meniscus tear

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orthopaedic surgeonsFlowThe Nanofactor Flow fluid is a nutrient rich amniotic tissue allograft which is obtained from healthy donors who have volunteered to donate their placenta, after undergoing elective caesarian live birth. It is a regenerative cell-based therapy that can be used in-office for the management of inflammatory conditions such as tendonitis, joint pain associated with early arthritis and cartilage damage. Amniotic tissue has been proven to be multipotent and capable of differentiating into numerous cell lineages. Amniotic tissue has anti-inflammatory, anti-adhesive and anti-microbial properties. It is also immunoprivileged and has the inherent advantage of being a time zero graft that is unadulterated by the effects of time.

Clinical uses include: Biceps Tendonitis, Hip Labral Repairs, Plantar Fasciitis, Patellar Tendonitis, Wrist and/or CMC joint pain, Bursitis, Epicondylitis – tennis or golf elbow, Shoulder – small stable rotator cuff tears.

The Nanofactor Flow fluid graft can be applied topically or subcutaneously and can be diluted with preservative free lidocaine or preservative free Marcaine, platelet rich plasma and/or normal saline to a suitable viscosity for in-office delivery.

How is Nanofactor Flow different from PRP Therapy?

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is venous blood that is centrifuged to separate the buffy coat which contains the PRP. The product is used on the same patient as autologous tissue. The liquid material contains some growth factors but the potential for a large concentration of healthy MSCs is limited for the following reasons: (1) Patient Age (2) Mechanical Degradation in Centrifuge.

How is Nanofactor Flow different from Cortisone Therapy?

Cortisone is anti-inflammatory, has no randomized controlled studies and has over 100 potential side effects. It has the potential to cause tendon rupture, as well as muscle and tissue atrophy and destruction.