Knee Solutions

Looking for an alternative to total knee replacement? Arthrosurface offers many options for Joint Restoration treatments for knee damage:

NanoFx® Microfracture

A biologic solution for marrow stimulation, The NanoFx (Nanofracture) is for patients who have the beginning stages of arthritis or cartilage damage. It is a preliminary treatment for pain relief and is generally indicated for patients under 35 years old. NanoFx® provides a better solution than standard microfracture techniques. Continue Reading

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Knee Implants

Artificial total joint replacements can feel unnatural and restrict high-level pursuits such as cycling, martial arts and weightlifting. The Arthrosurface HemiCAP® and UniCAP® knee implants consist of a small cap and screw that allow the surgeon to restore only the damaged area of the joint. If you opt for an Arthrosurface® knee implant, your ACL and PCL will NOT be touched or removed. Learn more

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