuna™ Arthroplasty System and our OVOMotion™ Shoulder Arthroplasty System with Inlay Glenoid. We hope to see you there!

Triathlons and Knee Health

Triathlon season is kicking off and this year we are excited to be exhibiting at several IRONMAN & Marathon Fitness Expos across the US, where we will be educating athletes and attendees, on our joint restoring implants. For athletes, surgery is often the last resort. But, if you find yourself at that point and exploring […]

AANA Annual Meeting

Come visit Arthrosurface at Booth #411 at the 2019 AANA Annual Meeting to learn about our broad portfolio of less invasive joint replacement solutions. We will be exhibiting our new Patellofemoral WaveKahuna™ Arthroplasty System and our OVOMotion™ Shoulder Arthroplasty System with Inlay Glenoid. We hope to see you there!

Spring Surgery

Spring is finally here and if you’ve been considering knee surgery, studies show that this is the best time of year to do it! Many people have a lot to consider when researching the ideal time to schedule their knee replacement or restoration surgery. Some of those factors are: Preferred surgeon availability Access to time […]

Arthrosurface Launches the Patellofemoral WaveKahuna Arthroplasty System

FRANKLIN, Mass., March 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Arthrosurface®, Inc., a global leader in joint preservation technology, today announced the launch of its Patellofemoral (PF) WaveKahuna™ Arthroplasty System. The PF WaveKahuna implant is the next generation in Arthrosurface’s commercially-marketed line of Patellofemoral Systems. The implant is proven to improve patients’ quality of life through increased range of […]

Here’s What We Have in Store for You at the AAOS 2019 Annual Meeting – Booth 3806

Come visit Arthrosurface at Booth #3806 during the AAOS 2019 Annual Meeting to learn more about our less invasive joint replacements that are clinically proven to help patients stay active by increasing range of motion and reducing pain. *Spoiler Alert* We’re launching a new product at the AAOS 2019 Annual Meeting and can’t wait to show […]

Arthrosurface® Revolutionizes Total Shoulder Arthroplasty

In 2001, Steve Ek, the current CEO of Arthrosurface®, began experimenting with the idea that  a small implant could replace only the localized, damaged area of the joint, rather than the entire joint. Unlike traditional total joint replacements, he imagined that these implants would be less invasive, anatomically correct, performed on an outpatient basis, and […]

16th Annual Upper Extremity Tutorial Course

Come visit Arthrosurface at the 16th Annual Upper Extremity Tutorial Course to learn more about the WristMotion® Hemiarthroplasty Implant System and our new SpeedSpiral® Thumb CMC System.

Advanced Shoulder Arthroplasty Meeting

Come visit Arthrosurface at booth #1 at the Advanced Shoulder Arthroplasty Meeting to learn more about the OVO Primary Stemless Shoulder System, the Shoulder HemiCAP® Systems, the Glenojet™ Allograft System  and the New OVOMotion Shoulder Arthroplasty System.

Privacy Policy

OVERVIEW Arthrosurface takes data security and your personal privacy seriously. We are the sole owners of the information collected on this site and will only provide it to third parties like your primary care provider upon your explicit request. We will not sell or rent this information to anyone and adhere to HIPAA data policies.1 […]

Positive Knee Preservation Outcomes Using the Innovative Arthrosurface Inlay PF Wave™

Franklin, Massachusetts based Arthrosurface, Inc. announced today that midterm clinical results reconfirmed joint preservation in patellofemoral (PF) surgery with the PF Wave™ Implant System. 5-year results presented by Dr. Jonas Pogorzelski at the recent ESSKA Congress in Glasgow, Scotland found significant improvement in symptoms and no progression of knee arthritis. Isolated patellofemoral arthritis occurs when […]

#StayActive this Spring with Joint Pain

Why would you exercise and move around with arthritis joint pain, if it only makes you feel worse? We know it may sound counterintuitive, but staying active is one of the most important things that you can do to combat joint pain and arthritis. Limiting your movements can weaken your muscles and decondition your body. Fun, […]

Brian Be Nimble, Brian Be Quick… Thanks to the Shoulder HemiCAP Implant!

Everyone, meet Brian! Our newest Shoulder HemiCAP patient testimonial! Brian is currently a personal trainer and competitively sprints at the master’s level. However, when he was in his late 20’s, Brian seriously injured his shoulder while powerlifting. The injury caused a large bone spur and arthritis in his shoulder, but despite the pain, he tried to […]

7 Ways to Advocate for Your Own Health Care

It’s time to be your own healthcare advocate! It used to be that a doctor’s word was final. Whatever they suggested, you did, without question. They’re the ones with the fancy degree and years of schooling, surely, they know what is best for you. However, a John Hopkins study found that medical errors are the […]

Arthrosurface acquires an acellular dermal technology from WASAS, LLC

FRANKLIN, Mass., Oct. 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Arthrosurface, Inc. announced today that it has completed the acquisition of an acellular dermal stabilization technology, including the intellectual property rights to and associated with this technology, from WASAS, LLC based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Arthrosurface plans to use this technology to develop and market a platform of novel […]

Comparative Data Shows Nanofracture Superiority

Recent publications from The Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) in New York (1) and the University of Sassari in Italy (2) compared NanoFx® to microfracture and k-wires for marrow stimulation and its effect on the subchondral bone architecture. The HSS study demonstrated that larger instruments caused more disruption to the bone and the Italian results […]

Microfracture Surgery and Your Return to Sports

Microfracture surgery is very common for athletes, especially at the college and professional levels, due to the physically demanding nature of their careers (Damaged cartilage in athletes is no surprise due to the amount of stress placed on the knee joint). Notable athletes such as Jason Kidd & Greg Oden have undergone the procedure, which is […]

Latarjet Procedure

Glenojet® Latarjet Allograft System The Glenojet® Allograft System was created to replace and augment anterior glenoid bone loss associated with trauma, recurrent dislocation or unstable shoulder. It eliminates the procedural steps and surgical time associated with autograft bone harvesting and preparation and is a great alternative to a latarjet procedure. The cortical bone graft is […]

Has the Shoulder Joint Evolved to Throw?

According to a recent article in the American Journal of Orthopaedics, it’s being argued that the human shoulder has specifically evolved for throwing. Though there are many anatomical features of our shoulder joints that remain mysterious, researchers believe that these mysteries can be better understood and possibly solved if one accepts the idea that our […]

Don’t Wait to take off the Weight!

Just like added weight can put more pressure on your joints, losing weight has a very positive affect and provides you with many added benefits in addition to joint pain relief. About two thirds of the US population is considered overweight or obese and approximately 20% of Americans have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis and it’s estimated […]

Microfracture: Expert Opinions in Joint Preservation

In the US, approximately 80,000 microfracture procedures are performed each year with the estimated number being much larger. However, in 2015, the Journal of Arthroscopy (JARS) published editorials calling into question whether there was evidence to support the continued use of microfracture as a joint preservation method because new evidence on subchondral bone disruption and marrow […]

Alcohol & Arthritis: Can Your Joints get a hangover too?

Everyone knows that alcohol can damage the liver, but did you know that excessive amounts of alcohol can have lasting effects for those suffering with painful joints & arthritis? While you may have recovered from all of the adult beverages you consumed over the holidays, your joints could still be suffering. Alcohol is a diuretic (a […]

Avoid Joint Pain with these 5 Safety Tips for Fall Cleanup

The weather is cooling down, trees are changing color and the wind and rain are knocking the leaves down at a rapid pace. Yards are covered with this autumn mess making yard work inevitable. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, in 2014, there were almost 50,000 raking related injuries reported in the US with […]

Arthritis & The Flu: What You Should Know!

It’s that time of year again! Fall has begun and winter is quickly approaching (with only 12 weeks until Christmas).  (more…) In the US, Flu season usually peaks between December & February. The flu can be much more dangerous for the elderly, young, and those with underlying health conditions such as arthritis. The best way […]

Arthrosurface Philosophy

Anika & Arthrosurface Anika is a global joint preservation company that creates and delivers meaningful advancements in early intervention orthopedic care. We partner with physicians to understand what they need most in order to treat their patients and develop minimally invasive products that restore active living for people around the world. We are committed to leading in high opportunity spaces […]

Wrist Implants

WristMotion® Hemiarthroplasty Implant System The WristMotion® Hemiarthroplasty Implant System restores mobility and maintains native biomechanics using a dual curved implant that locks into a taper post for strong fixation. The implant is designed to articulate with the natural radius bone while referencing the curvature of the lunate fossa. The system also consists of a set […]

Wrist Implants

WristMotion® Hemiarthroplasty & Total Arthroplasty Systems Have you been told that you suffer from degenerative arthritis of the wrist? Did you know that traditional treatments can limit a person’s range of motion and ability to perform daily tasks? Or, that they can also restrict physical activities that require grip, strength and wrist rotation The WristMotion® Hemiarthroplasty Implant System […]

What Causes Tissue Damage?

When the body sustains damage from trauma, disease or simple wear and tear, it normally results in the formation of a lesion or cartilage gap on your joint surface. Cartilage is the smooth “teflon like” tissue that covers the ends of your bones and allows your joints to move smoothly against each other. When cartilage is damaged […]

Biologic Solutions

  Arthrosurface offers multiple Biological Solutions as early treatment options for joint pain & disease: NanoFx® – A Microfracture Procedure NanoFx® Microfracture For patients who have the beginning stages of arthritis and/or cartilage damage, Arthrosurface® offers a device for microfracture and marrow stimulation, The NanoFx® (Nanofracture). The system provides a smaller, deeper and better solution than a […]

Worried About Arthritis from Cracking Your Joints?

If you are a knuckle cracker, like the majority of the population, (more…)someone has probably mentioned that it will one day lead to arthritis. Though, it (cracking your joints) may be a cringe worthy sound to those nearby, it will not increase your chances of developing arthritis. According to this 2010 study as well as […]

WristMotion® Hemiarthroplasty System

WristMotion® Hemiarthroplasty System The WristMotion® Hemiarthroplasty System restores mobility and maintains native biomechanics using a dual curved WristMotion® implant that locks into a taper post for strong fixation. preparing the implant site.The implant is designed to articulate with the natural radius bone and references the curvature of the lunate fossa. The system also consists of […]

Hip Overview

Hip The Hip HemiCAP® System restores the articular surface geometry of the femoral head and preserve functional structures using an innovative 3-dimensional mapping system and a contoured articular resurfacing implant. The head is resurfaced without using a stemmed implant which is designed to eliminate overstuffing and preserve bone stock for a future total hip replacement.   […]

Foot & Ankle Overview

Solutions Arthrosurface® offers multiple restoration systems to treat toe pain in the 1st & lesser metatarsals as well as a fusion plate for patients who have more extensive damage to their joint. The HemiCAP® Toe Classic is indicated for the lesser metatarsals and is used to treat diseases such as Freiberg’s. The HemiCAP DF® is indicated for the 1st […]


Over 10 years ago, Arthrosurface® introduced HemiCAP® implants to the world. HemiCAP Implants allow only the damaged part of the joint to be restored without altering the joints natural anatomy or limiting motion. The hemiCAP Systems remove significantly less amounts of bone and tissue compared to a Total Joint Replacement. The innovative 3-dimensional mapping used […]

Hip Solutions

Hip HemiCAP® The HemiCAP® technology is designed as an alternative to total joint replacements and for those patients who want to remain active. Many patients are searching for treatment options that are interim solutions between biological treatments (i.e. injections) and total hip replacements. The Hip HemiCAP® provides a new, smooth surface within the Hip Joint.  By removing the damaged cartilage and […]

Are Bunions Keeping You Off Your Feet?

A bunion (clinically known as Hallux Valgus) causes the big toe to angle inward towards the 2nd toe. (more…) This results in a bony hump (the bunion) forming at the base of your big toe which protrudes outward. A bunion can also develop on your little toe and it is frequently referred to as a […]

For Medical Professionals

“My Patient has done well, the pain is gone and motion is the best I’ve ever seen for shoulder arthroplasty” – Dr. Forthman, Maryland [threecol_two_last] Choose your joint solution Knee SHOULDER/Wrist Foot/Ankle HIP BIOLOGICS [/threecol_two_last] [twocol_one][/twocol_one][twocol_one_last] THE EVIDENCE THAT MATTERS The growing evidence surrounding the Arthrosurface® Technology has been documented in over 200 peer review […]

Runners Rejoice! Running May Not Cause Arthritis in the Knees

Are you an avid runner? Do you worry about pain & arthritis in your knees? (more…) A new study from the American College of Rheumatology suggests that consistent running does not actually increase your risk of developing osteoarthritis like previously thought. The study also concludes that recreational running may protect the knees from developing osteoarthritis in […]